Cakes & Desserts Recipes


The Japanese are very fond of their cream cheese and cheese cakes, But they are also crazy about tiramisu!
Here is a simple recipe uniting both in a Japanese style!

Cream Cheese Tiramisu!

INGREDIENTS: For a mold 15 X 20 cm

-Cream Cheese: 200 g
-Fresh Cream: 200 g
-Sugar: 100 g
-Rum (or brandy): 1 large spoon
-Soft Biscuits: 150 g

Coffee syrup:
-Water: 100 cc/1/2 cup
-Sugar: 30 g
Instant coffee: 2 teaspoons

-Cocoa powder: as appropriate


1- Pour the ingredients for the coffee syrup into a large cup and let heat in a microwave oven for 1 minute. If the sugar is completely dissolved, let it cool down completely.

2- In a large bowl drop the cream cheese and work with a spatula until smooth. If too hard warm it up lightly first inside the microwave oven for 30~60 seconds.

3- Add one third of the sugar to the cream cheese and mix well. Repeat the same process once again.

4- In another bowl pour the fresh cream and add the remaining one third of the sugar and beat up until 80% hard.

5- Add and mix the cream cheese into the fresh cream one half at a time and mix well both times. Add rum (or brandy) and mix well.

6- Line the bottom of a mold with one layer of biscuits (half of the total). Brush the biscuits with plenty of coffee syrup (half).
Spread evenly one half of the cream cheese over the biscuits.
Lay the other layer of biscuits. Brush plenty of coffee syrup over the biscuits and evenly spread rest of cream cheese over the biscuits.

7- Sprinkle plenty of chocolate powder over the whole cream cheese with a sieve. Chill well and serve!

Easy, ain’t it?

Service: excellent and very friendly
Facilities: great washroom, great cleanliness overall
Prices: reasonable, good value.
Strong points: Interesting wine list. Great use of local products.
no-smoking-logoentirely non-smoking!

I do not need to introduce Pissenlit, one of the very best French restaurants in the whole Shizuoka Prefecture.
As I often go there, alone, with the Missus or friends, I find it more practical to introduce Tooru Arima’s creations as a group!
This time I would like to introduce you to some of his recent desserts!

Let’s start with the first one (Top picture repeated!):
La France Pear Compote on Vanilla Ice-cream and Creme Brulee.
The pear had been compoted beforehand and kept in the fridge.
It was placed on a portion of home-made vanilla ice-cream.
The whole was covered and surrounded with a light creme anglaise/custard which was then “brulee” with a gas burner. Some glazing sugar and mint were added to the fear as a finishing point!
Succulent and lighter than it looks!

Coffee Creme Brulee.

The dreme/pudding contained a lot of strong mocha coffee for the perfect mariage. The creme was brulee until its srface was thick and crackling.
Served with fresh figs, it almost looked like a chocolate cream.
As usual lighter than usual and a treat you never tires of. Of course served with a high-quality coffee!

Roasted Figs with Vanilla Ice Cream and Roquefort Blue Cheese Cream.

Now, this was quite a discovery!
The sweet taste of the roasted (Shizuoka-grown) figs was counterbalanced in two gradual ways: first the vanilla ice-cream (light as usual) will bring you down a little from the sweet plane onto the salted and sweet plane formed by the Roqufort cheese mixed into a light cream!
An experience!

Caramel Flan/Pudding with Fruits and Vegetables Sorbets.

A seemingly simple dessert until you discover than sorbets are made with vegetables, spinach and tomato! The fruit are persimmon, pione grapes and two small fruits I don’t have a clue about (sorry,I’ll check during my next visit!).
Incidentally the caramel pudding is firm, sweet to the right point and the caramel sauce a beauty!

looking forward to the next ones!

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Business hours: 11:30~14:30; 17:00~22:00
Closed on Tuesdays and Sunday evening
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When it comes to sweets in Summer, it is not always easy to satisfy yourself or your friends. Especially cakes tend to become either too heavy or too light.
The Japanese have struck the right balance with their notion of cheesecakes.
Here is a simple recipe that should please everyone, be the adults or kids!
Keep in mind this is the basic recipe. Obviously you can add for taste all kinds of liqueurs!

Mango Cheesecake

INGREDIENTS: For an 18 cm diameter mold (12 inches)

-Cream cheese: 250 g
-Sugar: 80 g
-Frozen mango: 100 g
-Eggs: 3 large
-Plain yoghurt (Before drainage. Sieve it through a coffe drip paper filter): 500 g
-Cornstarch: 40 g
-Cholate chips cookies: 150 g
-Margarine: 70 g


– Bring back cream cheese to room temperatue. Drain water from yoghurt.

-Heat the margarine for 30 seconds in the microwave at 600 Watts.

-Drop the chocolate chips cookies in a food processor and break them up. Add the margarine and mix.

-Spread the cookies mixture over the bottom of the mold. Use a mold with a bottom that can be lifted up, or line th mold withh baking paper (oil it a bit then). Leave the mold inside the refrigerator.

-Drop in a (cleaned) processor the cream cheese, sugar, frozen mango, eggs (and liqueurs or other options) and mix well.

-Pour the mixture into a bowl, Add the drained yoghurt and mix with a hand whisker.

-Add the cornsrach and mix well.

-Pour the cheesecake into the mold over the biscuit mixture.

-Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius. lower temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and bake for 50~55 minutes.

-Cool down the cake completely before unmolding it.

-Easy, ain’t it?

Halloween is not that far away and people will be looking for new ideas.
I personaly am looking forward to it as I need a welcome shiver in this hellish heat!
Here is a simple recipe for a universal favorite, chou or chou a la creme in French, to enjoy with your children and sweet-toothe adult friends!

Halloween Chocolate Chou!

INGREDIENTS: Enough for 30 small choux

Chocolate Custard
-Milk: 2 cups/400 ml/cc
-Sweet chocolate of your choice, crumbled: 1 cup/200 ml/cc
-Flour: 2 tablespoons
-Cornstarch: 2 tablespoons
-Unsalted butter: 20 g
-Vanilla essence: a few drops

Whipped cream:
-Fresh cream: 1 cup/200 ml/cc

Chou pastry:
-Butter: 100 g
-Water: 180 ml/cc
-Flour: 100 g
-Egg yolks: 4
-Red liquid coloring: 5 measure spoons (such spoons are usually sold together with the coloring)
-Yellow Liquid coloring: 5 measure spoons
Experiment with the coloring

-Chocolate: as appropriate


-Heat milk to lukewarm. Add butter, flour, and cornstarch. Mix well. Heat in microwave oven at 600 Watts for 3 minutes. Mix from time to time.

-In a separate bowl, melt the chocolate over a bain-marie. Add vanill essence and mix. Take off fire and add milk mixture. Mix well.

-Pass the chocolate custard through a sieve.

-That’s how it should look!

-In a separate bowl mix the water with coloring liquid.

-Drop the butter into a pan with the colored water. Heat and stir until the butter has completely melted. Switch off fire when liquid starts boiling.

-Add sieved flour and mix with spatula.

-Mix until smooth.
Switch on fire again. Mix with spatula.
Once the diugh starts detaching easily from the bottom of the pan, siwtch off fire.

-Add egg yolks one at a time and mix well until smooth before adding the next yolk.

-On an oven plate lined with cooking paper, make 30 choux. keep them separate by about 5 cm/2 inches. Spray them with a water atomizer a little before baking them.

-Bake at 190 degrees Celsius for 25~30 minutes.

-Take choux out and let cool completely.

-Whip the fresh cream until consistent enough.
Cut choux in halves.
Fill them with whipped cream. Top the cream delicately with the other chou half as shown above.

-Put the chocolate custard into a pastry bag and fill the choux with chocolate custard so as to hide the whipped cream. Decorate with chocolate.

Have fun and do not hesitate to experiment (other colors?)!


The Japanese love their chou a la creme! Actually they call them chou cream! Mixing up connections? They particularly love the small version/petit chou that you would not find asily in shops in Europe or America. In this country they are everywhere!

Here is a typical Jpanese version:
Double Cheese Chou!

INGREDIENTS: Enough for 6 fairly big (by Japanese standards!) choux (plural with an “x”!)

Chou Pastry:
-Unsalted butter: 30g
-Water: 20 ml/cc
-Milk: 20 ml/cc
-White sugar: 1/2 teaspoon
-Salt: a pinch
-Flour: 30 g
-Egg: 1

Cheese Custard Cream:
-Milk: 200 ml/cc/1 cup
-White sugar: 50 g
-Flour: 30 g
-Egg yolks: 2
-Vanilla Essence: a few drops

Cheese Whipped Cream:
-Fresh cream: 100 ml/cc/1/2 cup
-White sugar: 1 + 1/2 teaspoons
-Cream Cheese: 40 g


-Cheese Custard Cream:
In an oven bowl sieve in flour and sugar. Add milk little by little and mix well.

-Add the cream cheese after crumbling it between your fingers. Wrap with cellophane paper. Put in microwave for 2 minutes at 500 Watts.

-Take off cellophane paper at once. Mix thoroughly with a hand whisker. Add egg yolks and mix well again.

-Wrap with cellophan paper again and put back into microwave oven for 2 minutes at 500 Watts. Take out cellophane paper. Mix well until smooth. Add vanilla essence and mix well again.

-Transfer into a fridge dish. Cover well with cellophane paper so as to prevent cream from drying. Mixing again with a saptula from time to time will help cream to chill more quickly.

-Chou pastry:
Sieve flour.
In a pan drop butter, milk, water, sugar and salt. Mix and cook over a medium high fire.

-Mixing with a spatula melt butter with other ingredients. Once the butter has completely melted and started “boilin”, add all flour and mix quickly with spatula.

-Once the water has evaporated take away from fire and mix again energetically.

-Once the pastry has become smooth and uniform and can be easily detached from the bottom of the pan, add betaen eggs little by little and mix weel until smooth.

-The pastry will be ready when it becomes “bright” and slightly adhere to the spatula.

-On a oven plate lined with baking paper place 6 balls of pastry with a spoon. Keep them sufficiently separated from each other.

-Wet the tips of your fingers with water and shape the balls. Don’t worry too much about the aspect. As long as they are roughly rounded, no problem!

-Lightly spray them with water and bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 10~15 minutes ir until they have completely risen.

-Once they have completely risen lower temperature to 170 degrees Celsius and bake for 15~20 more minutes. Do not open oven halway and make sure to lower the temperature!

-Take chou out and let cool completely.

Cheese whipped cream:
-Bring cheese cream temperature to room temperature. Warm it up inside microwave oevn to soften. Don’t overheat it, just soften it! Transfer into a bowl

-Beat the cheese with a hand whisker until smooth. Add sugar and fresh cream and whisk until fluffy and light.

-Cut chou cream in halves and fill bottom halves with cheese custard using a spoon.

-Cover cheese custard with cheese whipped cream with a pastry bag. Top the whole delicately with the chou upper half.

Not that difficult, is it?

The summer and the heat have this strange influence on me: I don’t seem to be able to get away from sweet comfort (I don’t much dessert usually) and soft drinks (I usually prefer beer or Japanese sake, LOL)!
Since I’m still in my “Tiramisu Mode” here is another simple recipe that will delight the kids (and adults, of course!)!

Raspberry (ies) Tiramisu!

INGREDIENTS: Enough for 10 (Japanese-sized) portions? Michael might not agree with that! LOL

-Frozen raspberries: 500~600 g
-Sugar: 6~8 tablespoons
-Lemon juice: 2 tablespoons
-Mascarpone Cheese: 450 g
-Egg: 1
-Glazing sugar/fine sugar powder: 6 tablespoons
-Fresh cream: 300 g
-Fresh raspberries for decoration (the more, the better!)
-Lady finger biscuits: 30~34


-In a large pan drop the frozen raspberries, sugar and lemon juice. Heat over medium fire for 20 minutes. Switch off fire when mixture has taken the consistency of jam. let cool down.

-A) In a bowl drop the mascarpone cheese, the glazing/fine sugar powder and mix well.
B)In another bowl beat fresh cream to semi-firm.

-Mix A and B delicately until smooth.

-Dip lady finger biscuits well into raspberry jam (but have a look at the next step, first!)

-In a large bowl of your choosing, first line the bottom with a layer of mascarpone mixture, then lay a layer of jam-dipped ladyfinger biscuits over it. Repeat the process three times.

-Lay the rest of the mascarpone mixture on top. Sooth it out with a spatula and decorate it with plenty of fresh raspberries.
Cover with cellophane paper and chill inside fridge overnight.
Sprinkle with plenty of glazing sugar before serving.
For people who like them add more color withsmall mint leaves!

So easy and so impresive!

I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I’m certainly interested, not only for the sake of healthy food, but also for the challenge.
Tiramisu is difficult to imagine for vegans and even vegetarians, but don’t forget that the Japanese are blessed with both tofu for consistent food and macha for extra taste!

Vegan Tofu & Macha Tiramisu!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 people

-Avocado 1 (ripe)
-Tofu/Silk tofu: 125 g
-Soy milk: 60 cc
-Agave Strup: 1.5 tablespoon
-Oatmeal: 70 g
-Vanilla Oil: as appropriate
-Macrobiotic coffee: 1.5 tablespoons
-Powdered macha: as appropriate


-Mix oatmeal with coffee. Add 1 tablepoon of hot water and mix. It will will turn up as soft cookie when all the liquid has been absorbed..

-Thorw in the cut avocado, tofu, soy milk, agave syrup and vanilla oil into a blender. Mix. Check taste and add syrup if not sweet enough.

-Line bottom of cup with oatmeal mix.

-Top with avocado cream, Chill inside fridge.

-Top with plenty of macha powder and serve!

Simple, ain’t it!

The Japanese are famous for miniaturizing (making smaller) anything in sight, and it does apply in cooking, especially desserts.
Tiramisu is “usually” made into large affairs to be scooped from.
Here is a Japanese home-style version which will prevent fights between children and adults alike!

Tiramisu Cupcakes!


Sponge cake:
-Whole egg: 1
-Sugar (white): 2 tablespoons
-Flour: 2 tablespoons
-Salad oil: 1 Tablespoon

Coffee Syrup:
-Hot water: 2 tablespoons
-Instant coffee powder: 1 teaspoon
-Coffee Liqueur: 1 tablespoon

Cheese Cream:
-Egg yolk: 1
-Sugar (white): 1 tablespoon
-Mascarpone cheese: 100 g
-Fresh cream: 50 cc/mm (1/4 cup)
-Egg white: 1
-Sugar (white): 2 tablespoons
-Cocoa Powder: as appropriate


-Sponge cake:
Beat the egg and sugar together until they have properly risen.

