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Last Sunday, as I had to “cook” that evening before the Missus came back from work, I ventured in Shizutetsu Store Supermarket in front of Ichiritsu High School.
Frankly speaking, I did not have a clue about I could concoct for my better-worse (sorry, Rowena!). That until I noticed ridiculously cheap seafood on display. Actually October is a great for lots of fish which come in plenty.

Here is what I bought on impulse:

“Maguro Sashimi/Tuna sashimi” for 480 yen. Allison, can you believe it?

“Ika Somen/Thinly cut fresh cuttle-fish2 for 217 yen

“Sakura Ebi/Cherry Blossom Shrimp” for 268 yen. These shrimps are exclusively caught of Yui shore in Shizuoka Prefecture.

“Katsuo Sashimi/Bonito Sashimi” for 480 yen from Shizuoka Prefecture, of course. Enormous portion!

“Myoga” and “Shiso” for 246 yen

Grand total: 1641 yen/less than US $ 16.50, enough for 4 persons (we managed to eat the whole, though!)!
Iruka Ham Co: Basil and Tomato Sausage

In the heat of summer, a snack is always welcome with a cool (cold) beer!
The more welcome if it is locally made with local products!

Made with chicken and pork from animals raised in Shizuoka Prefecture, it makes for good traceability. I found it in Kakegawa JR Station Supermarket as it is made in neighbouring Mori Machi.
The introduction of basil and tomato is certainly a good idea, giving an extra light taste to an already very light snack.
Taken out of its protective skin it cuts very easily into any shape you can imagine.
Great with salads with the beer after a long hot work day!

Iruka Ham Co.
Shizuoka Ken, Shuchi Gun, Mori Machi, Kazumiya, 1221-2
Tel.: 0538-84-2645

Shizuoka Prefecture, especially its Western half has acquired a national reputation for its great tomatoes, notably plum tomatoes and “Aamera” varieties.

The other day, as I had some time, I decided to have a look at the small supermarket inside Kakegawa City JR Station as it specializes in Shizuoka Prefecture products from sake to vegetables, jams, spices and a lot more.

I discovered a new variety of tomatoes called “Candy Tomatoes” grown by Mr. Fukuda,a grower established in Kakegawa City.
They not only make for great presentation, but they are very firm, tasty and sweet. I had some difficulty to keep some for the Missus as I wanted to eat them at once!
Problem is that the Missus wants me to get some regularly on my way back from University!

Korreshika Dokoro
Kakegawa City Station
Free dial: 0120-471056
Shizuoka Isetan Department Store


I mentioned Kakegawa City JR Station in a precednt post for local shopping.
Now Isetan Department Store is the place to visit to check for some famous Shizuoka Prefecture products as they have a corner on the basement totally designed for such items.
Of course you will find anything made from wasabi, but als shirasu (katakuchi iwashi/sardine whitebait, Shizuoka oden/fish paste, locally made jams, miso, shoyu, sausages, proceesed cheese and what else!

Isetan Department Store in Shizuoka City can be found at thw ened of Gofukucho Street (10~15 minutes walk from the JR Station)


Kakegawa City JR Station: Korreshika Dokoro


The JR/Shinkansen Sation in Kakegawa City has a very interesting shop that any lover of slow food and Shizuoka products should visit at least for the sake of knowledge, if not culinary pleasure!

Just opposite the ticket entry, you will find “Korreshika Dokoro” (“The place you must visit for this”). Why should you spare a (a few) minute(s) to have a look?
korenaradokoro3.jpg korenaradokoro4.jpg korenaradokoro5.jpg korenaradokoro6.jpg
All the products sold there are exclusively made in Shizuoka Prefecture, the majority of thme from the centre of the Prefecture:
Fresh vegetables such as enormous Shiitake mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and the like.
Local biscuits, sembei and sweets
A great array of seasonings, dry or in shoyu, jams, sake.
All inds of pickles and dairies.
Since they also include a small bakery, you could buy your meal for the trip and enough to make another meal at home!
Korreshika Dokoro
Kakegawa City Station
Free dial: 0120-471056




I mentioned Tamuraya Honten in Shizuoka City (they also have a stand at Haneda Airport if you have forgotten to buy “O-miyage”!) as they are the best shop to buy “wasabi” and related products! Would you believe the shop dates back 1876?
They do sell a lot of products, fresh and preserved.
Now is the season for fresh wasabi plants (including stems, leaves and flowers) or stems only for succulent homemeade pickles!

But also wasabi pickles preserved in local “sake kasu” (sake white lees): the perfect “O-miyage” (present/souvenir) from Shizuoka to anyone dear in Japan and abroad!

They have a load of other products including wasabi mayonnaise, seasonings, wasabi mayonnaise rice crackers.
You had better check their homepage (Japanese) regularly for seasonal products!

Moreover, Japanese or expat clients notwithstanding, they will be glad to explain how to use and eat their products!

420-0852 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Koya Machi, 6-7 (next to Parco Dept Store)
Tel.: 0120168111 (free)
Fax: 054-2573626

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