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You do not have to go to a Japanese restaurant or sushi bar to eat “donburi” if you happen to have a wife who not only likes them but can also concoct them!
In short, my better (worse?) half came up with following for lunch:

Plain steamed rice topped with slices of “akami”/ lean tuna part, avocado salad with mayonnaise and wasabi pickles (the latter provided a nice balance with a spicy touch), boiled sirasu/whitebait sprinkled with “hijiki” seaweed and “tobikko”/flying fish roe.
The tobikko added a nice colour finish touh. It is quite cheap down here in Shizuoka City. From I saw on Chuckeats Blog, it seems quite a treat over there in the U.S.!
I poured a little Shizuoka-made wasabi dressing on top. This dressing is a lot milder than pure grated wasabi with a little sweetness which combines well with the fish!

8 thoughts on “Home-style Donburi”

  1. Any man whose better (or worse) half puts together these kinds of meals for LUNCH is one lucky other half!! Let’s see…tuna, avocado, wasabi pickles and tobiko. Now if only I could myself back home. This I would eat for breakfast in Hawaii!


  2. Dear Friend! (how shall I call you by the way?)
    Greetings and thank you so much for your quick reply!
    I will link my blog to yours today!
    Must be freezing in Sweden! In Shizuoka City we can see the snow on nearby mountains
    but it does not fall downtown. Pity!
    Your father is from Shizuoka? Small world, isn’t it?
    Make sure you visit my other Shizuoka blogs (Sushi, Sake, Shochu, Pics, Japanese Gourmet)!
    You seem to speak fluent French as well. I wonder how many languages we could communicate in! LOL.
    Looking forward to talking to you again!
    Cheers and my regards to your father!


  3. Dear Robert-Gilles

    Thank you for your comment!
    Sorry I linked your blog without any permisson, hope it’s ok.
    I’m japanese living in Sweden, but I also lived in France.
    (En plus, la famille du côté de mon père habite à Shizuoka!)
    I’ll continue to vist your blog with pleasure!


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