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(Sorry, mate!
this might be the best noodle, but you can get only one!)

In Japan, like in many non-English speaking countries (not a general rule, mind you!), one can find some humorous gems when people feel the need to use English for whatever PR purposes!
The above noodle example is a fairly tame one!

But advertizing “Junk Food” might be going a bit too far!

Too much writing can only take you that far!

This “Marine Choir” is not only strikingly funny, it is a real piece of art!

You might have a hard time using those erasers!

Heart Space? No comment!

That Bar is definitely tempting!

True! This is the name of a bar in Fujieda City!

Who’s on the pick up? I wonder, …

Keep your paws off the grub, mate!

Not only customers are invited to smoke in this cheap cafe, but English teachers might do some good work there!

Sushi is very popular in Shizuoka City, even on the buses!

Outrageous Recipe?

For more fun, visit Shizuoka Pictures!

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