Cafes/Coffee Bars In Shizuoka Prefecture

Cyohachi Coffee in Shizuoka City

Service: Shy but very friendly and smiling
Facilities & Equipment: Very clean overall. Excellent washroom. Entirely non-smoking
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Lunch cafe! very healthy lunches with local ingredients. Open as a cosy cafe all


fortunately for the true cafes and healthy food lovers there seems to be a resurgence of establishments which offer you something different from the industrialized diners and cafes invading our streets in Shizuoka City and Prefecture!


One such place is Cyohachi Coffee/長八珈琲店 tucked away in Sumpu Cho away from the bustling center of Shizuoka City!
It does have a lot of merits apart of their delicious coffee and healthy food!


Most of their ingredients are local!


You can take a seat at the counter or at a table on the first floor, but if you wish for some peace climb the stairs to the second floor!


The decoration has been thankfully kept to a minimum with a simple and homey atmosphere!


Not only a great place to enjoy coffee or tea, but the luch menu is definitely worth a good look!


And the place is entirely nonsmoking!


I had the hand–made hamburger lunch set for my first visit!




More than enough for lunch!


Fresh greens salad!


Home-made hamburger!


I mean a delicious stewed open hamburger!


Steamed rice with a nice touch!


Stewed vegetables and tofu, potato salad and home-made pickles!


Tea or coffee included served with real sugar and milk!

See you there again for another lunch!


420-0856 shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Sumpu Cho, 1-32
Tel.: 054-6591076
Opening hours: 11:30~20:30
Cafe Gallery Hiyori 日和 in Shimada City, Kawane Cho
Service: kind, elegant and attentive
Equipment & facilities: Spotless clean overall. Superb separate gender washroom. Entirely non-smoking. Garden, private room, gallery and parking
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: great coffee, light meals and drinks in a superb setting. Can be rented for private parties and events.


Yesterday, thanks to my good friend Osamu Kurosawa who lives in Ieyama, Kawane Cho, Shimada City, I discovered a real jewel of a Cafe Gallery named Hiyori, lost in the middle of the nature in Mijiro, Kawane Cho, Shimada City!


Kazuko Sawada/澤田和子さん had this superb building created away from the city last year to provide a haven in the middle of nature with the dual purpose of a Cafe and a Gallery!


The architectural style is resolutely modern and artistic!


But in the winter the cafe is heated with a wood oven!


The place is open only on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays from 11:00 to 17:00 but can be opened at later hours or other days on requests for private parties or events!


One of the reasons Kazuko established this Cafe & Gallery is that her own sister has a soba restaurant in the neighborhood!
She serves homemade lunches, snacks and cakes and very good quality coffee and tea!


The place, being a gallery, is full of exquisite art work!


The whole place inside is entirely non-smoking although one can smoke outside in the vast garden!


One can sit at tables or at the counter in the main room…


… or retire to a Japanese-style room with view on the garden!


All elegance and tradition!


Have a good look at the garden as you might be tempted to sit under the eaves!


But if you come with friends you might be tempted to sit at the counter to share a pleasant conversation with Kazuko, too!


For guests who wish for a more substantial drink, shochu and wine are available (sake will come soon, I hope)!


Be aware this is great tea country, too!


And coffee is truly delicious!

This was my first and too short a visit, so expect more reports soon!


Owner: Ms. Kazuko Sawada/澤田和子さん
428-0103 Shimada City, Kawane Cho, Mijiro, 3395-3
Tel.: 0547-53-3356
Opening hours: 11:00~17:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays
Can be rented at later hours and other days with sufficient reservation.
Car park available
Entirely non-smoking
Patisserie & Salon de The HANAI in Shizuoka City

Service: Extremely friendly and attentive
Equipment & Facilities: Overall spotless clean. Superb washroom.
Prices: Reasonable~slightly expensive (reasonable considering the quality!)
Strong points: Superb array of cakes and biscuits aimed at an adult clientele. Excellent lunch sets. Wine & beer available. Can be enjoyed as a cafe, restaurant and wine bar.


Chef Takuya Hanai/花井拓也さん last year in October finally moved to the present location, not far from where his previous shop called “Taky’s” was standing. His clientele just had to move a bit further.
The difference between Taky’s and HANAI is the available pace!


Instead of a single floor, HANAI stands on two floors with the Patisserie downstairs and the Salon de The/Cafe Restaurant upstairs!


If you want your cakes with a drink upstairs instruct Takuya’s sous-chef, Mr. Sano, and it will be taken up!
The cakes are essentially seasonal with some regular classics. Cakes can be prepared on order for private parties and the like!


