Gastronomic Destinations: New Caledonia (4)

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After we visited the recently expanded New Caledonia Aquarium (the only one featuring live phosphorescent corals in the World!) and a long walk in town, we thought it was grand time to try a purely “local” restaurant for lunch away from the ubiquitous tourist traps.
They do exist!

Le Patio somewhat looks like a Caribbean diner, although the atmosphere inside reminisces more of Southern France.
Actually, the owners who opened last year are from French Britanny and offer true galettes and crepes!
But we were in for lighter fare.
We were more interested in their salads. And they are of giant (American?) size. They certainly would tempt Foodhoe (LOL)!
The Missus asked for the marinated tuna and seafood salad. Why did I have the impression we were not that from home in Shizuoka…
I opted for the grilled chicken salad. Afer all, we had been eating all kinds of seafood. Well, the Missus could not help taking the best bits and leaving me with all the lettuce! Mind you, I love my greens!
Which left me with some space for the cheese directly brought from France.
The Missus, for all her being bent on wine, did not have any space left.
Which was perfect with me, as I still had plenty of the local beer, Havannah, left to drink!
The weather being very hot (38 degrees), we decided to keep in the shade while digesting and looking the local play that very French game, Petanque!
Not a bad way to spend the first half of the day!

37, rue de Verdun, Noumea, Nouvelle-Caledonie
Tel.: (687)284219

2 thoughts on “Gastronomic Destinations: New Caledonia (4)”

  1. Those salads may be considered american size, but they certainly are not hawaiian size if you consider food portions in general in the islands. 😉

    Anyway, I also wanted to tell you that THE SEEDS HAVE ARRIVED! Ok, that’s more like shouting but I was so surprised to get them yesterday (Thursday) with no encounter at italian customs. Thank you so much for taking the time to send them to me. I will be planting those babies right away, so wish me luck!


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