Cheese Recipes

French Cuisine: Croustillants a la Feta

Cheese is a staple in most European Cuisines.
Traditional Feta is a Greek cheese that should only include sheep and goat’s milk, although modern feta might also consist of cow’s milk.
As Feta is an aged cheese, commonly produced in blocks, and has a slightly grainy texture, it is easy to cook/use in all kind of pastries.
Here is a simple French-inspired recipe of this Greek delicacy:
Croustillants a la Feta/Feta Croustilla g

INGREDIENTS: For 8 pieces

-Feta: 200 g (try and use real Greek feta!)
-Brick/filo sheets (thin pastry brick or filo/fillo): 4
-Young fresh spinach: 100 g
-Egg: 1
-Butter: 20 g
-Freshly grated Parmegiano: 30 g
-Pine seeds: 40 g
-Oil: 200cc/ml
-White pepper: to taste


-Clean the spinach in running cold water. Drain them thoroughly and fry them in the butter for 5 minutes on a medium fire.
Dry fry the pine seeds for 3 minutes in an teflon pan.

-In a bowl mash the feta with a fork. Add the egg, parmegiano, spinach and pine seeds. Keep a fine pine seeds for decoration. Mix well and add white pepper.
Do not add salt as the feta is already salted!

-Cut the filo/brick sheets in four portions lengthwise. You should have 16 strips. Place one strip each on another one to form 8 double strips. If the brick is round, fold the thr curving part inside.
Place some feta mixture in one corner of the double strip and fold the rest of the strip over it so as to obtain a triangular-shaped pastry (see above picture).
Repeat with the other 7 double strips.

-Heat the oil in a deep enough pan or deep-fry pan. Deep-fry each the pastry 2 minutes for each side until you obtained a nice dark golden colour.

-Serve them immediately decorated with a few roasted pine seeds.


-Instead of deep-frying them, you can brush the pastries lightly with oil and cook them in the oven (over a baking sheet) for 7~8 minutes at 210 degrees Celsius. Turn them over halfway in that case.

Drink a solid dry white wine with it!

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