Vietnamese Cuisine: Holiday Lunch at Annam

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For all their popularity, real Vietnamese restaurants are far and between in this country. Actually, I will go as far as to say that Annam in Shizuoka City is probably the only genuine Vietnamese Restaurant in the whole Prefecture of Shizuoka!
Therefore, I was only too happy to pay them a long overdue visit for lunch last Sunday.
Luckily enough, they propose a “set lunch” for Sundays and holidays. At 2,800 yen (about 24 US$), it may sound a bit steep to some, but the quality, if not the quantity, does warrant it. Even on a Sunday, past 13:00, the restaurant was still half full with more customers coming in. Therefore a lot of people tend to agree!

The menu was served as follows:
“Sup Mimosa”: a very elegant, tasty, soft soup to sharpen your appetite.
“Ba men khai vi”/ Set of 3 hors d’oeuvres:
“Cha guo”/Fried Spring Roll
“Goi du du”/Green Papaya salad
“Goi cuon bom”/Prawn Spring Roll
Served with 2 kinds of dressing. Delicious!
Main dish: “Ga mong mat ong”/Chicken sauteed with honey. A bit small, but cooked to perfection. Very Vietanamese!
Pho Soup: I had a choice of “Pho bo huoc”/Beef Pho or “Pho ga”/Chicken Pho.
I chose the Chicken Pho. A bit small again, but delicious.
Foodhoe would have loved that!
Dessert: “Trang miong”/diifficult to describe. maybe a sweet potato vichyssoise? gGeat!
As for drinks, I had a choice between Vietnamese Coffee or Lotus Flower Tea. I chose the latter. Extremely refreshing, even drunk hot. I would recommend it to anyone!
You can buy it at the restaurant.

I had a glass of Shosetu sake from Kansawagawa Brewery in Yui to go with the meal (extra).
Gaijin Tonic would have been interested in the drink the owner graciously offered to me after I had finished my sake (I always pay my bills in full, but sometimes “service” comes in!): A Vietnamese “Shochu” (called “Vodka” in Vietnam. Communist influence?) called Nep Moi. At 36.5 degrees (they have two more, at 25 and 45 degrees), quite heady, but eminently drinkable on the rocks. Tastes more like a liqueur with reminiscences of flowers, coffe beans and bitter chocolate. A dessert in itself!

Shizuoka City, Aoi-Ku, Tenmacho, 17-9
Tel.: 054-2502266
Fax: 054-2502323
Lunch: 11:30~14:30
Dinner: 17:00~22:00 (last orders: 21:30)
Closed on Mondays and day after National Holidays
Slightly expensive
Credit cards OK

6 thoughts on “Vietnamese Cuisine: Holiday Lunch at Annam”

  1. Vietnamese (at least, true one) cuisine is popular everywhere, isn’t it?

    Lojol, I chose tea simply because I wanted to try someting new! As you might know, Vietnam is actually the second producer of coffee in the World, so I might be drinking some every day without knowing it!

    Chrisos! Salut! I have the impression that people are basing their opinion on the price of Japanese food on the superinflated bills they have to pay abroad or in Tokyo. Would you believe that Shizuoka City is considered as an expensive “country city”? True to tell, the euro is very strong compared to the yen, which might explain this. Moreover, restaurants abroad have to pay the wages of Japanese staff, combined with heavy social obligations. here in Shizuoka Prefecture, very little is “imported”, hence a lower expense for ingredients.

    Simaldeff, Salut! Yes, you can’t beat a real Vietnamese soup!


  2. Hello! Thank you for the comment om DeLusciousLife … Happy Valentines Day to you. I love your blog and look forward to the new ankimo post. Shizuoka Prefecture sounds amazing … I hope to visit Japan someday.
    What is your sake blog? I just tried shochu for the first time …. it’s vecoming very trendy in America. ~ have a great day~Lindsay


  3. I love vietnamese restaurants. Unfortunately the very last good vietnamese restaurant in Nice (my hometown) died 10 yrs ago, and there is no (really not even one) true vietnamese restaurants in Milan.
    I do miss the soups and various kind of raw spring rolls. *hmmmmmm*


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