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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2008 #1

-Seasonal Releases: Three Baird Beer Bocks
-Double Piston Whisky Barrel Bock Debut Party at Popeye’s in Tokyo (Sat. Jan. 12)

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Warm New Year greetings! 2008 promises to be yet another excellent year for the beer enthusiast. To seize your early attention, we are debuting three brand new Baird Beer seasonals (all lager-style Bocks): Braumeister’s Bock, Double Piston Bock and Double Piston Whisky Barrel Bock.

*Braumeister’s Bock (ABV 6%):

Brewed in the tradition of German-style Bock beers, Braumeister Bock’s opulent maltiness is leavened perfectly by a lager-type roundness and subtle fruitiness. The flavor experience is long, rich and smooth. The alcohol strength provides a pleasing tinge of warmth in the finish. Brewed in the summer for comfort and sustenance in the winter; you will not be disappointed.

*Double Piston Bock (ABV 7%):
This is our go at a German-style Dopplebock. It is a higher gravity, higher alcohol, longer maturation (brewed in February, 2007) version of a standard Bock. It is, in essence, a lager porridge — extravagantly malty, unctuous in mouthfeel, nourishing in effect. Put a log on the fire, pull a good book from the shelf, curl up with your sweetheart and enjoy the privilege of

*Double Piston Whisky Barrel Bock (ABV 7-Plus %):
Within the world of fine alcoholic beverages, different categories are intimately interconnected. Lovingly and authentically crafted wines, sakes, whiskies and beers have more in common with one another than they do with industrial products within their same category. Scotch Whisky and Beer, both sharing the same primary ingredient — malted barley — enjoy a special affinity. Well, we have made the most of this affinity by marrying our Double Piston Bock to a freshly emptied Scotch Whisky barrel (from Arran Distillery — Scotland’s newest — on the Isle of Arran) for an extremely blissful 3-month interlude. The offspring of this marriage, Double Piston Whisky Barrel Bock, is a wonderful genetic blend of its different parents.
In particular, the whisky mother imparts soft notes of vanilla, coconut and buttery caramel to the otherwise beery character imparted by the Dopplebock father. This is a one of a kind beverage you will not want to miss!

The Arran Distillery Whisky barrel used was made available through the enterprising effort of Popeye’s proprietor, Aoki-san. Sayuri and I will be attending the debut launch of this Bock Beer series at Popeye’s on Saturday evening, January 12 (6:00 – 9:00 PM). Please join us. The Double Piston Whisky Barrel Bock is in extremely limited quantities and the draught version will be available only at Popeye’s and our own Fishmarket Taproom. Very limited quantities of the bottle-conditioned version will be for sale beginning Saturday, January 12.

Both draught and bottle versions of the Braumeister’s Bock and Double Piston Bock are in more ample supply and will be available both at The Taproom and through the family of Baird Beer retailers in Japan.

Bryan Baird

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