Add oil and mix well. Add flour through a sieve in three steps and mix.

Fill each cup with an equal amount of sponge cake mixture. Bake for 13 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

-Coffee Syrup.
Dissolve completely instant coffee powder in hot water. Add Coffee Liqueur and mix well.

-As soon as the spong cake has been baked brush in the coffee syrup on it while it is hot top allow for a good soaking.

-Cheese cream:
Beat egg yolk and sugar together until mixture whitens.

-Add mascarpone and mix well.
Beat fresh cream in a separate bowl until 7/10 hard.
Add to mascarpone and mix

-In another separate bowl beat the egg white and sugar until hard risen.
Fold inside mascarpone mixture.

-Fill each cup with cheese mixture.
Sieve chocolate powder on top.

=Chill inside fridge!

Easy, isn’t it!


I seem to have entered a “Tiramisu Mode” as this is my third (and I have more!) recipe in less than a week!
I might have found myself under the curse of a sweet tooth fairy!
Marshmallows are popular everywhere, even in Japan, so I thought a little “American note” was in order this time! LOL
This particular recipe has not only the merit to be yummy and fit for all ages, but is also so simple and adaptable!

Marshmallow Tiramisu!


-Cream cheese: 200 g
-Milk: 100 ml/1/2 cup
-Marshmallow: 100 g
-Sugar: 100 g
-Cookies/Biscuits/Sable: 1 “box” or whatever is appropriate
-Instant coffee powder: 2 tablespoons
-Water: 100 ml/1/2 cup
-Cocoa powder: as appropriate


-Get all your ingredients ready! Leave them outside long enough to reach room temperature (relative in summer. Say that 25 degrees Celsius is fine!). Above ingredients are shown as found in Japan. We also use Philadelphia cream cheese. As for the biscuits and marshmallows use whatever you fancy!

-Mix the coffee powder and water to obtain a strong coffee.

-Drop the cream cheese into a large bowl. Heat it for about 30 seconds in a microwave oven to soften it. Add sugar and mix well.

-In a separate bowl drop the marshmallow with 2 tablespoons of the milk. Leave in microwave oven for 30~50 seconds to melt the marshmallow. Mix well.

-Add the rest of the milk to the melted marshmallows and mix well.

-Add the cream cheese to the marshmallow mixture and mix well.

-Line the bottom a large glass terrine mold with one layer of biscuits. Brush enough coffee onto biscuits for them to absorb it. Cover with a layer of marshmallow/cream cheese layer of same thickness. Repeat the same process three more times or until you run out of ingredients!

-Smoothen the surface with a spatula and leave inside the fridge for at least 3 hours (overnight is best!). Sieve cocoa powder over it before serving (not before or the coca powder will sink in the cake!).

Still in my strawberry mode!
Here is a simple muffin recipe that will please everyone in the family (and the friend tribe!)!

Strawberry Crumble Muffins!

INGREDIENTS: For 12 muffins

-Unsalted butter: 110 g
-White sugar: 200g
-Eggs: 2 large
-Flour: 250 g
-Baking Powder: 2 teaspoons
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
-Strawberries: 2 cups (all cut in qaurters)
-Milk: 120 ml/cc

-Unsalted butter: 70 g
-White sugar: 60 g
-Flour: 100 g


-Work the butter with a spatula to a creamy state. Add sugar and salt and mix well.

-Beat the eggs. Add to butter in three equal steps, mixing well every time.

-Sieve the flour and baking powder over the cream and mix well until smooth.

-Add chilled milk and mix well. Last add strawberries and delicately mix without breaking the fruit.

-Pour mixture inside 12 muffin cups

-Make the crumble:
Melt the butter. Add sugar and sieve the flour on top. Mix until it forms “blobs”

-Spread some crumble on each muffin.

-Bake in oven for 2-~25 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy lukewarm or cold with some whipped cream!

Since I have just written about the nutritional values of strawberries, I thought that some simple strawberries recipes were in order!
Here is a simple recipe to please people of any age!

Strawberry Custard Gratin!

INGREDIENTS: 2~ people

-Srawberries: 10~
-Egg: 1 large
-Sugar: 5 tablespoons
-Cake wheat flour: 3 + 1/2 tablespoons
-Milk: 100 cc/ml/1/2 cup
-Fresh cream: 100 cc/ml/1/2 cup
-Vanilla essence: 5~6 drops


-Thoroughly mix the flour and sugar in a bowl.

-Beat the egg and add to flour. Mix well. Add all the milk and half of the fresh cream. Mix well.

-Cover with cellophane paper and leave in a microwave for 2 minutes.

-Take out and add the remaining cream. Mix well. Put back into microwave oven for 2 more minutes. As it will have solidified a bit, add vanilla essence, stir and mix well until smooth.

-In an oven dish place the strawberries in a set pattern and pour in cream.

-Place some half strawberries on top for decoration. Bake in oven for 10 miutes at 200 degrees celsius.

-Eat hot or lukewarm.
Tofu & Vegetable Juice Cake

The great thing about tofu is that you can devise simple and yummy food with few ingredients and little money!

Here is a simple recipe for a healthy cake for adults and children”

Tofu & Vegetable Juice Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For an 18 cm wide mold

-Real 100% vegetable juice: 400 g
-Tofu (Silk tofu): 300 g
-Sugar: 50~80 g
-All-purpose flour: 100 g
-Eggs: 2


-Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

-Line the mold with an oven baking paper sheet.

-Drop the vegetable juice, tofu, sugar and eggs in a food processor. Mix until smooth.
Add flower and mix again until smooth.

-Pour the lot into the oven mold and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30~40 minutes.

-Let cool completely.

-Take out the mold and place on a serving dish. Chill it properly inside the refrigerator.

-Cut to size and serve.

-Decorate it with chatilly (beaten cream) cream.

-You can experiment with the taste with liqueurs and so on!

Easy, ain’t it?
Japanese Dessert: Beni Imo to Ringo no Tart /Violet Sweet Potato & Apple Tart

This recipe is a quick and simple tart suggestion for Debra at Hapabento who loves her violet Sweet Potatoes and might one day foind herself in a hurry!

Beni Imo to Ringo no Tart /Violet Sweet Potato & Apple Tart


-Frozen Pastry: 2 sheets
-Beni Imo/Violet Sweet Potato: 3 small
-Apple: 1/4~1/2
-Dry raisins: as appropriate
-Eggs: 2
-Fresh cream: 100 cc/ml/1/2 cup
-Sugar: 100 g
-Cinnamon powder: as appropriate


-Line a tart mold with the two frozen pie sheets one on top of the other. Fill the middle with weighted beans (used for cooking), leaving only a two-finger rim free. Dry bake for 20 minutes at 230 degrees Celsius.

-While the pie sheets are baking, peel the sweet potatato and cut them into thin strips. Wash the potatoes and drain. Wrap them in aluminum paper and steam for 25 minutes.

-Take the baked pie sheet out. Discard the weighted beans. Cutthe apple into thin strips like the potatoes. Fill the pie sheets with sweet potatoes, apples, and raisins.

-In a bowl, mix the eggs, sugar, fresh cream and cinnamon powder.
Pour over the tart. Bake for 40 minutes at 210 degrees Celsius.


Adults may add a dash of liqueur to the eggs!

Japanese Dessert: Beni Imo Cheese Cake/Violet Sweet Potato Cheese Cake

Debra at Hapabento mentioned that she calls her Violet Sweet Poatatoes Okinawa Sweet Poataoes. Actually, Okinawa is famous all over Japan for its Violet Sweet Potatoes/Beni Imo/紅芋 and cakes made with the same!

Here is an Okinawa-inspired cheese Cake recipe:
Violet Sweet Potato Cheese Cake/Beni Imo Cheese Cake!

INGREDIENTS:: For a 12cm-diameter mold

-Beni imo/Violet Sweet Potato: 120 g
-Cream Cheese: 90 g
-Cinnamon: 1/2~1 teaspoon
-Honey (liquid): 2 tablespoons
-Biscuits: 9~

-Sugra: 1 teaspoon
-Water: 1 tablespoon
-Liqueur of your choice: 1 teaspoon

-Egg yolk for “nappage”: as appropriate


-Bring cream cheese to room temperature. Wrap the violet sweet potato into cellophane paper and heat in microwave oven until soft.

-Prepare the syrup: Mix water and sugar and heat in microwave oven for 1 minute to dissolve sugar in the water. Let cool and add liqueur.

-Work the cheese cream with a spatula until it has become smooth. Add violet sweet potato (take off the skin and mash it first), honey, and cinnamon in that order and mix well one at a time.

-Line a mold with baking paper. Line the bottom with crushed biscuit.

-Pour syrup over biscuit lining and wait until the biscuits have absorbed it.

-Pour the violet sweet potato cream cheese mix.

-Leave the mix inside the mold as it is or try and make it more decorative as above.

-Brush plenty of egg yolk all over the surface.

-Bake it 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes.

-You may pour the mixture into an oven dish as above without the biscuits lining.

Simple, ain’t it?
The kids will love it!

French Dessert: Banana Moelleux

Bananas are not only great for humans as an easily assimilable source of energy, but is almost a medicinal plant by itself with a proven capacity to combat all kinds of diseases.
It’s only a question of diversifying its culinary approach!
Why don’t you try this simple banana soft cake recipe?

Banana Moelleux (soft cake)!

INGREDIENTS: for 4~6 people

-Flour: 220 g
-Sugar: 200 g
-Butter: 150 g ; a little for the mold
-Bananas: 3 medium sized, ripe
-Eggs: 2
-Yoghurt: 40 cc/ml, well stirred
-Cinnamon: 1/2 teaspoon (half a teaspoon)
-Vanilla essence: a few drops
-Yeast: 1/2 (flat) teaspoon
-Salt: a pinch


-Melt butter and let cool to lukewarm.

-Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-Peel bananas and and process them into a very liquid homogeneous puree.

-In a large bowl pour the banana puree. With a hand whisker add and mix one by one in the following order: Yoghurt, eggs (without the shells!LOL), sugar, cinnamon, vanilla essence and salt.

-Add the flour and yeast in small quantities at a time through a sieve to improve the best absorption/mixing. when all flour and yeast have been mixed in, add melted butter and mix.

-Butter the insides of the mold (about 20 cm diameter). Pour in the whole cake mixture. Bake for 45 minutes or until a knife stabbed into the cake comes out smooth and clean.

-Eat cold as it is or with a cream nappage made with cream cheese, mascarpone, sugar, vanilla essence and lemon juice (Do it after the cake has completely cooled down, or even better slightly chilled).


-Follow the order for better quality!

-You may add crushed walnuts or chocolate bits in the cake.
French Dessert: Green Tomatoes and Vanilla Tart

Ever thought of using green tomatoes as dessert?
Especially small ones can come as a surprise!

Here is a simple recipe which will please all, adults and kids alike!

Tarte aux Tomates Vertes Vanillees/Green Tomatoes & Vanilla Tart!

For 6 people

-Pate Brisee/Shortcrust Pastry (sweet/sugared) : Check this easy recipe if you want to make it yourself (In French) 400 g
-Small green tomatoes: 700 g (cut in halves)
-Lemon juice of 2 lemons
-Sugar: 150 g
-Vanilla pods: 2
-Cornstarch: 2 tablespoons
-Butter: 40 g
-Egg white: 1


-Line the mold with the shortcrust pastry and pre-cook it for 15 minutes in oven at 220 degrees Celsius.
Take the mold out the oven and immediately brush the pastry with egg white to prevent the pastry from drying up.
Put aside.

-Cut the two vanilla pods lengthwise and take out the “heart” and seeds. Mix them delicately with lemon juice.

-In a large frying pan, melt 20 g of butter and fry the tomatoes on a medium fire for 2~3 minutes, taking care not to shake them around too much and damage them. while the tomatoes are cooking, add sugar and cornstarch to the vanilla and lemon juice mix. Mix them in and pour over the tomatoes. Keep frying until the whole becomes translucent. Finally add 20 g of butter and mix quickly.

-Place the tomatoes over the pre-cooked shortcrust pastry and bake in oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

-Serve with a rose wine.
Vegan Japanese Dessert: Sweet Potato, Apple & Gardenia Seeds Kinton

It is always a bit complicated for vegans and vegetarians alike to create desserts without using eggs or dairy products, unlessyou start using derivatives and susbstitues, which is not always a good idea.
The Japanese must be, without knowing it, the greatest creators of vegan desserts thanks to such techniques as found in the making of wagashi!

One variety of wagashi is called Kinton.
Kinton, or きんとんin Japanese is a Japanese tradtional dessert made with chestnuts/kuri/栗 and sugar.
Originally created in Gifu in the late 1870’s it is now found and available almost everywhere in Japan for the pleasure of all, vegans and vegetarians included.

Kuchinashi (Japanese) or Gardenia jasminoides (also known as Gardenia augusta) is a fragrant flowering evergreen tropical plant, a favorite in gardens worldwide. It originated in Asia and is most commonly found growing in Vietnam, Southern China, Taiwan and Japan.
The fruit is used as a yellow dye, which is used for clothes and food (including the Korean mung bean jelly called hwangpomuk).
Medicinal uses:
Gardenia jasminoides fructus (fruit) is used within Traditional Chinese Medicine to “drain fire” and thereby treat certain febrile conditions.

Kuchinashi no Mi/Gardenia fruit.

Kuchinashi no mi/Gardenia fruit, dried as found in Japanese stores.

I took the precaution to go through these preliminary explantaions before introducing the following dessert:

Sweet Potato, Apple & Gardenia Seeds Kinton!


-Apple: 1 large
-Sweet Potato/Satsuma Imo: 1 medium
-Lemon juice: 1/4
-Sugar: 1 tablespoon
-Gardenia seed/Kuchinashi no Mi: 1


-Peel the sweet potato, cut in four legthwise and across again every 2 cm. Leave aside in clear cold water.

-Peel the apple, cut into 8 wedges and slice again every 5 mm. Drop in a stainless pot. Add lemon and sugar. Cover with lid and simmer on a low fire until softened.

-Cut the kuchinashi no mi/Gardenia seed in two and insert it in a small cooking bag (gauze as for bouquet garni).

-In a different pan, drop the sweet potato with ebnough water to boil them. Add teh kuchunashi no mi/gardenia seed. Boil until the sweet potato is soft enough to be easily skewered with a bamboo/wooden toothpick.

-Throw the water of the sweet potato out. Keep cooking the sweet potato to let their water evaporate.

-Add 1/3 of the apple to the sweet potato and mix well.

-Serve the sweet potato topped with the cooked apple.


-Roast some some walnuts and top the dessert with them!

