Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (5)

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Usually, on Monday, my bento/lunch box consist of (home-made) sandwiches and I do not bother to describe them. But today, the Missus reverted back to normal Bento. I hope Rubber Slippers In Italy will like it!
DeLuscious Life might also be tempted for its balance!

Rice came under the form of three “nigiri/rice balls” of rice mixed with “umeboshi/Japanese pickkled plums” and “goma/sesame” partially envelopped in “shiso/perilla” leaves and accompanied by three kinds of “tsukemono/pickles”: home-made wasabi stems and leaves pickles, red daikon pickles, and home-made “asabata” daikon pickles

As for the “garnish”
(From left to right), potato, cucumber and pepper ham salad, deep-fried cuttle fish dumplings wrapped in lettuce, boiled mini asparaguses and mini corn, cherry tomatoes.

All meade from “leftovers”!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (5)”

  1. Lojol, I agree that athough nori is fine when fresh and crispy, leaves are better ofor the long run! You could also use fesh lettuce.

    Rowena, bento ius actually a very healthy way to plan your meals and keep you away from junk food!

    Simaldeff, you can stuff the rice balls, and it is great fun to discover what’s inside when you bit into them. Actually the Japanese very often eat them as such!


  2. For some “crocket” or any round shaped mouth-size dish I sometimes try to wrap them in grape-vine leaves that I just immersed in boiling water (30 sec to 1 min MAX). But then after the wraping I cook them in stew or in hoven for some time. It’s a french cuisine classic by the way.
    It works with fish and Meat too, maybe around an onigiri with strong flavoured filling would be a nice combo? anyone tried?


  3. I don’t just like it….I LOVE it! You know, I’ve got bento boxes at the top of the list of things to bring back from the islands. Now if I only could get myself back on Hawaii soil!


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