Japanese-style Hamburger: Basic Recipe

The Japanese, like almost everyone n this World, love their “hamburgers”!
But the way the Japanese go at it is slightly different in concept, design and taste from more “regular” types found on the American and European continents.
The Japanese name reflects the difference as it is usually called “nikomi Hambaagu/煮込みハムバーグ”, meaning “stewed hamburger”
Below is the basic recipe, or more aptly said, the way to go about iit. I only explained the ingredients and the method. I purposedly omitted to cite the proportions and weights as this is where all individual “secrets” reside. Do experiment!


-Minced meat: Pork or beef, or if you are Japanese a mixture of both
-Finely chopped onion
-Egg (s)
-Pressed tofu (take out as much water as possible)
-Thyme (powder)
-Nutmeg (powder)

-Red wine
-Chicken bouillon (powder/cube)
-Tomato paste
-Worcestershire sauce
-Sugar ( only a little!)

-Shimeji mushrooms


-In a bowl imbibe panko with milk.

-Add minced meat, chopped onion, egg, tofu, thyme, nutmeg, salt, pepper. Mix well by hand. Fashion hamburgers between your palms. Press the middle to create a small “valley”. Fry hamburgers on a frypan over a medium fire covered with a lid. When juices come out of the hamburger inside the valley, it will be almost ready.

-Take the hamburgers out and preserve them between two hot plates. In the same frypan, flambe the red wine, then add water, chicken bouillon powder, tomato paste, ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, a littke sugar. Mix and cook until the sauce has reached the state of your preference.

-Fry the onion and shimeji mushrooms in a separate frypan.
When 80% cooked add them to the sauce with the hamburgers and stew for a while.

-Serve with mashed potatoes and boiled greens!

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