Since Comestilblog nicely asked me, here is a Japanese-style Madeleine.
Madeleines are easy to make and can be come into infinite variations.
Since I could not make it French for fear to bore everyone, i though that macha tea powder would be welcome!

Macha Madeleines!

INGREDIENTS: enough for 15 small ones

-Egg: 1
-Sugar: 55 g
-Cookie (light) flour: 45 g
-Almond powder: 10 g
-Baking powder: 1g
-Macha Tea powder: 5 g
-Melted butter: 60 g (unslated)


-Mix and sift flour, almond poder, baking powder and macha powder.
Melt butter.
Butter the madeleines molds with butter (not included in the recipe) and then sprinkle flour on the butter (not included in the recipe) for easy unmolding after baking.

-In a bowl, mix egg and sugar gently (so as not to create any bubbles).

-Add egg mixture little by little to flour mixture and mix.

-Once you have mixed above, add little by little melted butter and mix in gently.

-Wrap the top of the bowl and leave it inside the refrigerator for 1~2 hours.

-Bake at 180 Degrees Celsius for 12~15 minutes (depending on the “charater” of your oven).

-Let cool down completely before unmolding!

Easy, isn’t it?

Still in my Taro/Sato Imo mood, aren’t I?
Today I would like to introduce a really simple pound cake recipe which includes taro and macha tea powder!

Taro & Macha Steamed Pound Cake!


-Taro/Sato imo: 200 g (peeled)
-Egg white: 1
-Sugar: 60 g
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
-Egg yolk: 1
-Flour: 2 teaspoons
-Water (as much as needed)
-Macha tea powder: 1/2 teaspoon
-Lime peel/zest: half a lime (finely chopped)


1-Cut the taro into practical-sized pieces and boil.
Drain them thoroughly and mash into a smooth paste.

2-Beat into solid meringue the egg white, 2/3 of the sugar and the salt.

3-Add the rest (1/3) of the sugar to the mashed taro/sato imo, egg yolk and flour. Mix well. If the mixture proves a bit hard to mix, add water little by little until staifaction.

4-Add the meringue to the taro/satoimo and mix well.

5-Add the finely chopped lime zest and mix.
Pour one half into a pound cake mold lined with kitchen paper.
Add macha tea powder to the rest, mix and pour on top of the bottom layer.

6-Steam over a strong fire for 25 minutes.
Check if cooked properly by stabbing the cake with a thin wooden skewer. It should come out clean. Switch off fire and let cool down completely

Makes for a very light and healthy dessert!

Did I say that Bazooka Gourmet is the reason behind all these carrot cakes? LOL
Well, this is the third one, and I will take a little break for them. That is if BG does not make the mistake in inciting me into more postings!

This is a very simple recipe. It has the merit to be healthy and can be served at any time of the day. Very handy with hungry kids (or hubby!)!

Carrot & Almong Pound Cake!


-Carrot (peeled9: 12o g
-Eggs: 2
-Salad Oil: 100 cc/ml (about 75 g)
-Sugar (brown, preferably): 110 g
-All-purpose flour: 110 g
-Almond powder: 85 g
-Baking powder: 1 yeaspoon
-Cinnamon: to taste
-Liqueur of your choice: 1~2 tablespoons (the alcohol will disppear, so no worries for the kids!)
-Salt: a pinch

-Sliced almonds for topping (according to preference. Plenty is great!)


-Grate the carrot finely.

-In a bowl drop the salad oil, sugar and eggs. Mix well.

-Mix until the mixture whitens and get very smooth.

-Sieve in the flour, baking powder and cinnamon.

-Sieve in the almond powder.

-Take water out grated carrots. Add grated carrots, liqueur and salt. Mix well.

-If you can squeeze out about 50 cc/ml of carrot juice, perfect!
Keep it for something else.

-Line a pound cake mold with baking paper.
Pour all the pound cake mixture in.
Decorate with plenty of sliced almonds.

-Bake for for 35~40 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.
Check if is properly cooked by stabbing it with a thin wooden stick. It should come out clean.

-Let cool out completely.
Take ou and slice.
Serve and enjoy!

Easy again, isn’t it?

Bazooka Gourmet made the mistake to suggest that I should post a carrot cake recipe (I’m laying it thick, LOL). Well, he’s getting more than he asked for as I found no less than three of them in my notes!

As for the second one, it is a very simple heathy pound cake fit for everyone, vegans included!

Vegan Soy Milk Carrot Pound Cake!


-Whole wheat flour: 100g
-All-purpose flour: 80g
-Brown sugar: 50 g
-Baking powder: 2 teaspoons
-Cinnamon: 1~2 teaspoons
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
-Carrot: 1
-Black sesame seeds: 1 tablespoon
-Raisins: 50 g
-Soy milk: 100 cc
-Olive or Sesame oil: 100 cc


-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Cesius.
Mix flour and baking powder and sieve.
Grate the carrot.

-Drop all ingredients into a larg bowl and mix.
Mix until the flour lumps have disappeared (important).

-Bake for 35~40 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.
Check if properly cooking by stabbing pound cake with a thin skewer. It should come out smooth and clean.
Let cool completely.
Could be served as it is or grilled.


-If sesame oil is available, it would be better than olive oil, altough experimentation would be welcome as half of each oil could be interesting indeed.
Salt is necesary to subdue the cloying taste of the brown sugar a little.

Easy again, isn’t it?

Bazooka Gourmet made the mistakes to suggest that I should post a carrot cake recipe. Well, he’s getting more than he asked for as I found no less than three of them in my notes!

As for the first one, it is dedicated to wheat flour allergics!

Non-Wheat Flour Carrot Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 cupcakes

-Unsalted Butter: 100 g
-Brown sugar: 50 g
-Eggs: 2
-Honey (liquid): 1 tablespoon
-Gated carrots: 100 g
-Rice powder: 130 g
-Baking powder: half a teaspoon

-Egg wites: 2
-Sugar: 50 g


-Bring butter to room temperature.
-Add brown sugar and mix well, incorparating a much air inside as possible.

-Add eggs and mix well.
Add grated carrot, honey, rice flour and baking powder. Mix well.

-Beat the egg whites with sugar into a solid meringue.
Mix the meringue into the cupcake mixture in two equal steps by folding them in with a spatula.
Pour mixture into cups.
Leave inside the fridge for 30 minutes to allow the rice powder to fully absorb the mixture humidity.

-Bake for 20~25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.

Simple, isn’t it?

There is little need to say that cupcakes are universally popular.
Now if you can add or combine macha and tofu into them and come up with a tiramisu concept as a whole you are bound to please a lot of people! LOL

Macha & Tofu Tiramisu Cupcakes!


■ Sponge Cake:
-Eggs: 2
-Sugar: 40 g
-Tofu or soy milk: 1 tablespoon
-All-purpose flour: 40 g
-macha: 2 teaspoons (6 g)

◆Sugar: 15g(10g)
◆Water: 2 tablespoons
◆Macha liqueur (if available): 1 teaspoon

■Cheese Cream

-Cream cheese: 200g
-Anko/sweet bean paste powder: 100g
-Tofu or soy milk: 50 cc/ml
-Preserved cherry blossom (for decoration): 15
-Sugar (optional): 20~30 g)

■ Macha powder (for the finishing touch)


-Soak preserved cherry blossoms in water to soften and then soak water off between two sheets of kitchen paper. Choose the best 6 of them and heat inside the microwave oven for 1 minute to ope/”bloom” them. Keep the rest aside.

-Take cream cheese out of the fridge.
Mix the flour and macha powder.
Line the oven plate with baking paper.

-Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
-In a bowl beat the eggs and sugar together until mixture whitens.

-Add tofu (or soy milk). Mix in with a spatula. Add macha and flour mix and mix in with the spatula.

-Bake for 15 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

-While it is baking, mix all the syrup ingredients in a small bowl.

-Take the sponge cake out of the oven and let it cool down completely.

-With a spatula, mix cream cheese, sweet bean paste powder, tofu and non-heated cherry blossoms. If not sweet enough, mix in more sugar.

-Divide sponge cake into 12 portions to fit inside cups.
-Line each cup with with one portion of sponge cake. Brush plenty of syrup on each.

-Fill with cheese cream up to half. Place one more layer of sponge cake. Brush plenty of syrup on the sponge cake again. Fill up each cup completely with cheese cream.
Leave inside fridge to chill them properly (one hour is enough, or it would harden too much).

-Before serving sprinkle macha powder all the surface and decorate with a cherry blossom.

Here is another simple recipe for a cake where “East Meets West”:
Sweet Potato Muffins!

INGREDIENTS: for 12 cakes

-Cookie/thin flour: 230 g
-Salt: a little less than 1/2 teaspoon
-Sugar: 50 g (to be included with the flour)
-Baking powder: 2 teaspoons
-Sodium bicarbonate: 1/4 teaspoon
-Cinnamonpowder: 1 teaspoon
-Nutmeg powder: 1/2 teaspoon
-Eggs: 2
-Sweet Potato (mashed): 230 cc/ml
-Melted butter: 2~4 tablespoons
-Milk: 150 cc/ml
-Sugar: 50 g (to be incuded with the eggs)
-Walnuts: 50 g

-Brown sugar: 1+1/2 tablespoons
-Flour: 3 tablespoons
-Butter: 2/3 tablespoon
-Cinnamon powder: 1/4 teaspoon


Pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius (400 F)
Coat the paper muffin cups insides with a thin layer of oile just enough to facilitate later unwrapping.
Bring all inf\gredients to room temperature.

Prepare topping first:
In a bowl drop the brown sugar, flower, butter and cinamon.
Work ad mix the lot with the tips of your fingers.

In another bowl drop the flour, sugar, baking powder, sodium bicarbonate, cinnamon powder and nutmeg powder.
Mix and sieve through a fine mesh chinois.

-Wrap the sweet potato inside cellophane paper and heat in a micriwave oven until soft. Take of skin if any. Mash the sweet potato adding the milk to them.

Add the eggs and extra sugar and mix well.
Add melted butter and mix well.

Add the sweet potato puree to the flour mixture.
Mix with a spatula.
Do not worry if you don’t attain a perfectly smoothe paste.
Mixing the whole tooo much would result into a hard muffin!

Pour the muffin mixture into the cups or in the apparel as shown in picture above up to two thirds of their depth. Sprinkle with topping.
Bake for 15~20 minutes.
Check if they are properly cooked by stabbing them with a thin wooden stick.


Altough cheese cakes originally came from reece, the Japanese have simply turned into an art of their own!

This very Sunday, as we had finished our cricket session very early, I still had time for a quick lunch/snack as I cycled across town on my way back for a quick visit to my office and laptop.

Il Cuore is my favourite Italian Caffeteria in Shizuoka City, a locality replete with Italian establishements. It is unpretentious, but authentic (although all the staff is Japanese) and very convivial.
I ordered a plate of Parma Ham and a smaller one of Italian cheese with home-made bread and a couple of glasses of red Italian wine.
I was about to call it quits when my eyes spotted the enormous cheese cake in the display fridge. It was 30 cm (1 foot!) wide and at least 5 cm ( at least 2 inches) thick! Officiallyit made for 12 portions, although I suspect it could make for far more!LOL
I just had to have it, regardless of my waistline!

Served with some icing sugar and a sprig of fresh mint, it had the perfect balance (nothing to do with the cloying sweetness of some cakes bought over the counter!).
Made by the young chef, Seiya Maejima, It was fullfilling but light and very easy to eat (wolf down!). I didn’t ask for his secrets, but I know it took 1 kg of cream cheese to make.

As for the biscuit base, I only know they are Italian.
A cake to emulate!

420-0035 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-cho, 13-20, Ishiwata Bldg. 1F
Tel. & fax: 054-2723737
Business hours: 11:30~23:00 (closed on Tuesday)
Credit Cards OK

As I said before, tofu has the great quality that it makes all things lighter, especially cakes.
have you ever thought of combining it with Chocolate?

Tofu Chocolate Cake!


-Light flour: 80 g
-Baking powder: 10 g
-Cooking chocolate or normal chocolate (the higher percentage in cocoa, the better!): 1 standard tablet/bar
-Eggs: 2
-Margarine or butter: 1 tablespoon
-Cocoa powder: 20 g
-Rum: to taste
-Tofu (light/kinu tofu): 300 g
-Sugar: to taste (depends on people!)

-Fresh cream: 100 ml
-Jam: 1 tablespoon


-Whip the tofu until smooth. Pass it through a fine mesh sieve.

In a separate bowl pass the flour and baking powder through a fine mesh sieve.

-Melt margarine/butter and chocolate on a bain-marie (put the bowl inside a larger one over a fire.
Add 50 ml of hot water and the coca powder. Keep mixing until misture thickens.

-Separate egg yolks and whites.
Beat the whites in to solid meringue.

-Add flour and baking powder, egg yolks, rum and sugar to chocolate mixture. Mix well. Fold in the egg whites in.

-Check taste. Add flour and cocoa powder if necessary. mix in quickly.

-Line your rice-cooker with a little oil. Pour in the whole mix and switch on the rice-cooker.
If you do not have a rice cooker, pour the mixture inside a mold and bake for about 20~25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius (check from time to time.

-Wait until cooled down completely before taking out.
Serve with whiiped cream mixed wit a little jam of your choice.

Plenty of variations possible!

The Japanese have become extremely efficient at reproducing and improving on European/American (I mean the continents!) recipes when it comes to cakes and desserts.
Here is an example I found in my notes:

Crema Cheese Brownies!

INGREDIENTS: 20×20 cm square mold or a 23cm diameter round mold.

Cream Cheese Topping:
-Beaten egg: 1
-Cream cheese: 225 g
-Sugar: 50g
-Vanilla essence: 1 teaspoon

-Chocolate (for cakes and baking): 115 g
-Unsalted butter: 115 g
-Brown sugar: 150 g
-Beaten eggs: 2
-Light cake flour: 75 g
-Baking powder: 1 teaspoon


-Butter/oil the inside of the mold and sprinkle with flour/line the mold with baking paper.
Sift and mix flour and baking powder together.
Pre-heat oven to 160 degrees Celsius (3725F)

-Soften cream cheese inside microwave oven for 10 seconds and beat it just long enough as to obtain a smooth cream.

-Mix in te beaten egg, sugar and vanilla essence.
Set apart.

-In a separate bowl, drop the chocolate and butter and soften for 10 seconds inside a microwave oven. Take care not heat it too long, otherwise the chocolate will solidify.
Mix well with a spatula.

-Add brown sugar and mix well with electric mixer. Ad the 2 beaten eggs little by little and mix well.

-With a spatula (no mixer, please!) fold in the flour and baking powder in three equal steps.

