Shizuoka Gourmet: The Purpose


This blog will serve as an umbrella blog for already existing blogs for sake, shochu and sushi made and savoured in Shizuoka Prefecture, and all other aspects of Shizuoka Gastronomy, such as beer, liqueurs, wine (only two!), restaurants, bars, produce and so forth!

20 thoughts on “Shizuoka Gourmet: The Purpose”

  1. Hi there, Robert, thanks for the great site. Your Kaiseki Ryori page made me home sick! (I now live in US). Foods and plates are artistically presented and I miss seeing & eating it immensely. I was searching some Japanese dinnerware and came across your page. I’m impressed that you make Natto! Fish species are limited at grocery stores here but I may use a Rainbow Trout… is how to make miso-zuke posted somewhere?
    I went back to Shizuoka 4 yrs ago but next time if I go, would love to meet you. Happy new year & happy eating!


  2. Enchantée Robert,
    I’m so impressed how deeply you introduced all about Shizuoka food!
    I’m curious about what you’re doing from the traveling perspective, and I have something to ask you in person. Hope it doesn’t sound wired to you ! Thank you!


  3. Hello !
    This blog is amazing. I may go to Tokyo in October and was wondering if you knew any traditional little guesthouses in the Shizuoka region? Maybe a place where I can enjoy traditional food as well. As part of a tokyo-centered trip (I just have a few days unfortunately), would you say that visiting the Izu Peninsula is a must ? Are they other interesting regions (very) close to Tokyo? (and easily accessible with low cost trains, not necessarily the Shinkanzen, or buses)
    Thanks so much and keep up the good work !


    1. Dear Julien! Greetings!
      First of all do remember that Shizuoka is not really near Tokyo although within 1~2 hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen depending on your destination (Shizuoka is very elongated region!).! Izu Peninsula is a great area in October, that is early Autumn with a very mild, almost hot weather. Don’t forget tat Mount Fuji is also located inside Shizuoka Prefecture. You could also combine your trip to Tokyo with a visit in Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture halfway to Shizuoka. If you could come up with more precise questions, I can help you. Incidentally I’m on Facebook under the name of Martineau Robert-Gilles!
      Best regards,


  4. Your blogs made me drool all over my keyboard!
    Born & raised in Shimizu, now resides in Canada, your blog brings back many of my childhood memories with vivid sense of smell, sounds and tastes of Shizuoka. Wish I am there right now …


  5. Hi, I just got back from an onsen trip in Kyoto and was googling those long translucent fish when I found your blog on Noresore. Since then.. I can’t stop reading your posts… I am truly amazed at your depth of knowledge! Thank you so much for all the information.
    If you’re ever in Korea… I’ll be honored to be your tour guide 🙂


    1. My dear (new) friend !
      Thank you so much for your praise!
      I’ve been living here long enough to be able to give a little back by sharing my experiences!
      If I have the chance to visit Korea again (I visited your country a lon time ago!) i’ll make sure to contact you!
      looking forward to exchange views with you!
      Best regards,


  6. good day, Robert Gilles,

    I too want to say many thanks for what i am reading on your blog! i have actually been inspired and after a suggestion of a japanese friend to visit shizuoka on my visit to japan!

    I am thinking to visit shizuoka on the 10th of april to get some ideas on food. i am a chef in greece and i will be coming to japan for some food training!

    would you know any people that could help me in shizuoka? i am looking for a restaurant where i can exchange knowledge or follow a seminar!

    please let me know if you can direct me somewhere, while i would really like to chat with you when in shizuoka if you woukd have the time and possibility! email:

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  7. Dear Mr Robert-Gilles san,
    It’s my first post but I want to thank you very much for your entire information you serve here. Since my homecoming to my birthplace Shizuoka-city 4 years ago, your gourmet blog has been an absolutely-trustworthy guidance of my gastronomic search!!

    Many skillful chefs and smart bar-owners around here (whom I talked with) know well about you, and I hope someday I happen to meet with you at some of those locations… 😉 Again thank you very much for energetic and continuous updates.


  8. Bob, why don’t you consolidate a couple of subjects you truly understand into a single blog. Aside from your washroom expertise, the two topics you really seem to grasp are bento and alcohol. You could call it “Boozin’ Bob’s Bento Blog”. How about it, Bob?


  9. Hey, mr Robert.

    It has been a delight to read and savour your site. Being a chef myself it amazes me the amount of knowledge you display on these pages. I believe it´s probably the best Japanese food blog ever. Congratulations!

    Curry rice is one of the things I miss the most from my Japan days, almost 20 years ago. Could you please help me find a good and authentic Japanese Curry rice recipe? I haven´t been able to replicate it at home (currently living in Brazil).

    Many blessings and keep up with your excelent blog!


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