Japanese Cuisine: Yakisoba-Basic Recipe


I introduced the basic knowledge on Yakisoba some tip before my trip to New Caledonia.
here is a very basic and simple recipe you can easily improvise on!

INGREDIENTS: For 1 person

-Yakisoba (yakisoba men/can be bought in individual packs): 1 person portion pack
-Moyashi/soy bean sprouts (fresh if possible/if not canned ones are ok, but drain well): to taste (i like plenty!)
-Thin leeks, cut into 1~2 cm long bits: to taste
-Pork: here is where you can improvise. some poepl like it fatty, others lean. Cut in thin strips. Amount up to your taste.
-Furikake: 1 small pack
-Yakisoba sauce (available in Asian markets, although you can decise your own): to taste (I use a good amount!)
Sauce suggestion: Japanese Sake, Mirin/sweet ake, soy sauce & Worcester sauce: 1 teaspoon each. Add 1 teaspoon of yakisoba sauce to that!


-Prepare the moyashi/soy bean sprouts (clean them quickly if they are fresh) and cut thin leeks.
Heat the yakisoba in hot water and drain. This step willmake the yakisoba softer and help them suck the juices in.

-Pour some oil in a frypan. Fry yakisoba with the pork placed on top in the middle.

-After having fried the yakisoba for a while, turn the lot over and fry pork with yakisoba on top. Reapeat operation a few times.

-Add moyashi and thin leeks, salt, pepper and furikake. Fry quickly to taste.

-Add yakisoba sauce of your liking. Saute until sauce has evened in the yakisoba.

Serve immediately.
You can add pickled ginger and others as a finishing touch.

2 thoughts on “Japanese Cuisine: Yakisoba-Basic Recipe”

  1. I have never eaten Japanese food , i am going to cook for the first time. i am hoping it will be a great dish.i did like the recipe. wish me luck.


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