Sakura Ebi Season!

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I visited Yui Harbour after interviewing Kansawagawa/Shosetsu Brewery to stop at a booth selling cooked sakura ebi/sakura shrimp just caught in the morning.
Sakura Shrimps are caught twice a year and this just happens to be the Autumn catch Season.
If you have the time, go or stop there around lunch, go to the harbour (10 minutes walk from Yui JR Station, buy and eat “sakura ebi kakiage” (a kind of sakura shrimp tenpura/200 yen) with a bowl of “kisetsu miso shiru” (seasonal miso soup/100 yen).
If you are hungry ask for the sakura ebi don (a large bowl of rice topped with a generous portion of sakura ebi kakiage/600 yen).
Do not forget this is the only place in Japan you can eat them that fresh from the ocean!

2 thoughts on “Sakura Ebi Season!”

  1. hello..i’m syafiqah from malaysia. i will visit shizuoka this coming november with my parent. i know about sakura ebi through the japanese fair in malaysia. i would like my parent to enjoy this great thing and i’m sure they will be happy..thanks for your information. i have a question. there is a specific place or restaurant that i can enjoy sakura ebi tempura that you wrote there? and can i know the open hour of the restaurant?


    1. Dear Syafiqah, Greetings!
      All the information is there:
      It is an old report but the information is still valid.
      You will find more recent pictures on my Facebook account at:
      Your name tends to indicate that you are Muslim, but don’t worry, the food shown on the pictures don’t include pork or derivatives.
      To reach the restaurant take a local train to Yui (east direction towards Numazu, Mishima, Atami, etc.).
      Get down at Yui Station, Take the street on your right. It is quite a walk. You will find the restaurant Izutsuya/井筒屋 after crossing a bridge over a river, on your left across from a small bank.
      Google Map:,138.5641763,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x601a2d5cfff3b733:0x7f80988a7eecfd58!8m2!3d35.107045!4d138.566365?hl=ja-US
      If you need more information, do not hesitate!
      Best regards,


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