-Pour in the brownies mixture inside the mold (about 4 fifths of its depths) and smoothen surface with spatula.

-First place the cream cheese into 4 parts on top as in picture.

-Spread each cheese cream “ball” around with the spatula.

-Make “patterns” with a stick.

-Bake at 160 degrees Celsius (325F) for 25~30 minutes.
Let cool completely before taking out the cake.
Kabocha Lemon Cupcakes

It seems I have finally caught the “cupcakes disease”. I cannot fail being attracted to cupcake recipe, but with the difference I’m only interested in the Japanese varieties!

Kabocha, or Cambodia abóbora in Latin, originally came from the Andes region in South America but was develpped as the present variety in Cambodia, hence its name.
The Japanese grow a lot of them but they have to import them notably from Tonga in the South Pacific to satisfy the enormous demand!

Here is a very simple recipe for people in a hurry!
Kabocha Lemon Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: 8~10 cakes

-Hot-cake mix: 200 g
-Honey (liquid): 3 tablespoons
-Kabotcha (or pumpkin): 3 tablespoons (mash them first)
-Lemon juice: 2 tablespoons
-Milk: 60 ml
-Unsalted butter: 80 g
-Eggs: 2 large
-Almond slices (to taste)


-Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Bring butter back to home temperature.

-In a bowl mix the eggs and butter well until smooth. Add honey and mix. Add mashed kabocha and mix.

-Add milk and mix. Add hot cake mix (powdered mixture) and mix well.

-Add lemon juice and mix well.

-Fill cups up to 6 or 7 tenths of their depths. Decorate with almond slices

-Bake in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 2~23 minutes.

Easy, isn’t it?

Here is a tasty Japanese inspired cupcake for wheat allergics!

Non-wheat kabosu cupcakes!

Kabosu (カボス or 臭橙) is a juicy green citrus fruit (Latin name: Citrus sphaerocarpa) closely related to the yuzu/Japanese lime with the sharpness of lemon, used instead of vinegar in some Japanese dishes. It grows on a flowering plant with sharp thorns, and the fruit is harvested when still green but ripens to yellow. Kabosu was brought over from China in the Edo Period and became a popular fruit in Japan. It is produced in most areas of Ōita Prefecture (Kyushu Island) but particularly in Taketa and Usuki. The actual fruit is regarded as a delicacy in other parts of Japan, as it is often expensive outside of Ōita Prefecture. It improves the taste of many dishes, especially baked fish, sashimi and hot pot dishes.

INGREDIENTS: for 6~7 cupcakes

-Kabosu 1 (if notavailable, use lime, yuzu or lemon or your choice!)
-Eggs: 2
-Rice powder: 80 g
-Sugar: 50 g
-Butter: 50 g
-Sugar for icing


-Cut out six thin slices from the kabosu/lime. Press the juice out of the rest (15 ml). Cut the skin into thin strips (later cut them again into small pieces according to your preference).

-Melt the butter inside a microwave oven (500~600W) for 40~50 seconds. Keep aside.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-In a bowl beat the eggs with half of the sugar over a bain-marie (a larger bowl containing hot water (about 60 degrees Celsius). When smooth add the rest of the sugar.

-When the mixture has reached a temperature equivalent to a human body temperature take bowl off the bain-marie. Keep beating until the mixture attains a whitish colour. Then beat at low speed for 3 more minutes.

-Add the rice powder and fold/mix it in with a spatula.

-Add melted butter, Kabosu/lime juice and chopped Kabosu/lime skin/zest. Mix them in gently.

-Grease mold with butter or olive oil if you use a mold instead of cupcake paper cups. Fill in mold/cups with mixture.

-Place one slice of Kabosu/lime on top of each cake. Sprinkle sugar over the top.
Bake in oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minute.

-Take out and let cool down completely before taking cakes out of their molds.

-If you do not serve them immediately, wrap them in cellophane paper and preserve them inside fridge.

Tofu has the great quality that it makes all things lighter, especially cakes.
Have you ever thought of making a pound cake with it (with a twist added!)?

Tofu Pound Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For a cake 16.5 cm long and a square cut of 7 cm sides

-Egg whites: 2
-Egg yolks: 2
-Sugar: 30 g
-Tofu (after taking some of its water off): 120 g
-Honey (liquid): 2 tablespoons
-All-purpose flour: 50 g
-Baking powder: half a teaspoon
-Soy sauce: 1 teaspoon
-Mirin/sweet sake: 1 tablespoon
-Milk: 2 tablespoons


-Mix flour and baking powder well.
-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

-In a bowl drop the egg whites with half of the sugar. Beat until solid. Beat 30 more times with a whisk.

-In a separate bowl drop in the tofu, rest of the sugar and egg yolks. Beat with a whisker until smooth. Do not mix too much!

-Add honey, soy sauce, mirin and milk in that order to the egg yols mixture and mix in one each at a time.

-Add and mix in the flour and baking powder mixture little by little with a spatula.

-Add the meringue (beaten egg whites) by folding them in with a spatula in 2 or three sessions.

-Line the mold with baking paper and pour in the whole mixture.
Bake for 40 minutes (the picture above shows the cake baked after 10 minutes)

-Leave the cake inside the oven for 10 more minutes after the oven has switched off after the 40 minutes of cooking. Open the oven, but leave the cake inside for an extra 10 minutes before taking it out.

-Let cool down completely.
Leave inside the fridge for half a day before serving.


You can replace the soy sauce and mirin with cocoa powder (1 tablespoon)!


Tofu and yoghurt are two very healthy ingredients that can be easily magicked into a cake for the delight o children and calories conscious adults:

Tofu Yoghurt Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For an 18cm-diameter mold

-Plain yoghurt:500g
-Tofu (kinu tofu or soft tofu): 300 g
-Eggs: 2
-Sugar: 80 g
-Flour: 30 g
-Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon



-Place a sieve over a bowl. Pour the yoghurt in. Let it drain naturally in the refrigerator for a day.


-Place the tofu in a bowl (no need to cover it). Leave it in a microwave oven (500 W) for 3 minutes.
Place a sieve over a bowl. Pour the tofu inside the sieve. Let it drain naturally in the refrigerator for a day.


-Next day, pre-heat oven to to 180 degrees Ceslius.
Throw the yoghurt and tofu water away.
Drop all the ingredients inside a food processor.


-Blend until smooth. Switch off halfway and stir with a spatula to even up the mixture.


-Pour the mixture inside a mold lined upwith cooking paper. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes.


-Take mold and cake out. Let it cool completely. Chill it inside the refrigerator together.


-Take the cake out of of its mold only when it has chilled well.


-Cut, serve and enjoy!
You can of course serve it with jam and other toppings.
You can also add liqueurs, fruits and so on to the recipe!


Here is another simple Japanese style cupcake recipe made with tofu!

Tofu lemon Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: For about 16

-Tofu (kinu tofu or soft tofu): 100 g
-Sugar: 70 g
-Egg: 1
-Grated lemon pel: 1 lemon
-Flour: 160 g
-Baking powder: 1 and a half teaspoons
-Milk (or soy milk): 3 tablespoons
-Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
-Olive oil: 2 tablespoons


-Mix flour with baking powder. Mix grated lemon juice and milk in a separate bowl.

-In another bowl drop tofu and sugar. Mix thoroughly into a smooth paste. Add egg and mix well with a wisker.

-Add lemon juice and milk and mix well until smooth. But don’t mix too long!

-Mix in flour and baking powder with a spatula until the floury look has disappeared but don’t overmix.

-Fill cups (previously oiled) and bake at 190 degrees Celsius for 16 minutes. If the cups are really small 12 minutes should be enough.


Matcha/抹茶, an ingredient readily available here in Shizuoka, opens the door to so many ideas as it can included in almost all cakes.
Moreover its green colour is an extra attraction that is difficult to resist!
Here is the recipe of a cake that marries western and eastern traditions!

Matcha Bavarois Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For a 21 cm diameter mold (can be adapted to square molds or individual molds)

-Sponge Cake:
Eggs: 3 large
Sugar: 70 g
All purpose flour: 40 g
Matcha powder: 1 tablespoon
Butter (unsalted): 25 g

Milk: 200ml
Fresh cream (vegetal): 200 ml
Egg whites: 3
Sugar: 50 g
Gelatin: 5 g
Matcha powder: 1 tablespoon
Water (to dissolve matcha powder): 5 tablespoons
Matcha liqueur (optional, but try and find it or replace with something else according to taste!): a little

-Decoration jelly (nappage):
Matcha powder: 2 tablespoons
Gelatin: 5 g
Sugar: 40 g
Water: 250 ml

Supplementary decoration (optional):
Chestnuts (cooked)
Black beans (cooked)
Candied mint leaves


-Sponge Cake:
Separate the whites and yolks of the eggs, beat the yolks until thick and lemon colored, add the sugar gradually.
Mix matcha powder and sifted flour. Mix in butter by hand (with the tips of your fingers). Add egg yolks and sugar and mix well. Cut and fold in the stiffly beaten egg white.
Bake in an ungreased pan in a very moderate oven.
Bake until the cake is puffed, has lost its shine, and springs back when gently pressed.
Let cool completely and trim off to shape of the cake mold.
Line the cake mold with a layer of sponge cake.

Soften jelly in cold water or dissolve it depending on type.
Whisk the the egg whites thick and hard with sugar.
Bring the milk and fresh cream to boil.
Switch off fire.
Add matcha powder and matcha liqueur and mix well.
Let cool completely. Add and mix in gelatin.
Fold in egg whites.
Pour the bavarois over the sponge cake and leave in refrigerator overnight.

-Decoration jelly:
Soften gelatin or dissolve in a little water.
In a pan pour in water, matcha powder, sugar and heat to dissolve sugar. Switch off fire and add gelatin. Mix weel.
Wait until it has cooled off completely.
Take cake out of refigeraor and pour jelly all over.
Put back in refrigerator and leave it until it has properly settled.

Decorate further with chestnuts, candied mint leaves and black beans.


That is how it would look once cut.


The same as an individual cake!


I need no say how cupcakes are popular all over the world.
That is the main reason why I from now and then feature a cupcake recipe.
Japanese-style cupcakes seem to be still new. They naturally come with different ingredients. Have you ever thought of making one with sweet potato.
Sweet potato is satsuma imo/薩摩芋 in Japanese and they originally came from Central America.
The recipe below is very simple and should be easily expanded:

Sweet Potato Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: For 2 large 10×10 cm cupcakes (can of course be divided into smaller ones)

-Sweet potato: 200 g
-Sugar: 30 g
-Dry raisins: 30 g
-All purpose flour: 50 g
-Butter: 60 g
-Egg: 1
-Baking powder: half a teaspoon
-Powdered sugar: a little


-Set a microwave oven on “vegetables cooking” and heat the sweet potatoes. Peel their skins off. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-In a food processor drop in flour, sugar, butter, egg and baking powder. Blend. Add sweet potato and blend.

-Add raisins and mix roughly. Pour into cups. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 25~30 minutes.

-Once baked sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Easy, ain’t it?


Just discovered this cupcake recipe for my vegan (I’m not) friends with the extra bonus of possible variations!

Japanese style vegan rice cupaakes!

INGREDIENTS: For 1 mug cup (arrange quantities accordingly for a greater number)

-Rice powder (Ris Blanc): 4 tablespoons
-Cornstarch: 1 tablespoon
-Sugar (of your choice, honey might be feasible): 1 tablespoon
-Baking Powder: Half a teaspoon
-Olive oil: 1 tablespoon
-Soy milk: 4 tablespoons



-In an oven ramequin or mug cup first pour rice powder, cornstarch, sugar and baking powder and mix well.
Next add olive oil and soy milk and mix well.


-Depending on the kind of rce powder and soy milk you use, you may have to increase the amount of one or both for a smoother mixture. Experiment!


-Cook insid emicrowave for 2 minutes or more. Check by pushing a thin wooden or meddle stick. It should come out clean. The taste is light. You may add sugar.

-Have a good look at the cake while it cooks. It should not be more than 2 minutes 30 seconds.
If you use kabocha powder, you will need 1 small teaspoon plus 1 teaspoon of water.


-The above green cupcake was made by adding 1 teaspoon of spinach powder and 1 teaspoon of soy milk!


-Add 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder and 1 teaspoon of soy milk for a cocoa cupcake!


-Add 1 tablespoon of carrot powder and 1 teaspoon of soy milk for a carrot cupcake.


-Add crushed apple for the above!


This is a slightly different version of the Japanese style vegan tofu cupcake I introduced a couple of days ago. It will give you an idea of how to play on that idea!

INGREDIENTS: For about 16 cakes

-Tofu (kinu tofu): 180 g
-Sugar (of your choice): 0 g
-Soy milk: 3 tablespoons
-Lemon juice: 1 tablespoon
-Olive oil: 2 tablespoons

-Flour (use chestnut flour if you are wheat allergic): 160 g
-Baking powder: 2 teaspoons

-Grated lemon skin: 1 whole lemon
-Dried English tea leaves, finely chopped ( the contents of 1 tea bag is adequate)


-Mix flour and baking powder well.
Mix soy milk and lemon juice separately and and set apart.

-In a large bowl drop in the tofu and sugar. Mix well until you obtain a smooth paste. Add the soy milk, lemon juice and olive oil. Mix the lot thoroughly with a whisker.

-Add the all flour and baking powder mixture and mix in with a spatula until floury lumps have disappeared, but don’t mix too much!

-Pour mixture into cups and sprinkle them with grated lemon skin and dried tea.

-Bake inside oven for 16 minutes at 190 degrees Celsius.
If you make mini cupcakes, 12 minutes should sufficient.
keep looking at the colour of your cupcakes!


Cupcakes are the norm all over the world when it comes to bakery and tofu is a must for vegans.
Now, it is possible to make very simple cupcakes for vegans!
Wheat flour allergics can replace the wheat flour with chestnut flour like the Corsicans and Portguese do in their traditional food!
This is only the basic recipe to which you can add fruits and vegetables!

Vegan Tofu Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: For 5~6 cupcakes

-Tofu (kinu toufu): 300 g
-All-purpose flour (for substitutes, read above): 100 g
-Sugar (white, cane, or even honey): 30 g



-Get ingrediens ready and pre-heat oven to 200 degrees Celsius.


-Mix tofu and sugar. Mix well.


-Sprinkle flour over tofu and mix roughly so as to leave a little flour on the surface.


-Bake for 25~30 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius or until desired colour.


-Dead simple, aren’t they?
Now your skills will reside in what you add!
Matcha Tofu Muffins


Tofu and Matcha tea are considered for good reasons as health food here in Japan.
They can also be combinedinto a very European/American style cake: Muffins!