Great view on the professional kitchen!


Not only cakes but also succulent biscuits are available!


More confectionery include pound cakes and madeleines!


Can you spot the superb choux and eclairs?


Don’t miss the fruit jellies and fancy desserts!


The seating is really functional with a large table, smaller table and a counter!


Wines, beer and more available all day!


A lovely corner for lovebirds or privacy!


The place is light and so clean!


A busy kitchen, especially at lunch time!


Superb lunch sets!
No wonder Takuya’s clientele followed him along!


My order of the day with my coffee: Ginger and lime Mousse tart!
Separate article on the tasting coming after this article!
Expect quite a few tasting articles in the near future!


Have a good look at all the cute objets on your way out!

Salon de The HANAI

420-0839 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajjo, 2-10-23
Tel. 6 Fax: 054-255-2829
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00 (later if enough customers!)
Closed on Tuesdays
Parties (up to 25) welcome!


On November 27th, 2007, Fugetsuro Hotel revamped their first floor completely to replace the simple cake-shop/cafe they previously had with a very much larger cafe bar in Koya Machi across Shizuoka JR Station.
As far as the cafe itself, it is very probably the only decent Hotel Cafe Bar in town.
It is large, but not overwhelming, seating about 80 people. One can either choose a seat at the counter, inside the room or in one of the street-facing lodges. Excellent background jazz music and friendly staff.
lifetime3.jpg lifetime4.jpg
Do not be too harsh on the English written on the menu. The place does serve quite a few dishes apart of their cakes made on site that you can either savour inside or take home.
As for drinks, every taste is covered as they include very good coffees and a surprisingly long array of teas served in beautifull china.
For the late drinkers (and their companions), malt whiskies, beer, wine, sake and even a kome/rice shochu by Sugii Brewery in Fujieda City called Saisuke!

Now the big plus is the regular Jazz Concert Programme every Thursday, but forthat you had better consult their homepage! (the list id simply too longand impressive for this posting!)

Shizuoka City, Aoi-Ku, Koya machi, 11-1
Tel.: 054-250-0131
Business Hours: Tuesdays: 13:00~25:00
Saturdays: 11:00~24:00
Sundays & National Holidays: 11:00~19:00
Mondays: Off (except on National Holidays)



Cafe Scene, an old favourite of mine since its foundation in 1989, is the type of Cafe difficult to classify.
The more pleasurable for it. Frankly speaking, I find myself in a dilemna as to what I should laud first:
-The music: great jazz allday long fromthe owner’s private CD collection. If you are a jazz fan, he will certainly come up with a favourite artist of yours.
The coffee: superb quality, each cup (all different, mainly Wedgwood), lovingly prepared in front of the customer if you sit at the counter.
-The coziness: an old wooden counter seating 9 guests on high wooden chairs and a table by the window, the perfect place for special compnany.
-The owner: Mr. Otsunori Uehara moved to Shizuoka City from his native Osaka in 1987 to open his Cafe the following year. A very mild man with the delightful renants of his birth place patois, he is always ready to engage in a pleasant discussion when not concocting one of his his great brews or absolutely extravagant breakfasts.
-The atmosphere: most customers are faithful patrons who help preserve an amosphere of calm excellence away from the bussling centre. Wood everywhere, bric a brac of all kinds (Mr. Uehara is a collector. Of what? I would be hard put to explain!). Looking around is a small adventure in itself.
-The food: you must try Cafe Scene breakfasts! I will not tell you more!
And keep an eye for the two daily cakes.

For the record:
Original coffees (3), Straight coffees (6: Brazil~Blue Mountain), Coffee a la carte (7)
Soft drinks (11), including a delicious 100% grapes juice
British tea
Ground coffee on sale, too
Breakfasts, especially popular and god value (350~700 yen, all inclusive)
Cinnamon Toast (vegetarians!) 600 yen

Cafe Scene
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Oote Machi, 45, (near Miyuki Street-Hontori Street intersection)
Tel.: 054-2733200
Business hours: 07:00~20:00 (from 08:00 on Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays

Homepage (Japanese)

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  1. found this site in a search for a good doria recipe — we, too, live in shizuoka as ex-pats! we love it here. one of our favorite places is ‘giardino’ in takamatsu — two brothers own the cafe/restaurant/gelato shop, and make all the gelato from the milk from their parent’s cows! its an amazing amazing place. but then again, there are so many of those in japan!!!


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