(Great) Sex before (Great) Food, or (Great) Food Before (Great) Sex?


How many times have I read and seen (on screens!) about those great meals being the preamble to great love?
I’ve always wondered about the truth, if not the feasibility, of such perfection…

Now, I fully understand the risks of posting an article on this somewhat contentious issue:
-“He’s doing this to get more views…”
-Some spammers will not resist from jumping on the bandwagon. They’ll be disappointed!
-Some bloggers with overriding precepts will complain (loudly)…
I hope I will not have to erase too many comments! LOL


In spite of my “maturity”, I enjoy (relatively) good health and endeavour to enjoy my life to the full.
But there are limits.
The Romans might have developped the right way by eating and making love on the same couch, but knowing how these orgies (have you checked the real meaning of this word?) ended up in later years, I’m not really convinced.
Honestly speaking, have you tried and reaaaaallllllyyyy appreciated sex with a full stomach and a swirling head?

Many of us do have to consider inescapable issues:
At some time of our lives we were brainwashed into thinking that sex should occur at night (Shut those lights down, will you?).
The hippies had it right in 1960’s as they were aking love when and where they wanted. That is, until they settled into comfortable lives…
On the other hand, nights ar no longer the frightful period of of your daily life as in the Mddle Ages when humans had to comfort each other.


One overriding reason for avoiding sex afer a great meal is that strenuous physical exercise after consuming a good amount of food and drink is fraught with high health risks, whatever our age. Ask the doctors!

Now, if you need a more prosaic excuse, have you ever realized that, unless you had a good scrub and plenty of perfume beforehand, how you and your spouse/partner/lover look and smell after ingesting a significant volume of food and drink, whatever the quality of the latter?


The French might have it right with their “demon de midi/noon demon”, meaning that mature people will skip lunch in favour of (sometimes illicit) sex.

-“But I’m too busy working in day time!” you will say.
There is a solution to that:
Share that great food early enough, settle down for a long contented moment to allow your body metabolism to recuperate (keep talking, don’t doze off!)
Why do you think the “digestif” was invented for?

I just read an interesting survey held by this week’s “L’Express” magazine, which says that, among other data, 61% of ladies attach great importance to a shared meal against 46% of gentlemen before eventual sexual relations!


Ladies do seem to prefer sex after a great dinner (or a great drink), or at least at night when they can doze off inside their loved one’s arms (who am I to say that?) ….

But women can suddenly wake up with strong yearnings.
Have you ever heard this (allegedly true) story about Napoleon and Josephine:
The Emperor’s first wife was a notoriously highly sexed inividual.
One night she could not wake up her illustrious spouse to assume his marital duties.
She got up and took a piece of particularly pungent cheese from a tray on the bedroom table and brought it under Napoelon’s nose.
The Emperor, not bothering to open an eye, muttered:
-“Soory, not tonight, Josephine!”
When sex can be associated with food…

My own recommendation/preference?
The “noon demon”, of course! LOL

The food and drink depicted in this article have no aphrodisiac properties whatsoever!
Sorry to disappoint those who expected sausages and meatballs!

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8 thoughts on “(Great) Sex before (Great) Food, or (Great) Food Before (Great) Sex?”

  1. Hi Robert,

    All I know is the photos of the foods you created are so great. You’re also so creative and a very good food photographer. Fantastic presentation!

    Have a good day!



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