Umeshu Season!

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This is Umeshu making season in Shizuoka!

I decided to make my own, even if I am breaking all the rules!

Here how I proceeded in the secrecy of my office (even my better-worse half does not know about it!):

Bought 1 kg of green “ume” (Japanese plums) from a local grocery, 1kg of “koorizato” (“Ice sugar”) at Tomitaya Saketen.
To which I added in the most extravaganta manner:

1 bottle (720ml) of Kumpai Meguriai Honjyozo (Kumpai Brewery/Shizuoka City)

1 bottle (720ml) of Sugii Shodai Saisuke Kome/Rice shochu.

I cleaned the ume/plums, dropped them in jar especially conceived for home-made shochu, added all the sugar and poured in the above two bottles.

I closed it tight, marked the date on the lid, put in a cool area away from the light and will wait until next winter!

4 thoughts on “Umeshu Season!”

  1. I’m not surprised at all becaus I actually know the product, but have never yasyed it. It is mixed with sake. One Brewery in Shizuoka is presently experimenting with loquats/biwa!


  2. Today one of my students, from Mori Town (near Kakegawa) mentioned that Mori was famous for its persimmon wine. I can imagine a rather thick and sweet drink, maybe not as good as umeshu, but perhaps worth a little investigation sometime.


  3. Greetings, Foodhoe!
    The whole will become a slightly dark amber/gold colour.
    The plums can either eaten or thrown away. If it is done properly, the plums have become sweet and very high in alcohol, making them eminently edible. Now, some people do throw them after pressing them into the drink and having the drink sieved.
    It is very similar to our cherries, pear, apples and what else prserved in liqueur.


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