Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Fuji No Kuni at Shin Fuji JR Station

Yesterday on my way to Mishima City I managed to grab a Fuji No Kuni Ekiben at Shin Fuji JR Station (one of the two distinct stations in Fuji City) as the train was kind enough to stop for 5 minutes and allow me to buy it from the booth on the platform!

What with all the photographs to take I couldn’t finish it on the train and had to spend some time on the train platform in Mishima JR Station before I could leave to cover Mishima Taisha Festival!
“Fuji No Kuni” means “Mount Fuji’s Country” and this ekiben is a collection of Shizuoka Prefecture specialties!

Ekiben written both in Japanese and English!
A collector’s item? LOL

Like all ekiben companies tomiyouken Co. Ltd/富陽件 had clearly stated the contents on their price tag!

Chopsticks are found between the wrapping paper and the cover.

A complete explanation on a cute design is found on a small leaflet atop the transparent paper protecting the efood inside! Another collector’s item?

Now, what do we have?

Fresh ginger rice with edamame/新生姜ごはんと枝豆!

Fujinomiya City rainbow trout sushi/富士宮市のにじます野寿司!

A great combination of products from the sea and the land there!

Ko aji nanban zuke/こあじ南蛮漬/small pickled horse mackerels.
Shizuoka Prefecture Jyako Japanese pepper/静岡県産のじゃこ山椒/Jyako Sansyou.
Maguro no kakuni/鮪の角煮/simmered tuna.
Nasu no Ageni/茄子の揚げ煮/grilled and simmered eggplant/aubergine. Ingen/いんげん/stringbeans. Parsley/パセリ, mini tomato/ミニトマト.
Satsumaimo no amatsuyuni/薩摩芋の甘露煮/sweet potato simmered in sweet juices.

Chirimen shirasu/ちりめんシラス/Deep-fried sardine whiting.
Shizuoka Wasabizuke/静岡産山葵漬/Wasabi pickles from Shizuoka Prefecture in its capsule. Small bottle of soy sauce.

On the right Niwatori no Izu Miso tsukeyaki/鶏の伊豆みそ漬焼き/Chicken grilled with miso paste from Izu Peninsula.
At the top near the omelette, a slice of Yui no Kamaboko/由比野蒲鉾/Fish paste from Yui.
On top Amagi Shamo no Tamagoyaki/天城軍鶏の卵焼/Tamagoyaki-Japanese omelette made with Amagi Shamo chicken eggs!

I hope you will not need a dictionary!
In any case, absolutely delicious and intriguing!


With a Glass,
Clumsyfingers by Xethia
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2 thoughts on “Shizuoka Ekiben/Railway Station Bento: Fuji No Kuni at Shin Fuji JR Station”

  1. A very complicated ekiben, but so beautiful (I love the box!). I feel so proud when I see the dishes I have been making on my own now (nanban zuke is now my hot weather favourite!).


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