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Some of you may have noticed in recent days that things at our favourite site were slightly off-target. There are many reasons for that:
About two weeks ago Foodbuzz faced a nasty concerted attack by spammers attempting to impose their nefarious sales (incidentally, if you discover a “member” whos name includes the word “buy”, inform the site immediately!). There will always be people bent on thievery and scams. It is my personal pleasure to announce that they were swiftly erased into oblivion on (off) the spot. Thank you so much, Shannon!
Last night (in Japan), the site went off line for a few minutes to allow a complete overhaul. Some “My Profile” features had found themselves overloaded through well-intentioned utilization making the access to personal websites through Foodbuzz impossible (Liz, be my witness!). The problem was corrected last night along with a general beefing-up of log-in safety nets. Moreover, a host of new features were added for our convenience.

I have witnessed the rise of the Internet since its inception and I can guarantee there are unsung heroes over there bleeding, sweating and weeping day and night to ensure that we all (humble) beggars enjoy our next banquet in complete serenity! Dorian and mates, thank you heaps!

Therefore, I would like to ask you all to indulge this old geezeer and raise your glass (of Champagne, wine, beer, sake, or mineral water) in a big toast of thanks!
Kampai, cheers, prosit, sante, salute, namaste,…!

63 thoughts on “Foodbuzz made more secure!”

  1. I just started getting active on FoodBuzz and still haven’t learned enough of what all I can do with it (advice welcome :). What is clear though is that the site has a lot to offer and people over there are trying there best to bring bloggers together in a responsible, secure environment. Slaute!


  2. Foodbuzz does so well at maintaining our happy little home I was not even aware of the intruders. Thanks for the vigilance.


  3. and I thought it was just me =) Having worked in IT, I second the salute to the unsung heros. Because it seems seemless on our end, in no way means it is on the other side.


  4. Hello Robert-Giles,

    Send a friend mails posted onto chalkboards would be awesome but I can’t email my friends who don’t belong to food buzz and I can’t send people in foodbuzz articles and such. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I was notified of your post answering my post so I’m sorry if it has taken me a long time to get around to replying to you.

    Misunderstand the Foodbuzz system? What do you mean? There were a lot of bogus restaurant ad/spam on the system that were doing nothing but saying how great so and so restaurant was and just clogging up the system. Basically, attacking neighboring restaurants by posting on other peoples chalkboards and such. It was straing.

    Enjoy. And happy new year.


  5. Does anyone know what happened with email? Send a friend doesn’t seem to work and I’m not sure invite a friend does at this point.

    I noticed during the early days of FB that there were a ton of people signing up who didn’t have content. Before I accept a friends request with anyone I always check to make sure they either have posts or have an official website.


    1. Dear Mark!
      Send a friend mails have been posted onto the chalkboards.
      True to say a lot of people haven’t any content, but some of them are genuinely misunderstanding the Foodbuzz system.
      Anyway, those who answer deserve an answer!


  6. Thanks Robert,
    This was a great post. I’ve been impressed with the efficiency and great work of Foodbuzz from the beginning. Glad they got those “people bent on thievery and scams” off this wonderful site.


  7. Hi Robert!

    It’s obvious that Foodbuzz must be targeted by “bad” people – it’s a good dish that a lots want just dig in-
    I’ve experienced some problems recently but I hope it’ll be solved!
    Greetings – the seasonal holidays are near Kampai – Cheers – Salud from Uruguay!

    Gera .:. sweetsfoods


  8. I too had noticed I could not even pull your site up until yesterday…I also have noticed on an imposter lurks by the name of ‘Goooooood girl’ and if you click it goes to a gaming site, and tried to download all kinds of stuff…so protect your computers well…

    *clink* is my cup of morning tea to you sir…Robert!


  9. Huzzah! I love the people at foodbuzz. I’d wondered why I had hiccups on getting pages. I can deal with that in exchange for a more secure site. Thanks for the news!


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