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Today’s bento, what with all the eating and drinking during the week-end, was a light affair.
It turned out to be of the “expat” (European/American) style and could well appeal to Rowena, Allison and Biggie!

I wonder how I could call those “nigiri/rice balls”. They are of the “loose/soft” variety, made with “shari/sushi rice” mixed with chopped Japanese green cucumber pickles and “tobikko/flying fish roe” with a slice of French cucmber pickle and tartare sauce in its core and pieces of smoked salmon, seasoned with lemon juice and capers, randomly inserted. The nigiri are served in lettuce for easy eating as they tend to crumble away easily.


The salad consisted of semi-soft-boiled eggs, greens, plum tomatoes and pieces of Shizuoka-made Gouda cheese.

Problem is that my (?) half forgot to include some dressing I had to buy in a local shop! LOL

7 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (6)”

  1. Dear Rowena!
    Holy macaroni! You are certainly not a good advertisement for dieters! LOL
    Actually I recently saw on the National Geography, of all magazines, that Samm Sushi is a Hawaiian specialty!


  2. Tack on the word bento to any word or food and I’m all ears. And indeed, that is a very light bento! In the islands my favorite is the “super breakfast bento” with scrambled eggs, teriyaki beef or chicken, fried mackerel, japanese pickles, and…..SPAM! Yes, heavy on the sodium (or just plain heavy) but I when I worked (or used to), a breakfast like that would often be the only thing I ate all day long until it was time to go home.

    So what was for dinner? No bento, to be sure. If I was too tired to cook it would be half a bottle of wine and a slice of cheese, or 2-3 bottles of Heineken and instant ramen noodles. Then it was a nighty-night to all! 😉


  3. I’m totally agreeing with lojol, but I’d taste half without dressing and half with dressing. In every symphony you can’t forget what every instruments bring in the orchestra.
    As your blog is a diet killer I’ll try to think about trying to not come here too often; I’ve to loose 5kg to get back at 90kg. My shrink tell me that I’m too radical, what do you think?


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