INGREDIENTS: For about 6 muffins

-Tofu (kinu tofu): 150 g (no need to press waterout)
-Egg: 1
-Wheat (use one of your preference): 4 tablespoons
-Cornstarch: 2 tablespoons
-Cream powder: 2 tablespoons
-Sugar: 3 tablespoons
-Matcha tea powder: one and a half tablespoons
-Butter: 15 g
-Baking powder: 1 teaspoon


-Melt butter inside microwave oven.
Take out and pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

-Drop all ingredients inside a food processor and process until you obtain a smooth mixture.

-Fill muffin cups with mixture up to nine tenths height.
(Pouring the whole lot in an oiled/buttered pound cake mold is fine, too)

-Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 25 minutes (Check colour as all ovens have their own “character”)

-Let them cool completely.
If you don’t eat them at once, wrap them in cellophane paper and leave inside refrigerator or in a very dry box.

Best enjoyed with tea? LOL
Baked Tofu Cheese Cake


One way to lighten your cheese cake and invest into a new taste is to introduce tofu!

Here is a simple recipe that will please anyone woorying about unwanted calories:
Baked Tofu Cheese Cake!


-Cream Cheese (Philadelphia): 230 g
-Tofu (kinu tofu): 200g (before pressing water out)
-Sugar: 70g (of your choice)
-Eggs: 2
-Vanilla bean pod: 1 (small) (if not available use vanilla essence)
-Soy milk: a little
-Flour: 2 tablespoons (flour of any kind is fine)
-Cornstarch: 1 tablespoon
-Biscuits (crushed to form a solid base under the cheese cake/optional)


-Line the bottom of a oven cake mold with a layer of crushed biscuit.
You may do without it but it will help absorb excess water from tofu.

-Soften cream cheese to room temperature (you may warm it a bit inside a microwave oven) and mix with sugar.

-Once the cheese and sugar misture has become smooth, add the tofu by crushing it between your palms, addd the whole eggs and mix well with an eletric whisker until you obtain a smooth mixture.

-Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise and extract the inside (or use vanilla essence), mix it with some soy milk and add to the mixture. Mix well.

-The last three steps may be done with a food processor, but mixing all ingredients one by one give you a “right feel”!

-Pour the mixture inside the mold over the biscuit layer and flatten the surface with a spatula.

-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Bake for 50 minutes r until you have obtained the right colour and a raising mound in the middle.

-If the colour even then is too white, raise temperature to 200 degrees Celsius and bake for 10 more minutes.

-Let cake completely cool down.
Only then may you take it out of its mold and leave it inside the refrigerator overnight before eating it.
French Dessert: Apple Crumble Tiramisu


Apples are still very much in season, but contrary to here in Japan, the cold days are around the corner back home and people are expecting slightly heartier if still smaller desserts!

Here is a simple recipe marrying English, French and Italian cuisines all at the same time:
Apple Crumble Tiramisu!

INGREDIENTS: for 6 persons

-Apples: 2 (Canada, golden, …)
-Semi-salted butter: 50 g
-Sugar: 2 tablespoons
-Mascarpone: 150 g
-Egg: 1
-Flemish speculoos (French spéculoos) or shortcrust biscuit (cookies)


-Peel the apples and cut them into small pieces.

-Put them on a frypan with butter and sugar.

-Fry them slowly on a small fire for 10 minutes. Then turn fire higher and cook, stirring all the time, fro 2~3 minutes. Let them cool and pour them at the bottom of six smallindividual ramequins or cupcake cups.

-Separate the yolk and white of the egg.
Mix the mascarpone with the yolk.
Beat the white into meringue with a pinch of salt.

-Mix the meringue delicately into the mascarpone cream so as not to break the air bubbles inside the meringue. Pour over the apples.
Leave inside of the fridge for a minimum of 3 hours or up to a mximum of 12 hours.

-Just before sercing top with a thin layer of crushed speculoos cookies.

-Drink an apple wine such as pineau or pommeau with it!
French Cake by Bernard Heberle: Tarte aux Figues/Fig Tart


My good French friend, Bernard Heberle, a native from Alsace in France and plying his trade as a patissier in Hamamatsu City, has just sent me his last creation:

Tart aux Figues/Fig Tart!

In his own words:
“Voici une tarte de saison , la combinaison de figue et de framboise sur un fond de pâte sucrée a l’amande régulée par une douce crème pâtissière , un vrai mélange de saveur et de parfum avec une sensation croustillante et mielleuse a la fois.”

“Here is a seasonal tart. The fig and raspberry combination on an almond pâte sucrée is enhanced by a soft crème pâtissière/custard. A true mixture of savours and perfume with a crusty and honey sensation.”

Address: Hamamatsu Shi, Sumiyoshi, 2-14-27 (in front of Seirei Hospital)
Tel.: 053-4738400
Fax: 053-4738401
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00. Closed on Tuesdays.

French Cupcakes: Lemon & Ricotta Cupcakes

I finally succumbed to the temptation of posting a cupcake recipe!
Mind you, this one is very French in spite of its name, and I7m afraid it’s a first and last!LOL

Lemon & Ricotta Cupcakes!

INGREDIENTS: for 6~9 people

-2 lemons (organic, please!)
-Ricotta Cheese: 100 g
-Eggs: 2
-Slightly salted (demi-sel) butter: 110 g (softened)
-Sugar: 110 g
-Sieved flour: 110 g
-Baking powder: 1 small packet
-Icing sugar: 4 tabespoons


-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius

-Mix softened butter with sugar so as to obtain a creamy mixture.

-Lightly beta the 2 eggs. Mix them with the butter cream little by little.

-Add the finely chopped zest of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, the sieved flour, and the baking powder.. Mix well.

-Fill one fourth of each cup with that cupcake mixture.
Add a “large” teaspoon of ricotta.
Cover the ricotta with more cupcake mixture. Make sure to fill only three fourths of each cup.

-Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.

-Prepare the icing/glacage:
In a bowl pour the icing sugar with a few drops of hot water and mix. Cover with cellophane paper and keep aside (you can use it until the cakes have completely cooled down.

-Cut 6~9 slices of the second lemon. Take off the outer skin.

-As soon as the cakes have completely cooled down, Top with one teaspoon of icing. Spread to make a small circle as in picture above. Top with one slice of lemon.

As this is a cupcake designed for adults, drink a dry white wine with them!
French Dessert: Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart


The French desserts series continue!
Notice that this tart is served with a sauce, both lukewarm!

Tart au Cafe/Coffee Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

Flour: 125 g
Sugar: 70 g
Butter: 60 g and 20 g for the mold
Egg: 1
Salt: a pinch

-Coffee Cream:
Lukewarm strong coffee: 300 ml
Butter: 130 g
Sugar: 200 g
Eggs: 6

-Chocolate sauce:
Dark chocolate: 100 g
Sugar: 70 g


Mix 60 g of butter cut in small pieces with the sugar and salt. Then add the egg and mix. last, add the flour and mix.
Once the pastry has become homogeneous/smooth, wrap it in cellophane paper and leave it in the refrigerator for 1 hour.
Preheat oven to 100 degrees Celsius.
Butter the inside of a mold (24 cm diameter). Spread the pastry with a pastry roll and place inside mold.
Puncture pastry with a fork. Cover it with a sheet of baking paper. Fill it with dry beans or baking pellets and cook for 10 minutes.

-Coffee Cream:
Melt butter in the lukewarm coffee.
Beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture whitens. Then add te butter coffee and mix.
Take the tart out of the oven. Take out beans and baking paper. Fill the tart with the coffee cream and bake at 80 degrees Celsius for 1 hour.

-Chocolate Sauce:
Cut the chocolate finely with a knife.
Heat 150 ml of water and sugar to boil.
Take off fire.
Add the chocolate and whisk it strongly until the chocolate has completely melted.

-Unmold the tart carefully after having cooled down completely.
Serve with lukewarm chocolate sauce.

The slow baking of the taart is necessary to preserve the smoothness of the coffee cream!
French Dessert: Mousse Chocolat Cafe et Tuile Orange Cafe Chocolat


Back into French Desserts!
Sorry for the fuzzy pic. I only had my mobile phone ready to take pics.
The titel is a bit long and needs a translation:
Coffee-scented Chocolate mousse and its Tile made of Orange, Coffee beans and Chocolate! (Phew!)

INGREDIENTS: For 6 people

Chocolate: Black and coffee scented/perfumed, 200 g
Hot strong coffee: 1 cup
Eggs: 5
Butter: 50 g
Sugar: 30 g
Salt: 1 pinch

Chocolate perfumed coffee beans: 40 g
Coffee beans: 10
Flour: 60 g
Almonds (thinly sliced): 80 g
Butter: 100g
Brown sugar: 100 g
Orange juice: 200 ml


Melt the chocolate and butter together over a bain-marie (one bowl into another bowl half full of water to avoid direct flame/fire contact with bowl). Dissolve the sugar into the strong hot coffee.
When the chocolate has melted add the coffee. Delicately mix, neither too long, nor too strongly, or you will break the harmony of the chocolate. Let cool down to lukewarm.
Break the eggs and separate the yolks and whites into two different bowls.
Add the salt to the egg white and whisk them into a solid meringue.
Add and mix the egg yolks into the coffee/butter/chocolate mixture.
Add and delicately fold into the meringued egg whites.
Pour the mousse into individual cups/bowls and leave inside the refrigerator for at least 3 hours.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Dry fry the thinned almonds on a frypan.
Crush the 10 coffee beans and add to the orange juice. Heat to boil.
Reduce to half and then filter the juice.
Melt butter on a very low fire. Then add the sugar, flour, orange juice and the almonds.
Let the tile paste cool down completely before adding the chocolate perfumed coffee beans.
On a non-stick oven plate (if unavailable, spread a cooking paper sheet over the oven sheet) pour the paste,1 tablespoon at a time and spread with back of the spoon.
Bake the tiles. They must be a bit thick an soft unde the teeth.
Keep the tiles in a tightly closed box until you serve them with the mousse.
Japanese Dessert: Matcha Sticks


Matcha tea, or refined tea powder is quickly becoming popular all over the world.
Now, you don’t have to go all the way to Japan to find some if you live in the States! Just the excellent resource website in Los Angeles called Matcha Source!
(I do not have any interest inthe company, but I thought it deserved to be known!)

Here is another easy recipe for a cake you can use for any occasion or even as a gift:
Matcha Sticks!

INGREDIENTS: For 12 sticks
-Eggs: 2
-Sugar: 50 g
-Honey (liquid9: 20 g
-Butter: 50 g
Flour: 50 g
-Almond Powder: 50 g
-Matcha: 5 g
-Baking Powder: half a teaspoon
-Kuro mame/Black beans (feijao style/boiled): as many as you like”


-Eggs must be at room temperature. Take them out of the fridge and leave them to attain room temperature if necessary.
Mix flour, almond powder, matcha and baking powder in a bowl.
Melt butter in microwave oven for a minute.

-In another bowl, beta eggs. Add sugar, honey. Mix well with an electric whisker.

-Progressively add flour mixture and mix well. Once all the flour has been mixed, add melted butter little by little and mix well.

-Cover inside of an oven dish with baking paper. Pour the cake mixture in. Add the beans in parrallel rows.
Bake for 20 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius.

-Once cooked, take out the cake together with the baking paper.
Once completely cooled down, cut and serve.
Scottish Dessert: Whisky and Rolled Oats Mousse


Yes, they have great for desserts in Scotland!

Whisky & Rolled Oats Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: for 4 persons

-Fresh cream: 600 ml
-Rolled Oats/Barley: 75 g
-Whisky: 6 tablespoons
-Honey (liquid): 3 tablespoons
-Raspberries (can be replaced by seasonal small fruit: strawberries, blaberries, etc.): 500 g


-Spread the rolled oats on an oven hot plate. Place them under the grill for 2~3 minutes until they become golden. Let cool down completely on the oven hot plate.

-Beat the fresh cream (chilled!) with an electric beater/whisker. When the cream has become a firm Chantilly, continue to beat as you add the whisky and honey.
Then add the rolled oats with a wooden spoon.

-Pour some of the cream in 4 large glass cups. Place a layer of raspberries. Repeat the process until you reach the top of the glass cup.

-Keep the glasses inside a fridge for at least 2 hours (you can prepare the dessert the night before).

Drink your favourite whisky with it!
Croustillant Banane Mangue/Banana & Mango Pie


Still delving into my notes for more French desserts!
Bananas and mangoes are practically everywhere, so it should be a problem to realize this simple recipe:
Croustillant Banane Mangue/Banana & Mango Pie!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

-Brick/Filo sheets: 4
-Banana: 1
-Mango: 1
-Butter: 25 g
-For the syrup:
Water: 250 ml
Sugarcane sugar/brown sugar: 3 tablespoons
Vanilla: 1 whol pod cut along its lengt
Juice of 1 orange
Juice of 1 gree lemon

-Pulp of 1 guava


-In a small pan, drop all the ingredients for the syrup (Do not include the guava!) and cook on a medium fire for 10 minutes. Let cool completely and leave in a cool place.

-Peel the banana and mango and cut them in big pieces first.

-Put the banana and mango pieces into the syrup and let marinate for 30 minutes.

-Take the fruit pieces out of the syrup with a holed ladle to drain as much of the syrup as possible. Put the fruit on a piece of kitchen paper.

-Cut the fruit into small pieces.

-On a kitchen board, place a filo sheet and fold it once (double).
Put a large tablespoon of the cut fruit in the middle of the filo sheet.

-Melt the butter i a small pan.

-Fold the right third of the filo sheet onto the fruit, and fold the left third of the filo sheet on top. Delicately turn or twist each end so as to form a “papillote” (sweet wrapper) as in picture above.
Brush melted butter over the whole papillote.

-Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 10~15 minutes.

-Serve hot with the syrup in a small pot to you have added guava pulp.

if you want to taste a wine with it, a port or banyuls or a sweet wine is best!
French Dessert: Toutrtelettes a la Creme d’Orange/Small Orange Cream Pies!


I continue with the series of desserts found in my old notes!
Oranges are coming thick and fast on the markets.
Toutelettes in French mean small covered tarts/pies
French Dessert: Toutrtelettes a la Creme d’Orange/Small Orange Cream Pies!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

Flour: 400 g
Softened butter: 200 g
Sugar: 2 tablespoons
Grated orange skin: 1 whole (organic if possible)
egg: 1 + 1 yolk
Salt: a pinch

-Orange Cream:
Organic oranges: 4
Hazlenuts: 10
Orange, Citrus and Grapefruit Jam (in unavailable, orange jam is fine): 1 tablespoon
Sugar: 1 tablespoon
Eggs: 3
Fresh cream: 2 tablespoons
Thickening agent (arrow root is best. If unavailable high quality cornstarch): 1 tablespoon


-The evening before, prepare the pastry:
Mix flour, 1 tablespoon of sugar, salt and grated orange skin. Add butter and mix. Beat the egg and add, kneading it in as quickly as possible. If needed add a little water. Make a bowl, wrap it in cellophane paper and leave inside refrigerator.

