Pavement “Regulations” Signs on Pavements in Shizuoka Prefecture!


This sign against illegal bicycle parking was commissioned to a primary school by the City of Shizuoka!

If you look at pavements in any city in Japan, especially near stations and in crowded neighborhoods, you will discover all kinds of notices/signs directly printed onto pavements to remind citizens of regulations, be they friendly or prohibitive!
Some ar definitely welcome, while some are a bit useless, to say the least!
let me show you some examples I have have taken recently!


Non smoking street signs found in many spots in Shizuoka City. Note that the bird is a kingfisher, symbol bird of Shizuoka City!


A big no-smoking sign found near the south Exit of Hamamatsu JR Station!
It also extols on the benefit of good manners and not littering for a better environment in the city!


A faded non smoking street sign near Yaizu City JR Station!


Do not litter streets with cigarette butts in Fujieda City.
A bit of a half measure…..


Illegal bicycle parking in Shizuoka City!

Although Shizuoka City and Prefecture respectively hold the record for the largest numbers of bicycles citis have declared war, albeit a losing one, against illegal bicycle parking, a totally un-ecological measure when you know that Shizuoka is also suffering from one of the highest ration of car exhaust fume pollution!


Illegal parking for not only bicycles but also for bikes under a railway bridge in Hamamatsu City!


Illegal bicycle paring taken at night in Shimada City!


Two-hour limit bicycle parking zoen in front of Shizuoka City main post office!


Another type of illegal bicycle parking sign in Yaizu City!

Some sign manufacturer must make a fortune with all those different types being ordered by cities!


Another type of illegal bicycle parking sign in Shizuoka City!


Illegal Bycicle parking in Fujieda City!


A somewhat confusing sign!
Pavement area reserved to pedestrians and bicycles in Fujieda City!
Bear in mind that bicycles are allowed on pavements in Japan!


Beware dashing out bicycles in Iwata City!


Bicycle parking illegal. Bicycles will be confiscated in Iwata City!


Metallic pavement sign for illegal bicycle parking in Kakegawa City!


Within short distance from the sign foreamentioned you will find this sign in front of Shizuoka JR Station requesting people to get off their bicycles and push them along!


Signs in front of Shizuoka City main post office requesting pedestrians and cyclist to use their own half of the pavement! Unfeasible in practice unfortunately!


Cycle on this side of the pavement! (Shizuoka City)


Red-colored sign indicating pedestrians zone on the pavement!


Orange color instead of red color used for pedestrians!


Some streets in Shizuoka City have a blue lane area for bicycles along streets.
In that case cyclists are asked not to use the pavements along them!


Although no strictly on the pavement, the city felt obliged to warn cyclists using the blue area zone on the streets of bus stops!


In Umeya Cho, Shizuoka City, I was a bit flabbergasted to notice this sign asking bicycles to run along the houses and the pedestrians to walk along the street half of the pavement!


Sign asking bicycles to stop at the crossroads in front of the zebra crossing in Yaizu City!


Sign reminding school kids to stop, look left and right before crossing the street in Yaizu City!


The same with a different design in Yaizu City!


Sign reminding school kids to stop, look left and right before crossing the street in Kakegawa City!


The same with a different design in kakegawa City!


Pedestrian stop sign at a crossroad in Kakegawa City!


Stop, look left, look right (replaced) before crossing in Iwata City!


Same again for small kids in Iwata City!


Kids shouldn’t play on roads or by roads in Iwata City!


Safe walking zone in Iwata City!


This sign was sponsored by by the Shizuoka Prefecture Government to signify that the part of the parking in front of Yaizu Hospital next to Yaizu City Hall is reserved to physically impaired visitors>
Apparently pregnant women are also called physically impaired visitors…..


Mind the step sign at a side entrance of Act City, Shizuoka JR Station!

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