Shizuoka Beer 5/1: Amagi by Izu Kogen Brewery

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This particular beer brewed by Izu Kogen Brewery in Ito City, Izu Peninsula was brought back to me by Lojol.

Izu Koogen Brewery: Amagi
Draught/nama Beer
Ingredients: Barley Malt/Hops. Natural water collected on Amagi Plateau, Izu Peninsula
Alcohol: 5 degrees
Contents: 300 ml

Clarity: smoky
Colour: rich dark nutty brown
Foam: very short head
Aroma: Yeast, bread
Taste: Dry. Long dry tail. Sharpish. Caramel, yeast

Overall: A beer suited for food, especially meat, sausages and the like. Can be appreciated cold in summer on its own, though. Strong marked taste. English-type beer. Deserves to be experienced

Izu Kogen Brewery
413-0231 Ito City, Tomito, 1103-21
Tel.: 0120-513-540

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