-Next day:
Take wedges out of the oranges. Take off thin skins and discard. Drain. Chop the hazlenuts finely.
In a bowl, mix eggs and thickening agent, sugar, fresh cream, jam and hazlenuts. Carefully add the the orange wedges. Leave inside refrigerator.

Divide the pastry into two parts, one made up of two thirds, the other one of one third.
Let rest at room temperature for 1 hour.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Make 4 circles with the first two thirds about 5 mm thick and spread them inside tart molds leaving the pastry coming over the brim.
Stab pastry with a fork.
Keep inside refrigerator for 30 more minutes.
Take out of refrigerator. Fill tarts with the orange cream up to two thirds of its depth.
Make 4 circles with other third of pastry wide enough to be slightly wider than the molds. Place one circle on top of each tart/pie and secure it by pinching both pastries together.
Make a small hole in the middle and insert a small cone of baking paper inside.
Bake for 20 minutes.
Take out of oven.
Beat the egg yolk with 2 tablespoons of water and brush the whole top of the pie. Sprinkle with a little sugar and bake again for 10 minutes.

Serve lukewarm.

To be enjoyed with a sparkling white wine or lemonade!
French Dessert: Creme brulee aux Myrtilles/Blueberries Creme Brulee


I found a whole series of desserts inmy old notes!
Bleberries are still in season.
Here is an easy and very tasty variation of a classice French dessert:
French Dessert: Creme brulee aux Myrtilles/Blueberries Creme Brulee!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 persons

-Egg yolks: 8
-Blueberries: 350 g
-Unskimmed milk: 300 ml
-Thick fresh ceam: 700 ml
-White sugar: 200 g
-Vanilla: 1 whole pod
-Sucre cassonade/brown sugar: 2 tablespoons


-Pre-heat oven to 150 dgrees Celsius with a large deep oven plate filled with water up to a third of its depth.

-Make a cut along the vanilla pod and mix the inside with the milk in a deep pan. Bring slowly to boil.

-Beat the egg yolk and white sugar together in a separate bowl.

-Add the fresh cream. Mix. Add the vanilla milk and mix.

-Place the blueberries inside dessert dishes. Cover with the hot cream. Place the dishes in the bain-marie and cook for 20 minutes inside oven.

-Last and just before eating, sprinkle each dish with brown sugar and caramelize the cream under the grill.

-Serve lukewarm or cold.

If you wish to taste it with wine, a sparkling white wine would be great!

Greek Dessert: Figs & Pistachio Tarts


When I found this Greek dessert in my old notes I immediately thought of Dorian at Foodbuzz!
The fact I’m French does not mean I’m averse to other countries’ gastronomy. On the very contrary, as proven by my love for Japanese food! In any case, in these ages of fusion one might be considered slightly backward if not open to all gastronomies! LOL

Here is a recipe than can be enjoyed when figs are in season (very soon!)
Figs and Pistachio tarts!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 small tarts (tartelettes)

Flour: 250 g
Almond powder: 50 g
Sugar: 4 tablespoons
Egg yolk: 1
Butter: 160 g + a little for the molds
Salt: 1 pinch

Fresh figs: 12
Cinnamon: 1 teaspoon
Butter: 50 g
Unsalted pisachio out of teir shells: 250 g
Honey: 100 g


-Preparing the pastry:
Pour the flour and almond powder into a large bowl. Add the salt and sugar. Mix. dig a well in the middle and drop the egg yolk in. Mix with the tips of your fingers. Add the butter brokeninto small pieces and 1 or 2 tablespoons of iced water. Knead until you obtain an homogeneous paste. Let rest for 30 minutes.

-Spread the pastry. Cut out six discs (you may divide the pastry into 6 equal parts and spread them into circles individually). Butter the inside of 6 small tart molds. Place pastry inside molds. Put aside.

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Wash the figs and cut in slices. Put them inside the tarts. Add some pieces of butter on them. Sprinkle them with the cinnamon first and then with half of of the honey.

-Bake tarts inside oven for 20 minutes.
Cover them with the pistachio and cook for 5 minutes.

-Heat the remaining honey to liquefy it.
Pour honey over tarts.
Let cool completely.

For Greek wine lovers try a mellow wine called Mavrodaphne from Patras with it!
Orange & Lemon Meringue Tart


Meringue, especially with tarts is almost a must in French patisserie.
It is not as diificult as it sounds. A little method is all you need.
Here is a typical recipe:

Orange & Lemon Meringue Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For persons

-Pate Sable/Sable Pastry: 300g (look at basic recipe below!)
-Eggs: 4
-Butter: 180 g + 40 g for the tart molds
-Orange juice: 150 ml
-Lemons: 3 (organic if possible)
-Flour: a little for the molds
-Ice sugar for the finishing

-For the meringue:
Egg whites: 2
Sugar: 30 g


-Prepare the pate sable as indicated below. If you make a lot, you can freeze whatever is left. In France it can be bought at cake shops.

-Lightly butter and flour the tart molds.

-Spread the pastry and lay in the molds. Make a few holes with a fork and let rest 1 hour inside the fridge.

-Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Wash the lemons with clean cold water. Finely grate their skins onto a small plate.

-in a pan bring the orange juice, grated lemon skins, sugar and butter to a boil.

-Take off fire, and mix in the eggs, one at a time, energically beating them all the time. When all eggs are completely mixed, put back on fire and heat until it starts boiling. Take off fire and let cool completely.

-Lay a piece of cooking paper over the pastry in the molds. Fill it with dry beans (or cooking beads). Bake for 5 minutes. Take out beans and paper and cook again until you are satisfied with the colour of the pastry. Let cool.

-Beat the egg whitesadding the sugar progressively until they “stand”.

-Pour orange and lemon custard into tarts. Then decorate top with a good part of meringue.

-Sprinkle with ice sugar and bake for 3 minutes at 210 degrees Celsius.

Whereas pastry and custard can be prepared the evening before, the meringue must be prepared and baked at the last second (just before the meal starts)

Pate sable/sable Pastry basic recipe

Flour: 200 g
Butter: 150 g (not too cold, please!) + a little for the mold
Milk: 1 large tablespoon
Egg yolk: 1 small
Sugar: 30 g
Vanilla sugar: to taste
Cinnamon: a large pinch
Salt: a little pinch

-Prepare the pastry ( a little in advance if possible):
In a large bowl, mix the flour with the sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and salt.
Add the butter in small pieces and knead with your finger tips until you obtain an homogeneous sable pastry.
Beat the egg yolk with the milk and mix quickly to the pastry to “link” it.
Japanese Dessert: Matcha Anko Roll/ Matcha Tea & Sweetmeats Roll Cake


The “East meets West” expression has been used so many times that it has almost become corny, but this particular (and simple) cake definitely deserves the appellation!
Matcha & Anko Roll Cake:

INGREDIENTS: for 8 cakes/2 sponge sheets baked in 15 cm square mold

-Eggs: 2
-Flour: 30 g
-Sugar: 30 g
-Matcha: 2 small teaspoons
-Anko/Sweetmeats: 15 g x 8=30 g (See Recipe here)


-In a large bowl, break the eggs and mix the sugar, half at a time. Beat until the mixture turns whitish and fluffy. Only then add 1 tablespoon of water and mix.

-Add tea half at a time and beat it in.

-Place cooking paer inside an oven square mold and pour half of the cake mixture. Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for 8~10 minutes. Repeat with the second half of the cake mixture.

-Take the cake sheet and its cooking paper out. Turn sheet upside down onto a piece of cellophane paper. Once completely cooled down, take the cooking paper out carefully. Trim the sponge cake and cut into four 5×10 cm pieces (three along and one across).

-Place a ball of anko in the middle of each piece of sponge cake and “lock/wrap” the sponge cake around the anko. Press the ends togeteher to make sure tey don’t open again. If they keep opening seal ends with syrup.

To be enjoyed with cold or hot green tea!

Ricotta, Orange Peels & Chocolate Tart


Italy and France can make up for some great combinations with a little imagination.
Here is a failry simple recipe that should please quite a few people as it includes cheese:
Ricotta, Orange Peels & Chocolate Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For 6~8 persons/20 cm wide mold than can opened.

Flour: 200 g
Butter: 150 g (not too cold, please!) + a little for the mold
Milk: 1 large tablespoon
Egg yolk: 1 small
Sugar: 30 g
Vanilla sugar: to taste
Cinnamon: a large pinch
Salt: a little pinch

-Cake filling:
Ricotta: 600 g
Mascarpone: 100 g
Eggs: 2 whole + 3 yolks
Sugar: 90 g
Black/dark chocolate: 90 g
Orange peels (preserved): 35 g
Vanilla essence: 1 small teaspoon


-Prepare the pastry ( a little in advance if possible):
In a large bowl, mix the flour with the sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and salt.
Add the butter in small pieces and knead with your finger tips until you obtain an homogeneous sable pastry.
Beat the egg yolk with the milk and mix quickly to the pastry to “link” it.

-Spread the pastry on a working boarded on which you will sprinkled some flour (to prevent sticking).
Insert into the mold. Cut out whatever pastry is over the rim. Keep inside refrigerator for 30 minutes.

-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-Prepare the filling:
Cut the orange peels in small pieces. Chop the chocolate very finely.
In a large bowl mix the ricotta and mascarpone, the whole eggs and egg yolks, the vanilla essence and the sugar. Mix well. Add the orange peels and chocolate. Mix well.

-Take the the pastry inside its mold out of the refrigerator.
Fill it with the cake garnish and bake for 1 hour 15 minutes~ 1 hour 30 minutes.
Check with a knife that the garnish is properlu\y cooked in its centre.
If the surface colour gets too darke cover it with a sheet of foil paper.

-Let cool completely before serving!



Here is a simple but elegant cake recipe I found in my notes to please everyone in the family!
Tarte au Cafe/Coffee Tart!

INGREDIENTS: For 6 persons
Flour: 250g + 20 g for the mold.
Butter: 125 g ; a little
Sugar: 3 large tablespoons
Egg: 1
Milk: 3 large tablespoons
Instant coffee: 1 small teaspoon
Salt: a pinch

-Coffee pudding:
Mascarpone: 250 g
Eggs: 4
Sugar: 180 g
Liquid coffee extract/essence: 4 small teaspoons
Powdered hazlenuts: 20 g
Ice sugar: 20 g

Ice sugar: 1 large tablespoon
Coffee beans: 4

-Preheat oven to 7 (210 degrees Celsius). Butter and flour the tart mold.

-Prepare the tart pastry:
Mix flour and butter with the tips of your fingers. Add salt, sugar and egg, milk and instant coffee. Make a bowl. Spread it and insert inside tart mold. Stab the pastry with a fork at regular spaces.
Put the pastry and mold inside freezer for 10 minutes.

-Whisk mascarpone and suar inside a bowl. Add and mix the eggs one by one and last coffee extract.

-Cook the pastry inside oven for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with ice sugar and hazlenut powder. Slowly pour the pudding mixture inside the tart pastry.
ower the oven heat to 6 (180 degrees Celsius) and cook for 50 minutes.
If the color over the surface of the tart colours up too quickly, lower heat to 5 (150 degrees Celsius) and bake a little longer.

-Leat tart cool off before taking it out of its mold. Sprinkle it ice sugar and finely broken coffee beans.

-Serve lukewarm or cold.


Peaches being in season, it is only a queation of finding enough recipes to accomodate them!
Here is a simple recipe:
Peach Clafoutis!

INGREDIENTS: For a baking mold of 15 cm diameter
-Sugar: 6 g
-Rhum/rum: a little (to taste)
-Peach: a large one, 200g
-Egg: 1 large/52 g
-Fresh cream: 45 g
-White chocolate: 45 g
-Ready-made 15cm tart (of your choice)

-in a frypan drop in sugar with some butter and heat slowly until they turn into caramel.

-Cut peach in appropriate sized wedges and fry them coating with the caramel.

-Just as the edges of the peach wedges start losing shape pour in rum.
Switch off fire and let cool.

-Drop egg in a bowl and beat well into a uniform omelette.

-Add fresh cream, beat. Heat and melt white chocolate inside microwave oven for 30 seconds.

-Pour in the egg/cream mixture into the bowl containing melted white chocolate and mix well.

-Place peach wedges inside tart.

-Pour clafoutis mixture onto peaches.

-Bake at 120 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes or until you are satisfied.
Let cool completely and chill before serving.

Blueberry and Red Wine Ruby Mousse


Here is a seasonal dessert for adults with a wicked liking for wine!

Blueberry and Red Wine Ruby Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 cups (to share?)

-Blueberry Mousse:
Powdered gelatin or agar agar: 5 g
Water: 2 large tablespoons
Plain yoghurt: 200 ml/1 cup
Honey: 40 g
Frozen blueberries (or fresh in season): 7
Lemon juice: a little
Fresh cream: 50 ml

-Red wine jelly:
Red Wine: 100 ml
Sugar: 15 g
Lemon juice: a little
powdered gelatin or agar agar: 2.5 g
Water: 2 large tablespoons

-For decoaration:
Blueberries: to taste
Mint leaves


-Blueberry Mousse:
Pour water into a bowl, add gelatin and mix in (in that order, please otherwise you will fail!)
Drop yoghurt, honey (liquid) and blueberries in a mixer/food processor. Mix until smooth.
Beat up fresh cream until it “horns” stand. Add to mousse mixture. Season with lemon juice.
Dissolve gelatin in water by gently heating it. Add to Mousse mixtureand mix. Pour the the blueberry mousse into 4 recipients of your choice and leave inside fridge for 30 minutes or until properly solidified.

-Wine jelly:
As for the bleberry mousse, add gelatin to water.
In a small pan heat red wine and sugar together to dissolve. Stop fire as soon as you think that the alcohol has evaporated. Season with lemon juice.
Let cool completely.
Dissolve gelatin in water by gently heating it. add to red wine jelly mixture and let cool completely.
Pour jelly over Blueberry Mousse and put v\back into refrigerator to solidify.
Only when the whole mousse and jelly are firm enough decorate with blueberries and fresh mint leaves.

