Abe River Water


On March the 30th, the city came up with a noteworthy campaign: “Abe Kawa no Mizu Ajiwatte”, “Taste the Water of Abe River”
Abe River is one of the main five waterbeds in the Prefecture and already feeds the wells of 4 Sake Breweries.
The City had no less than 72,000 cans (375ml) of water produced to be distributed freely to citizens at various events commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the coming of Iayeyasu Tokugawa to Sumpu Castle in the middle of present Shizuoka City!
The bottles bear the Japanese name of “Shizuoka No Mizu”, “Shizuoka ‘s Water”. The City first thought of creating such cans to appeal to the citizens and demonstrate their water was not only good but delicious in 1988. This will be the 10th edition of this particular enterprise. Water will distributed first to the 6,540 Shizuoka Primary School Girls and Boys.

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