Bread Recipes 1~5

1) Beni Imo to Goma no Pan/Violet Sweet Potato and Sesame Bread

This recipe is a quick and simple braed suggestion for Debra at Hapabento who loves her violet Sweet Potatoes and might one day find herself in a hurry!

Beni Imo to Goma no Pan/Violet Sweet Potato and Sesame Bread!


-All-purpose flour: 200 g
-Whole wheat flour: 50 g
-Sugar: 10 g
-Salt: 3 g
-Dry yeast: 5 g
-Soy milk: 160 g
-Butter: 15 g
-Black sesame seeds: 20 g

Violet Sweet Potato Paste
-Sweet violet Potato: 200 g
-maple syrup: 2 tablespoons


-After having heated the violet sweet potatoes, peel them. Cook inside the microwave oven until soft.
Instead of above and if you have the time, bake the violet sweet potatoes inside their skin at 250 degrees Celsius for 30~40 minutes. This way the sweey potatoes will be sweeter.
In a bowl reduce them into a paste with a wooden spoon/spatula.
Add the maple syrup and mix well.
Make a ball with it and leave aside.

-Warm up soy milk to 40 degrees. Add all-purpose flour, whole wheat flour, dry yeast, sugar and salt. Mix well and form a ball. Knead on a working table until smooth.

-add butter and knead. Add black sesame seeds and mix. Let ferment a first time for 50 minutes at 35 degrees Celsius.

-Wrap violet sweet potato paste ball with the bread dough and let ferment a second time for 30 minutes at 30 degrees Celsius.

-Shape the bread according to preference. Make incisions/cuts across the surface. Humidify it with a water sprayer. bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius., or steam it for 15 minutes at 220 degrees Celsius.

Still searching for violet sweet potato recipes!LOL
2) Vegan Japanese Bread

Everyone likes his/her bread but some pople do have priorities!
Here is a simple recipe for vegans and vegetarians!

Vegan Japanese Bread!


-All-purpose flour: 260 g
-Salt: 4 g
-Brown sugar: 20 g
-Fermented soy milk margarine: 20 g
-Water: 130 ml/cc
-Soy milk: 50 ml/cc
-Baking powder: 2 g


-For quick results us a HB (stands for “Home Bakery” in Japanese) bread cooker.

-In a bowl drop and mix flour, salt, sugar and fermented soy milk margarine.

-In the HB “pan” pour the water and soy milk and stir.

-Add the flour, salt, sugar and fermented soy milk margarine mixture and stir.

-Add yeast powder, stir and close the HB. Switch on and wait!

Simple, isn’t it?
The HB is worth the investment, I can tell you!
3) Vegan Japanese Non-Wheat Steamed Bread

Although I’m not, I understand that being a vegan or vegetarian can be trying at times, and even frustrating when looking for new reipes.
Now, if on top of that you suffer from allergies such wheat allergy it can easily become a nightmare.
Here is one vegan bread recipe that does not make use of wheat flour!
And it is Japanese, although all Asians could say the contrary!LOL

Vegan Japanese Non-Wheat Steamed Bread


-Rice flour: 200 g (sold as “riz blanc”/リブラン in Japan)
-Brown sugar (fine): 100 g
-Cornstarch (vegan one): 2 tablespoons
-Baking powder (vegan one): 2 teaspoons
-Salt: a pinch
-Salad oil or olive oil: 1 tablespoon
-Soy milk: 200 cc/ml


-Pour the rice flour, brown sugar, cornstarch, baking powder and salt in a vinyl pouch and shake until well mixed.

-Pour rice flour mix in a rice steamer/cooker mold. Add soy milk and mix with a spatula. It will appear as slightly more liquid than a pancake mixture.

-Add the oil and mix well. Steam until satisfaction. Don’t hesitate to continue steaming if not satisfied with the consistency. Actually steaming it twice will achieve proper results!

Here is another simple bread recipe using kabocha this time!
It ca easily be used for sandwiches and even hamburgers!

Kabocha Bread!

INGREDIENTS: For 8 balls

-All-purpose flour: 4 cups
-Egg: 1
-Lukewarm water: 120 cc/ml
-Oilve oil: 2 tablespoons
-Brown sugar: 1 tablespoon
-Salt: 1 teaspoon
-Dry yeast/yeast powder: 2 g
-Kabocha: 100 g


-Pour all ingredients, except kabocha, into the bowl of the Home Bakery (see above pic) and set for a first fermentation and switch on.

-Cut the kabocha into small pieces. Boil until soft. Drain well and pass through a sieve to obtain a puree.

-Once the dough has been fermented, take out of the Home Bakery mold. Mix it with the kabocha puree and knead well.

-Form a ball (it’s ok if some kabocha is still visible) and drop it in the Home Bakery mold. Set it for a first fermentation agan and switch on.

-Once the fermentation is finished take dough out and form 8 equal-sized balls.

-Sprinkle balls with flour and let rest on a oven hot plate for a second fermentation.

-When econd fermentation has been finished bake for 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Sandwich samples:

Deep-fried chicken burger!

Bacon sandwich!

Ham sandwich!
5) Yoghurt Bread

Here is a very simple recipe for bread than can be enjoyed at any times by adults and kids:

Yoghurt Bread!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 “balls”

-All-purpose flour: 150 g
-Light flour (cake flour): 50 g
-Baking powder: 5 g
-Salt: a pinch
-Salad oil: 35 cc/ml
-Plain yoghurt: 150 g
-Honey (liquid): 35 g
-Sliced cheese for topping: as appropriate


-In one bowl, sift flour, salt and baking powder through and mix well.

-In another bowl, pour yoghurt, salad oil and honey. Mix with a hand mixer or whisk until bubbly.

-Pour the yoghurt mixture a lttle at a time in bowl containg the flour mixture. mix well well with a spatula. Repeat until all the yoghurt mixture has blended well with the flour mixture.

-Divide the dough into 8 balls. Use flour if they are too sticky. Sprinkle some four on an oven plate and place the balls on it. Make a cut over the top. Place some cheese over the top according to preference.

-Bake for 25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.


-Try with roasted sesame seeds (black or yellow) either included in the dough or as topping!

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