Make a point to scoop both parts for top enjoyment!
Baked Matcha (Green Tea) Cheese cake


Shizuoka Prefecture, where I live, produces no less than 50% of the national crop of green tea. You can imagine the quality of green tea consumed in homes in our Prefecture!
Matcha, high quality green tea powder has increasingly become popular in cooking not only in Japan, but abroad.
It does make for a beautiful combination with cheese cakes!

Baked Match Cheese Cake!

-Cream Cheese (Philadelphia style): 250 g
-Sugar: 90 g
-Eggs: 2
-Fresh cream: 100 ml
-Cornstarch: 1 large tablespoon
-Matcha: 1 nad a half large tablespoons

-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius
Place a sheet of cooking paper inside the cake mold
Bring the cream cheese to room temperature

-Mix softened cream cheese with sugar and mix with a hand mixer. Next add eggs, one at a tim e and mix well.

-Add fresh cream and mix well.
Mix cornstarch and matcha, then sprinkle the mixture in a “rain” over the cheese cake mixture and mix.
Pour the mixture into baking mold.

-Cook at 180 degrees Celsius for 40~50 minutes.
Atfer having cooled the cake completely leave in refrigerator to chill probably before serving.

Easy, isn’t it?
Grapefruit Chiffon Cake


As promised, here is another version of the American Chiffon Cake:
Grapefruit Chiffon Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For a 20 cm wide mold
-Eggs (L Size):
Whites: 5
Yolks: 4

Ruby: 1
White sugar: 2 large tablespoons

Powder ingredients:
Flour: 100 g
Baking powder: 4 g
White sugar: 60 g
Salad oil: 70 ml
Salt: half a small teaspoon
Dry coconuts flakes: 2 large tablespoons

Oven temperature:
160 degrees Celsius for 45~50 minutes

-Take out the flesh of the grapefruit. In a bowl add the sugar and heat inside a microwave oven for 3 minutes. The sugar will take the acidity off the grapefruit.

-Let cool down to room temperature. Accelerate the process by putting the recipient into a larger one half filled with ice water.

-The egg yolks (4) and egg whites (5) should be inside two different bowls. Put the bowl containing the egg whites inside the freezer for enough time to chill them

-Mix flour and baking powder in two steps. Add coconut flakes.

-The egg whites should be chilled enough after 5 minutes inside the freezer. They are bst when ice appears around the rim.

-Beat up the egg whites.
Halfway through add two thirds of sugar and continue beating.

-The meringue should show “horns”. Keep in mind that if the meringue becomes too hard, it will difficult to milk with something else!

-Put back the meringue into the freezer. Otherwise it will become sticky and runny.
Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius.

-Add salt and one third of the sugar to the egg yolks.
Beat slowly.

-The salt will help “whiten” the eggs after a few minutes and hold back the sweetness of the sugar.

-Baeting slowly all the time, add salad oil. Mix well. Add grapefruit. Mix well.

-Last add flour, baking powder and coconut flakes mixture. Fold in gently with saptula.

-Add half of the meringue and mix well.

-Once well mixed, add second half of mringue and mix. This way will prevent any mistakes!

-Pour in the cake mixture into the mold.

-Insert a long stick inside the mixture and turn around 10 times to ensure than no bubbles will break the surface of the cake while baking!

-Bake in oven at 160 degrees Celsius for 45~50 minutes. Insert a stick in the cake if you are not sure it is completely cooked. If the stick comes out clean, the cake is ready!
Rare Blueberry Cheese Cake


I posted a baked blueberry Cheese Cake yesterday. Here is the “rare” version as the Japanese describe their bain-marie cooked Cheese Cake as opposed to the fully baked variety!
Rare Blueberry Cheese Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For an 18 cm diameter mold
Cheese cake
-Cream Cheese (Philadelpia type): 250 g
-Sugar: 80 g
-Eggs: 2 medium-sized
-Fresh Cream: 200 ml
-Lemon Juice: 1 large Tablespoon
レモン汁 大さじ1
-Flour: 3 large Tablespoons
-Blueberries (frozen): 130 g
-Biscuits: 100 g
-Butter: 50 g

-Blueberries (Frozen): 130 g
-Sugar: 50 g
-Lemon Juice: 2 small teaspoons

-Drop biscuits in a food processor and process until you obtain fine crumbs. Add melted butter and process.

-Place baking paper inside mold. Pour biscuits mix in and spread evenly. Leave inside fridge until further use.

-Clean the food processor. Drop in the cream cheese, sugar, eggs, fresh cream, lemon juice and flour. Process one at a time until mixture is smooth before dropping in the next ingredient.

-Transfer the mixture into a separate bowl. Add three fourths of the frozen blueberries. Mix them in carefully so as not to break them.

-Pour the cheese cake mixture directly onto the biscuit base. Place remaining blueberries on top. Cook in bain-marie at 170 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes.

-Leave cake inside the refrigerator after having completely cooled down.

-Blue berry sauce:
Drop blueberries, sugar and lemon juice in a cooking recipient.
Cover with cellophane paper and cook inside a microwave oven at 500~600 W fro 3~4 minutes. Take out and stir for a while. Let cool completely and leave inside refrigerator.

-Serve the cheese cake chilled with a good dose of chilled sauce.

When you add blueberries to cheese cake mixture, do not overmix, otherwise the whole thing will turned blue!
Best served when chilled.
Think about about extra decoration for better efffect (mint leaves, etc…)
Blueberry Yoghurt Chiffon Cake


I certainly felt better when Suzy reminded me they just had a news report in the States that said blue berries are the most healthy food item in the world! I still have quite a few up my sleeve! LOL
For once I would like to introduce a version (there is another one coming soon!) of that famous American Cake:
Blueberry Yoghurt Chiffon Cake!

INGREDIENTS: For a 17 cm wide aluminium mold
-Egg yolks: 4
-Blueberry Jam: 30 g
-Yoghurt (no need to reduce the amount of water): 150 g
-Salad oil: 2 large tablespoons
-Egg whites: 4
-Flour: 90 g
-Sugar: 40 g

-In a large bowl mix egg yolks, yoghurt and blueberry jam.
Add oil and mix well.
Sprinkle flour on top in “rain” and mix well.

-Preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius.
In a separate bowl beat the egg whites with sugar in two steps with half of the sugar each.
Check that the meringue is solid and “stands up”.

-Once the meringue is ready, pour one third into the bowl containing the batter and mix well with a whisker.

-Add remainder of meringue and mix the lot with a spatula.

-Pour the batter into the mold delicately and bake for 35 minutes.
Cover with a piece of foil paper midway if you don’t want the cake top to overcook.

-Once cooked, turn mold over onto a plate.
Wait until the cake has completely cooled before taking it out of its mold.

-Before eating it is best to chill the cake in the fridge after having taken it out of its mold.
Baked Blueberry Cheese Cake


With blueberries in full season, I seem to have entered a “blueberry mode”! I do have a few recipes on my “desk” right now, and you can expect at least three more coming in the near future!

her is another version of Japanese cheese cakes:
Baked Blueberry Cheese cake!

INGREDIENTS: For a 15 cm wide mold
-Cream Cheese (Philadelphia style): 200 g
-Sugar: 4~5 large tablespoons
-Eggs: 2
-All-purpose flour: 3 large tablespoons
-Fresh cream: 100 ml
-Lemon juice: 1 large tablespoon
-Blueberries (frozen): 120 g

-Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
Place baking paper inside mold.

-In a larg bowl drop cream cheese. Add sugar, eggs, flour, fresh cream in that order and mix well one by one. Last add lemon juice and mix well.

-Drop bluberries in and quickly mix. Pour cheese cake mixture into mold and bake for 40~50 minutes.

-You could use an 18 cm wide mold, but it will take less time to bake.
You may use a square mold to allow you to cut the cake into “sticks” for a different presentation.
Above picture shows a cake to which 60 g of crushed Graham Crackers mixed with 15 g of butter to provide a more solid base!

Quick Summer Dessert: Blueberries Tofu


Tofu for dessert?
And why not?
Easy, healthy and great for the whole family!
Bluberries Tofu!

INGREDIENTS: For one dessert
-tofu: 100 ml (half a cup)
-Frozen bluberries: half a cup
-vanilla ice cream: a small scoop
-Fresh bluberries: 2~3

-Drop all ingredients in a mixer/blender and blend until blueberries are reduced to pulp.
-Pour inside recipient/cup/glass of your choice. Decorate with fresh blueberries.

Note: don’t overblend, otherwise ice cream will turn liquid!
Fruit Chocolate Cream Mousse


I’ve always loved choclate mousse and cream as far as I can remember and am always on the lookout for a simple recipe!
Here is one that even chidren could make:
Fruits & Chocolate Cream Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: For 5 people
-Chocolat Cream Mousse:
Milk Chocolate (use you favorite brand!): 65 g
Fresh cream: 200 cc (1 cup)

Fruit marinade:
Seasonal fruit (I cho0se mango this time as they are available most of the year): 1
Liqueur (Your favourite!): I chose rum this time: 2 large tablespoons


Any fruit is fine. Think of volume and cuts: pears, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, …


Marinate your fruit with your favourite liqueur.


Melt the chocolate over a bain-marie at about 50 degrees celsius.


Whisk the fresh cream up to your own liking.


Add one third of the whisked fresh cream and mix gently.


Add rest of fresh cream and mix gently. If you whisk it too hard, ingredients will separate.

Fruits & Chocolate Cream Mousse


Place marinated fruit into recipients.


Pour chocolate cream on top and leave in refrigeartor for 2 hours.

Before serving decorate each cup using your imagination!
Vegetable and Fruit Yoghurt Mousse


Is your whole family vegetarian?
Here is a dessert for all, adults and chidren alike:
Vegetables and Fruit Yoghurt Mousse!

INGREDIENTS: for 8 people
Vegetable Juice: 200 cc (1 cup)
Fresh cream: 200 cc (1 cup)
Yoghurt: 250 cc (1 and a quarter cups)
Sugar: 100 g
lemon juice (to taste)
Gelatin or agar agar powder: 10 g

Vegetable juice: 350 cc (1 and three quarters cups)
Sugar: 200 cc (1 cup)
Sugar: 30 g
Gelatin or agar agar powder: 10 g

Blueberry jam (to taste)/You may use other fruit jams naturally!

Lukewarm water to dissolve gelatin: 6 large tablespoons each

-Preparing jelly:
Add water to vegetable juice and warm up inside microwave oven for 30 seconds. Take out, add sugar and mix.

Add gelatin dissolved in lukearm water and stir well.
Pour in individual recipients. Let cool.
Leave inside refrigerator for 40~60 minutes until it has properly solidified.

-Preparing mousse:
Mix fresh cream with sugar in blender or whisk until half solid (should still see bubbles)

In a separate bowl pour vegetable juice, yoghurt and lemon juice. Add gelatin dissolved in lukewarm water and mix well.

-Let cool and pour over jely in individual recipients. Leave in refrigerator until properly solidified.

-Once the mousse ad solidified, top with jam thinned with a little water. If the dessert is for adults only, thinning the jam with liqueur is a good idea!

Open to imagination and variations!
Cherries Red Wine Compote


While cherries are still to found aplenty and at cheap prices, it is always a good idea to make preserves.
I remember my father back home preserving dark cherries in kirsch (cherry brandy), putting the jars away inside a small pantry, locking it and keeping the key with him as they would quickly disappear as I, my two brothers and one sister got drunk on them as kids!

Here is a simple recipe making use of light coloured cherries and red wine:
Cherries Red Wine Compote:

-Cherries: 150 g
-Sugar: 3 large tablespoons
-Red wine: 2 larg tablespoons

Wash cherries in clear cold water. Stab 5 of them with thin needle.
In a small bowl, drop in sugar with a little water. Warm up in a microwave oven until sugar has dissolved. Add a little more water and let cool down completely.


Place cherries inside the pan with their stems taking care that the cherries don’t overlap.

Pour in red wine. Add sugared water. Add water to just reach the top of the cherries. Cook on a small fire for 10~15 minutes.


Pour the lot inside a preserve glass jar and close. Let cool completely and leave inside the refrigerator for a whole week.


Here they are!
Savour them with a coffee, dark tea or a dram of kirsch!
Note that they should be cooked over a low fire, otherwise the skins would break.
These cherries can be used on cakes in clafoutis!

Japanese Mango and Rare Cheese Cake


The Japanese make a distinction between two kinds of cheese cakes:
-Just “cheese cake” means it has been baked
-“Rare Cheese cake” means that the cake is not cooked.

This particular recipe is dedicated to Elin and her love for mangoes!

INGREDIENTS: For 4 servings (18×9 cm pound cake mold)
-Cream cheese (Philadelphia): 150 g
-Lemon juice: 1 large Tablespoon
-Sugar: 45 g
-Plain yoghurt: 150 g
-White wine: 3 large tablespoons
-Gelatin powder or agar agar powder: 5 g
-Fresh cream: 100 ml (half a cup)
-Rum: 1 large tablespoon
-Cake margarine: 30 g
-Coconuts sable biscuits: 60 g
-Allspice: half a teaspoon
-Dried mango: 3~4 slices
-Fresh or canned mango: 4 cubes
-Green pistachio: 4



Place cooking paper inside a pound cake mold.
Mix crushed coconuts sable biscuits, margarine and allspice.
Spread equally on bottom of the mold.
Leave inside refrigerator.


Cut dried mango into small pieces and season with rum.


In a separate small bowl/deep plate pour in wine. Then (the other round will result in failure!) sprinkle with gelatin powder and mix until smooth.


Soften cream cheese in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds. Add lemon juice, sugar and yoghurt. Mix well until smooth.


Add wine and gelatin to cheese cake mixture and mix well, taking care not to make bubbles!


In a separate bowl, whisk fresh cream up to 7/10 solidity (too solid is not welcome!) . It should still be bubbly. Add a small part to cheese cake mixture and mix well. Add rest of fresh cream and mix carefully, taking care not tobreak bubbles.


Add rum-soaked dried mango to cheese cake mixture. Mix just enough for uniformity.
Pour the lot into mold and leave insid eefrigerator until it has completely solidified.


Decorate with whipped cream, pistachio and mango cube before cutting and serving!
French/Japanese Cake: Pear Madeleine


Just discovered this intriguing little cake called Pear Madeleine by a Japanese friend. American friends would definitely find another name including the word “cupcake”!
Incidentally my own mother’s name was Madeleine! Coincidence?

INGREDIENTS: for about 12~13 cakes
-Butter: 125 g
-Egg: 1 large
-Sugar: 70 g
-All-purpose flour: 100 g
-Baking powder: 1 small teaspoon
-Almond powder: 20 g
-Walnuts: 20 g
-Pears: 4 cuts from halved pear can
For the nappage/topping:
-Water: 100 ml (half a cup)
-Sugar: 40 g
-Agar agar: 1 g


-Cut half of the pear slices into small bits for the cake pastry. Cut the rest of the pears into thin slices for topping. Crush walnuts into bits, roast them lightly and put aside.

