Home-made Japanese Lunches of the Day

April 1st, 2009


With all the bentoes the Missus is (I was going to say “kindly” but don’t forget she eats the same lunch after all! LOL) preparing for me every Monday and Tuesday I have been asked what would be typical lunch at home.
Frankly speaking, it varies all the time, depending on the Missus’ mood and my own (rare) requests.
But today was a bit special. This morning, April Fool’s Day, I had to go through a stomach scan on my doctor’s orders (which revealed nothing serious, fortunately, apart of a big dent in this month budget!), which meant I hadn’t been allowed to eat for 18 hours (or drink for 58 hours!). As I was about to depart for the hospital, the Missus sent me off saying: “Don’t worry, I’ll prepare a nice healthy Japanese lunch as you like them!”
That could explain that for all the anaesthesics I had to ingurgitate, I stayed conscious during the whole operation!


Because I did not have to sleep off all the medicine I managed to come home earlier than scheduled and take pictures of the meal as it came onto the table:
The salad was made with three types of potatoes: yellow sweet potato, violet sweet potato and regular potato to which was added cucumber cubes of the same size, “hijiki” sweet seaweed, lettuce with gomadare/sesame dressing.


Naturally I had my tamagoyaki/Japanese omelette. The above picture shows it as it came out of the pan.


It was then cut to bite size (half for each of us!) and served with “Kawaire Daikon” sprouts and a dash of ponzu.


As for the meat, I had the Missus’ special: “motsu nikomi”/Japanese-style pork tripes stew with veg and tofu. (I had a second serving).


As for the rice, I had rice steamed with shreds of sweet umeboshi/Japanese pickled plums. (I had a second serving of that, too!)

We had some small cakes for dessert.
I was so full that I had to sleep it off!

Tonight I ‘ll be able to open a bottle of sake at last! LOL

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