Gyudon: Basic Recipe


Gyūdon (牛丼) can be literally translated into English as (Japanese-style) beef bowl. It is a typical Japanese comfort food consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi, soy sauce and mirin. It also often includes shirataki/translucent konyaku noodles. It is commonly served with beni shōga (pickled ginger), shichimi/seven flavor chili pepper, and a side dish of miso soup. Mixing in a raw egg is also very popular.

Here is the basic recipe:

INGREDIENTS: For 2 persons
-Two bowls of freshly steamed rice
-Beef, thinly sliced: 200 g
-Onion: 1
-Ito konyaku/shirataki/translucent konyaku noodles, 1 pack/180 g
-Fresh ginger: 1 medium-sized piece.
-Dashi (seaweed dashi): 2 cups/400 ml
-Soy sauce: 4 tablespoons
-Mirin/sweet Japanese sake: 4 tablespoons
-Beni shoga/red pickled ginger: to taste


-If you have bought the beef in one block, cut in very thin slices.

-Cut the onion in halves first, then in slices about 5 mm thin slices.

-drain ito konyaku. Cut into 5 cm long strands. Wash well with cold clear water and leave in water for a while. Drain well.

-Cut the frsh ginger in thin slices.

-Bting dashi to boil and add soy sauce and mirin. Stir. Drop in beef, sliced onion, ito konyaku and sliced ginger all at the same tome. Let simmer on strog fire until onion has become translucent. Switch off fire.
Pour on top of a bowl filled with freshly steamed rice. Add some beni shoga and serve with a raw egg in a separate dish.


If you have the time, cook the beef beforehand. Let cool completely.
Re-heat quickly on a hot fire just before serving. It will taste even better!

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