Senbei/Rice Crackers Recipes

Surimi Rice Crackers/Surimi Senbei

Senbei means rice crackers in Japanese.
They have been made in this country since immemorial times.
One can still eat them freshly grilled (in front of you) at specialised stores.
They are difficult to make and here is a recipe for BG who requested them!

Surimi Rice Crackers/Kani Senbei!


-Rice powder: 60 g
-Surimi: 6 (or the equivalentin kamaboko)
-Salad oil: 2 tablespoons
-Milk: 2 tablespoons
-Aoi Kaiso/Dry seaweed: 1 tablespoon


-Cut the surimi in half and shred it finely.
Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

-In a bowl mix the rice powder and milk thoroughly. Add the shredded surimi and dry seaweed. Mix well.

-Wrap the mixture into cellophane paper.
Spread into a square 3 mm thick.
Unwrap and lay onto cooking paper.

-Cut into rectangles of your preferred size.
Put them together with the cooking paper inside the oven.

-Cook for 18~20 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

-Let cool down on a grid.


10 thoughts on “Senbei/Rice Crackers Recipes”

  1. Thanks, I tried with brown rice powder but the senbei turned out to be hard (like cement), the second time, I used sticky brown rice powder, added a little yeast and left the dough 3 hrs but same result 😦 , However I used water instead of milk. Do you think that was the reason of my “cement senbei” ?


  2. Hi, I saw this recipe and I would so love to try it out. My question is, is the rice powder same as rice flour? If so, is it the glutinous rice flour or the non-glutinous rice flour? Thank you!


  3. Hi. I really want to learn more about recipes for different types of senbei (rice crackers). I have been trying very hard to find wheat free crackers recipes due to my allergies. However I do not read the Japanese lanuage nor speak it and you seem to know a lot about the food. Would you be able to share a few recipes? I left me e-mail so please reply in the future. Thank you. :]


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