Foodbuzz: How to submit a Recipe on Foodbuzz


Greetings again!

As I said before, many new blogmates have some problems to get used to Foodbuzz which is becoming more and more sophisticated!

Tranthai recently asked me how to submit a Recipe on Foodbuzz.
This is fairly simple, but you still have to go through it!
-Copy your posting url (Ctrl + C)
-Open Foodbuzz page
-Click on “Posts” on the top toolbar
-On your left look for the “Submit” small window.
-Scrol it down.
-Click on “Submit a recipe” and fill he form!
-Don’t forget to include a picture to illustrate your posting!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate!


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6 thoughts on “Foodbuzz: How to submit a Recipe on Foodbuzz”

  1. Dear Robert,

    Juz to counter check with you. I forgotten whether I have to submit my post to Foodbuzz first before my post is consider for Top 9. The lastest post I juz post a photo that’s all. I thought it will automatically post up on foodbuzz when we are already a member. I guess I have to post up on foodbuzz, then only be considered for Top 9 when we hit the highest buzz. haha I am so blur at times. Please advise. Thanks.



  2. Robert-Gilles, is there any reason why you would go through the trouble of copying and pasting your recipe into Foodbuzz’s “submit a recipe” itself, rather than simply submitting a link to your blog post hosted elsewhere that contains the recipe? For that matter, why not let Foodbuzz pick it up from a feed? If it’s tagged “recipe” and the title begins with the word recipe, does it really matter all that much?

    What’s the point of letting Foodbuzz grab a feed from your real blog, if it’s meaningless for a blog post that actually contains a recipe? Seems like an awful lot of extra effort just to get a recipe showing up on Foodbuzz as a recipe, as opposed to showing up as a blog post that is a recipe. Does it really matter? If so, why?

    I’m not being facetious. I joined Foodbuzz only a couple of months ago, and already it has changed the way some of its pages and tabs work on the user interface. So, yes, I am genuinely curious.


    1. Dear Russell!
      There is a simple answer to that: It has amply improved over time that it greatly increased the number of visitors!


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