-Beat butter until it becomes whitish. Add sugar and mix well. In a separate bowl break egg and beat into light omelette. Add and mix with butter mixture little by little.

-Add in the following order: almond powder, flour and baking powder, mixing them in with spatula.

-Add and mix in crushed walnuts and pears bits. Leave in refrigerator overnight.

-Transfer cake mixture into cup of your choice with a spoon. The paste will be a bit hard, but try to put the same amount in each cup. Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-Bake inside oven for 5 minutes and take out. Place a pear cut on each cake and put back into oven for 20~30 minutes.

-Nappage: Pour all ingredients in a bowl and heat over a light fire. When completely dissolved, brush syrup on the cakes.
When completely cooled down, preserve them so as they do not dry up.

The cake mixture will somewhat feel too hard/solid but it will melt in quickly inside oven.
Japanese Cheese Cake: The basic Recipe


I have been recently asked a lot of questions about Japanese-style cheese cakes. Incidentally I had never heard of cheese cakes before I came to Japan 33 years ago. After investigation, cheese cakes have been around the world for quite a long time and developped into many varieties. Among them, the Japanese style seems to have acquired a lot of popularity, to the point that many customers expect them to be on offer in Japanese Izakayas abroad!

Here is the basic recipe as far as it goes in this very country.
It should provide a base from which one can create more sophisticated desserts!

INGREDIENTS: For an 18cm-diameter cake
-Cream cheese (philadelphia style): 250 g
-Fresh cream: 1 cup/200 ml
-Eggs: 2
-Sugar: 80 g
-All purpose flour: 3 large tablespoons
-Lemon juice: 2 large tablespoons
For the base:
-Biscuites (or crackers of your choice): 90 g
-Unsalted butter: 40 g


-Put biscuits/crackers inside a tight seal vynil pouch. Close. Crush until fine.
Take crumbs out and mix with melted unsalted sugar.
Lay cooking paper inside a cake mold.
Spread crumbs on the bottom . Press with masher for uniformity and solidity.

-Soften cream cheese inside microwve oven for 30 seconds~1 minute.
Divide into 3 or 4 parts.

-In a mixer/blender drop eggs, sugar, lemon juice and flour. Mix well.


Pour in fresh cream and then cream cheese little by little. Mix well. Stir with a spatula from time to time to help.


-Pour the cheese cake mixture over the crumbs.
Preheat oven at 170 degrees and bake for 40~45 minutes.


The colour should be a nice brown-orange. In Japan they say “kitsune iro/fox colour”!
Leave inside the mold.
Let it cool completely.
Leave inside the fridge at leat 12 hours. before unmolding and serving.

For better cutting, wipe the knife clean after every cut!

If the cake attains its colour before the cooking time has elapsed, cover with foil paper and put back into the oven.
In the case colour does come quickly enough raise the oven temperature.

Soft Peach and Cheese Cake


I’ve heard that Japanese Cheese Cakes are very popular in North America.
Since I already Have posted a snack and a chicken dish today, I thought I ought to finish it up wit a dessert before going back to work! LOL
It is also peach season right now in Japan. If you want to use fresh peaches for this recipe, choose them firm or make a compote with them first!

-Cream Cheese: 250g
This is the Cream Cheese most used in Japan. Does it exist in North America?
-Fresh cream: 100~130 ml according to preferences
-Canned white peaches: 1 can
-Sugar: 40~50 g
-Canned syrup: 35 g (from the peaches can!)
-Eggs: 2
-All-purpose flour: 30 g


Take peaches out of the can. Keeping six slices apart for topping, crush the other peach slices with a fork.


Soften cream cheese inside microwave oven for 20~30 seconds. Strongly stir it inside a bowl until it becomes absolutely smooth.


Add sugar and syrup and stir well.
Make sure the whole is smooth and without any “solid” parts left.


First add egg one at a time and stir until completely smooth. Add flour and stir until completely smooth (important!).


Add fresh cream. Mix until smooth. Add crushed peaches. Mix until smooth.


As on the picture above, inside a baking mold/dish place lightly oiled (light vegetal oil) wide strips of kitchen paper. This will help takinf\g the cake out of the mold as it is very soft!
Pour in the whole cake mix and place peach sliced on top for decoration.


Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 40 minutes.
As all ovens have their own “character”, check the colour until you are satisfied.
Stab with a thin wooden toothpick. If it comes out clean, the cake is ready!

Note: The cake might be difficult to unmold as it is soft. Do it carefully.
If you have one, use a mold with a movable bottom.
It’s best to let cool first and leave it in the refrigerator for a night before serving.
The above recipe is for the whole family. Adults can add peach liqueur as a finishing touch!
Watermelon non-wheat flour mini-Cakes


This particular recipe is dedicated to This Cat Can Cook who amused me with his comments and has a love for Watermelon.
Now, wheat flour allergics will be glad to know that none of it is being used!

INGREDIENTS: for 9~10 cakes
-Watermelon, red part, no pips: 150 g
-Eggs: 2
-Rice flour/powder: 60 g
-Sugar: 25 g
-Butter: 50 g


Cut 100g of the watermelon in small cubes 1x1x1 cm. Blend rest into juice (40 ml).


Melt butter in electric oven at 5~600W for 40~50 seconds or until it is completely melted. Keep warm.
Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.


Mix sugar and eggs together. Warm sufficiently until it gets to your “skin temperature”.
Beat up at High Medium speed until it forms a bubbly but fine paste. Continue to beat at low speed for 3 more minutes.


Add rice flour and delicately with a spatula.


Mix in melted butter and watermelon juice delicately.


Pour in molds.


Place a watermelon cube on top and bake for 20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.


Let the cakes cool before taking them out of their molds.


Serve them upside down decorated with mint leaves.

French Cake: Tourteau Fromager


Following a discussion with my good Foodbuzz Friend, Jennifer Razon, about the Tourteau Fromager Cheese cake mentiond on my last posting on French Gastronomy on Stamps (No 20: Poitou-Charente), I decided it was best to introduce the recipe (with the help of Wikipedia) for all our friends’ benefit!


Tourteau Froamger is an ancient French regional Pastry/cake from Poitou Region, not to be confused with “tourtons”, which are mountain cakes.


-Very fresh cheese (in Poitou it is fresh goat cheese, just out of the dairy. Similar to Fromage blanc. Goat cheese is best, but mixed with Cow cheese is fine, too. Cow’s fromage blanc is fine, too!): 200 g
-Sugar: 150 g
-Flour: 50 g
-Egg yolks: 4
-Yeast: 1 teaspoon
-Bitter Almond (amande amère) extracr: a few drops
-Beaten egg whites: 4
-Pâte brisée


Pate Brisee recipe (Shortcrust pastry recipe):
Flour: 200 g
Butter: 125 g
Sugar: 100 g
Oil: 20 cc
Water: 200 cc
Alt: a pinch

Pour the flour into a large bowl and “dig a well” in the center.
Pur oil in well.
Add butter (the butter is soft, never melted!).
Add Sugar and salt.
Knead the whole as to form a ball.
Spread on oven paper inside cake dish.
Cook in oven until hard enough.
Take out and let cool completely.

Use a high and round Mold made of metal.


Mix cheese and sugar. Once the mixture is homogeonous (regular), add eggs and the flour/yeast mixture.
Pour inside Pate Brisee/Shortcrust pastry and let rest for a couple of hours.

Then cook for 1 hour (mderate) or 45 minutes at 180 Celsius degrees (hot).
Once cooked, the cake appears as seared black outside, but this is only a thin layer over a soft body. It will protect your cake for a good deal of time.
The French eat it as it is, but you might want to scrape the black ayer away.

All traditional recipes are slightly ifferent from home to home. This is an example you can work on!

Nectarines Tart

Peaches are already on the market, and nectarines will appear soon!
These peaches being smaller and a lot firmer, they make a great fruit in tarts.
Here is a simple enough recipes you could apply for other fruit such as apricots, apples and even mangoes!

Ingredients (for 6 people):
Pastry: flour: 200g
butter: 75g
egg: 1
powdered sugar: 50g
Filling: nectarines: 750g
butter: 100g
powdered sugar
almond powder: 125g
eggs: 2
rum: 1 tablespoon
minced pistachio: 1 tablespoon
glazing sugar: 2 tablespoons


A) Pastry:
In an all-purpose bowl mix eggs with sugar until smooth. Then mix in butter (softened) until smooth. Add a pinch of salt. Then mix in flour little
by little to obtain a homogeneous paste. Mix in water little by little until pastry is “as soft as your earlobe”. Wrap in cellophane and leave in refrigerator for an hour.
B) Take pastry out of refrigerator and knead a little until soft enough to spread.
Spread inside tart dish and punch a few holes with a fork.
C) Preheat oven to 6 (180 degrees Ceslius). Melt the butter and pour it in an electric blender (if you do not have one, use some elbow power and mix in all-purpose bowl), add almond powder, sugar, whole eggs and rum. Blend util smooth and pour on pastry.
D) Clean nectarines in cold water. Wipe and cut them in thin slices. Put them onto almond paste pushing them each a little onto the paste so as to make a nice regular pattern for better impression and easier cutting. Sprinkle with glazing sugar. Cook for 50 minutes.
Take out of the oven and out of its mold onto a dish or cake grill. Let it cool. Sprinkle with minced pistachio before serving.

Apple Souffle

Apples are everywhere on the markets these days. This is a good time to try something different. And I said before, this is not as complicated as it sounds or looks!
I’m sure that Dragonmommie, Czech Absinthe and Lojol will enjoy it!

INGREDIENTS (4 people):
Apples: 1kg (green probably best)
Eggs: 6
Butter: 50g
Powder Sugar: 100g
5 Sponge Biscuits or the equivalent in Sponge (Short) Cake
Calvados (French Apple Brandy): 100cc

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.
Wash the apples and wipe them dry.
Take off stems, cut in four and cook as they are in a covered saucepan inside the oven for one hour.
Take out and sieve flesh of apples. Pour this compote into a fry-pan and cook on a small fire for 5 minutes to take out excess water.
Stop the fire and mix in the 6 egg yolks.
Beat the whites with 50g of powder sugar. Fold in the beaten whites delicately inside the cooled down compote with a spatula trying to achieve the lightest possible mixture.
Cut the sponge biscuits and imbibe them with the Calvados.
Butter and sugar the inside of a souffle dish.
Pour in half of the souffle mixture.
Then spread the calvados-imbibed biscuits and top with the rest of the souffle mixture.
Cook for 15 minutes at 200 degrees celsius.
Take out and eat at once!

Gironde Tot Fait


The Gironde Estuary between Bordeaux and the Atlantic Ocean is famous for the following cake, a kind of French rum-flavoured short cake. This cake is best accompanied by wine jam or fresh grapes. Enjoy an old rum with it.
I dedicate this recipe to the green scales of Dragonmommie (LOL). She might have to wait before her son can taste it, but I’m sure her DH will appreciate it!

Ingredients (4 people or more):
Powdered sugar: 200g
Flour: 200g
Rum: 150cc
Vanilla extract ( or essence): 1 teaspoon
Milk: 3 tablespoons
Butter: 30g


Separate egg yolks from whites. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar in a big all-purpose bowl until it whitens. Add flour, vanilla & rum swiftly beating at same time. Add milk and mix well.
Preheat oven to 6 (180 degrees Celsius). Beat the whites with a pinch of salt until very firm and gently mix with above mixture.
Butter the inside of an oven dish (square if possible) and pour in mixture. Cook for 30 minutes. Serve lukewarm or cold.


Lemon Cointreau Souffle


This particular recipe is deicated to Dragonmommie‘s sweet tooth (sweet fang?)
It is easier than it sounds! You might have to keep the kids off it, though (LOL)

Ingredients (for 4 people):
Almond powder: 50g
Sugar: 100g (+ 30g for coating inside of molds)
Flour: 50g
Milk: 250cc
Butter: 50g (+ 20g for coating inside of molds)
Cointreau (or orange liqueur)
Eggs: 4
Lemon (clean!): 1
Glazing sugar


Coat insides of molds of 4 small souffle molds with butter and then sugar.
Preheat the oven at 6 (180 degrees Celsius).
Grate the lemon skin and press out the juice. Put aside.
Separate egg yolks from whites.
In a saucepan, on a small fire, melt butter, mix on flour and cook, stirring gently all the time for 2 minutes, making sure the colour does not change.
Add milk and mix on a stronger fire until thick.
Take off fire. Add sugar, almond powder, grated lemon skin, lemon juice and Cointreau and the the egg yolks one by one and mix well.
Beat the whites with a pinch of salt until very firm. Fold the whites in the mixture delicately. Pour mixture inside molds up to their rims.
Cook for 20 minutes.
Take out of the oven, sprinkle with glazing sugar and serve at once.

13 thoughts on “Cakes & Desserts Recipes”

  1. Haha, treasure posts, so many Japanese desserts. Must be collected. I am a matcha fan and studying how to add matcha to more desserts. I am on


  2. Your website is wonderful. Thank you for so many Japanese dessert recipes – they are so hard to find! I am desperately looking for a recipe for a dessert that I have enjoyed many times in two Japanese restaurants in Hong Kong – Zuma and Roka. It is called a sweet fruit chawan mushi and is a sweet custard with fruit – usually pear or mango – at the bottom. I know chawan mushi is famous Japanese baked savoury custard and I can find many recipes for it but not one for this sweet version. It is the most light and delicate end to a meal, especially Japanese dishes. I would be so grateful if you could think of any recipe for this dessert or how I might adapt a normal chawan mushi recipe to make it. Julie


    1. Dear Julie!
      Chawan mushi is a salted savoury in Japan.
      It could easily be adapted though with he introduction of sugar and vanilla essence. Take a normal chawan mushi recipe. make a dashi with as little salt as possible. Adding fruit syrup to sweeten instead of sugar could do the trick although it does need some experiment!


  3. Wow, I’m impressed with your website! Every cake looks so very tempting! I can’t wait to try them! I was actually browsing the web for a Japanese brown/black sugar steamed cake receipe. I tried the cake at Isetan’s Hokkaido Fair and fell in love with it! Would you please share that receipe, if available? Thanks!


  4. Great recipes, I was particularly amazed by blueberry tofu. Wonder what that would taste like. We don’t get blueberries here but I might try that recipe with Indian cottage cheese and some other fruit., just to see how it tastes. Later I will will try with tofu.

    Thanks for the easy recipes.


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