Strawberry Season

I know that the strawberry season (that is for the Winter variety) has truly started when a neighbouring farmer lady opens her stand across the street from my home in Chiyoda, Aoi Ku in Shizuoka City!
The fruit she puts on sale come into two different sizes at ridiculously low prices. The strawberries pictured on the very large plate (each strawberry is the size of a large soup spoon!) above cost a mere 500 yen!
She does not grow her strawberries in the area but in some of those large “vinyl houses” found along the sea. She happens to own some land near my home where she grows all kinds of vegetables (she sells them, too).
She told me not to bother go all the way to the sea as they were more expensive there!
But if you have the occasion to drive, walk, cycle or run nearby, check at:
Sakuza Noen, Shizuoka City, Suruga Ku, Furushuku, 84 Bancho
Ask for Mr. Isamu Nishisawa
Tel.: 054-2371876
Season: from mid-March to mid-May

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