Shimizu goes bananas!

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Article appeared in Shizuoka Shimbun on March 16th
First harvest of bananas grown in Shimizu City.
Mr. masao Yonezawa of Okitsu Higashi Machi, Shimisu Ku, Shizuoka City, has succeeded for the first time in our Prefecture in grrowing and harvesting the fruits of f the 3 “banana trees” ( a grass actually!) inside his green house (“vinyl house in Japlish). He first attempted the culure of bananas in November 2005. His crop was a total failure last year when the flowers refused to germinate. A JA member, he will exhibit the bananas at A Coop Freppie in Okitsu and hopes to start marketing them from next year.

4 thoughts on “Shimizu goes bananas!”

  1. The interesting thing is that Japan is increasingly producing its own “tropical” fruit for obvious financial reasons and greater domestic demand. I think we are only witnessing the beginning of it all!


  2. This is very interesting to hear about bananas in Shimizu. It is common knowledge that the edible banana is thought to be in danger of extinction (though not imminently). I wonder if Mr Yonezawa has any views on the subject.


  3. Well, I also found out they raise ostriches near Gotemba for food. Mind you, they do the same in Okinawa and Hokkaido. I wonder when they will grow fruit like passion, guava and so forth, as they are still expensive compared to other producing regions!


  4. For some reason, this thing about bananas reminded me of an alligator. Alligators are raised in Hamamatsu for food consumption, I hear. I guess Shizuoka is going totally tropical these days.


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