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My Good French friend in Hamamatsu City is very busy: His message was very laconic this time. LOL

Voici ” Élégance” un gâteau au chocolat , lait et noir 70% avec un biscuit chocolat sans farine…très léger et plein de saveur.
Au plaisir…

“Here is “Elegance”, a chocolate cake, milk, and a 70% black cocolate.
On top of a biscuit. No flour used. Very light and full of flavour”.

He forgot to mention the small macarons!

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French Cake: Tourteau Fromager


Following a discussion with my good Foodbuzz Friend, Jennifer Razon, about the Tourteau Fromager Cheese cake mentiond on my last posting on French Gastronomy on Stamps (No 20: Poitou-Charente), I decided it was best to introduce the recipe (with the help of Wikipedia) for all our friends’ benefit!


Tourteau Froamger is an ancient French regional Pastry/cake from Poitou Region, not to be confused with “tourtons”, which are mountain cakes.


-Very fresh cheese (in Poitou it is fresh goat cheese, just out of the dairy. Similar to Fromage blanc. Goat cheese is best, but mixed with Cow cheese is fine, too. Cow’s fromage blanc is fine, too!): 200 g
-Sugar: 150 g
-Flour: 50 g
-Egg yolks: 4
-Yeast: 1 teaspoon
-Bitter Almond (amande amère) extracr: a few drops
-Beaten egg whites: 4
-Pâte brisée


Pate Brisee recipe (Shortcrust pastry recipe):
Flour: 200 g
Butter: 125 g
Sugar: 100 g
Oil: 20 cc
Water: 200 cc
Alt: a pinch

Pour the flour into a large bowl and “dig a well” in the center.
Pur oil in well.
Add butter (the butter is soft, never melted!).
Add Sugar and salt.
Knead the whole as to form a ball.
Spread on oven paper inside cake dish.
Cook in oven until hard enough.
Take out and let cool completely.

Use a high and round Mold made of metal.


Mix cheese and sugar. Once the mixture is homogeonous (regular), add eggs and the flour/yeast mixture.
Pour inside Pate Brisee/Shortcrust pastry and let rest for a couple of hours.

Then cook for 1 hour (mderate) or 45 minutes at 180 Celsius degrees (hot).
Once cooked, the cake appears as seared black outside, but this is only a thin layer over a soft body. It will protect your cake for a good deal of time.
The French eat it as it is, but you might want to scrape the black ayer away.

All traditional recipes are slightly ifferent from home to home. This is an example you can work on!

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