Bentos: Shizuoka Bento 1~2

2- Korean Bibimba Bento at Cenova


When I visited Cenova today to buy a bento I thought of Sissi when I discovered the bento booth held by Saikabo company!


Saikabo is a very big company with 24 restaurants in Japan, 3 more in Korea, 17 shops in Japan and even 1 kimuchi Museum!


This is how I found it exhibited at Cenova Deaprtment Store in Shizuoka City!


Cute sign, isn’t it?


This summer is terribly hot and as it is cold food they make sure it keeps cold until you open back at homeor at the office!


It comes into solid but light disposable plastic double-decker boxes closely fitting each other.


The price (at 680 yen maybe a little expensive, but the food is very tasty!), the ingredients and the consumption date limit are clearly printed on the label.


Once open it looks simple enough, but it is actually very fresh and so healthy! Mind you kimchi-baseed food is comparatively easier to preserve!


The cold steamed rice is seasoned Korean style with sesame oil and sesame seeds!


This side dish looks so Korean!


Korean marinated (some of them fried) namul (namuru in Japanese) vegetables: gosari namul (stir-fried bracken fern shoots that have been softened and seasoned), muchae (julienned white radish in a sweet vinegar sauce with ground dried chili pepper), sigeumchi namul (lightly blanched spinach dressed with spring onions, garlic and sesame seeds) and kongnamul (cold boiled soybean sprouts with sesame oil, spring onions, garlic and sesame seeds).


Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I was in a bit of hurry to care!

Fried graound beef and hot chili/kimchi sauce and kimchi Chinese cabbage!

Very tasty ( a bit hot, actually, but nothing exaggerated) and so healthy!
1: Tofu Hamburger Bento at Matsuzakaya Deapartment Store in Shizuoka City

2013 August 16th:


Shizuoka Prefecture has a population of almost 4,000,000 souls, practically the same as New Zealand or Ireland, and Shizuoka City counts from 800,000 of them.
Many workers in Shizuoka Prefecture are of the white-collar sort who have little time to prepare or eat lunch at a restaurant.
But Japan has developed the concept of a portable lunch to a perfection reached nowhere else: bento!
It is no wonder that one can find so many of them in mind-boggling variety and price range, especially in large cities from the cheap ones sold at convenience stores to the very specialized ones concocted by restaurants as extravagant take-outs.
At least this makes for a hopefully unending series of articles even if I shun the mountain of run-of-the-mill found in convenience stores or company cafeterias!
At the same time I can help you discover all about local gastronomy through a very practical, reasonable and tasty way to spend your lunch or dinner back home, on a park bench or at your hotel!


Matsuzakaya Department Store in Shizuoka City offers an incredible number on its basement floor and I had to survey the whole floor twice before I decided to acquire one at a small shop run by Matsuoka Company.


Matsuoka Co. hails from Nagoya city in neighboring Aichi Prefecture but the ingredients are obviously from Shizuoka Prefecture. They presently offer a bento limited to 20 boxes whose ingredients comprise tofu hamburgers!


At 12:00 a;ready half of them had been sold!


it was packed again in a cellophane paper bag with disposable chopsticks, toothpick and tartare sauce before being placed into another vinyl bag for transport! Talk about Japanese hygiene!


befor opening. Sorry for the fuzzy picture!


At 680 yen very reasonable!
Every ingredient is clearly printed!
Made on the 16th of August 2013 at 11:45 and to be sold before 16:45!
The hygiene rules are pretty strict in Japan!


Once opened it not looks appetix\zing but also colorful and artistic in spite of the simple ingredients!


Kyoto-style red cucumber pickles, tamagoyaki and boiled/steamed broccoli.


Simmered eggplant, yellow sweet pimento and blanched lotus root slice.


Fried shishito pepper, simmered eggplant, red sweet pimento blanched lotus root slice and fried kabocha pumpkin slices.


The deep-fried tofu hamburger coated with sweet and sour sauce and sprinkled with golden sesame seeds.


Shredded dry seaweed/nori between the rice and the toppings for extra taste. And so healthy!


The tofu hamburgeres1
Sorry for the fuzzy picture, I was really hungry!

See next lunch! LOL

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