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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2008 #6

-Seasonal Releases: Morning Coffee Stout 2008 & Up In Smoke Porter
-Ushitora Second Impact Anniversary Ale
-New Artwork: Angry Boy Brown Ale

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

We are pleased to announce today’s release of two wonderfully roasty and smoky Baird Beer seasonal brews: Morning Coffee Stout 2008 and Up In Smoke Porter.

*Morning Coffee Stout 2008 (ABV: 6.5%):

Brewing a rich and roasty export-style stout and enhancing it with a pinch of ground coffee beans is an annual rite at the Baird Brewery. This year’s coffee addition is an old favorite of ours — Chocolate Macadamia Nut from Hawaiian Kona Coffee. The result is an extravagantly complex Stout that manages both to sooth and stimulate simultaneously. Just plan to forget
about your morning coffee for the next few weeks! Available both in kegs and 633 ml bottles.

*Up In Smoke Porter (ABV: 6.0%):

A smoky character to some degree was likely evident in virtually all beers back in the time when malted barley was kilned over wood-fed fires. “Smoke” malt is now relatively rare. Bamberg, Germany remains one area where wonderfully characterful smoked malt continues to be produced. This Bamberg smoked malt is the defining ingredient used to craft Baird Up In Smoke Porter. The brainchild of our brewer, Molly Browning, this smoked robust porter delivers just that — smoke and robustness — but it does so in a supremely harmonious and balanced way. The ability of this uniquely flavorful ale to complement hearty food fare is, we believe, extraordinary. The Taproom kitchen will be preparing a few special dishes with just this thought in mind so plan to visit us in Numazu over the weekend. Available only on draught (no bottles).

For all you Tokyo area folks who can’t visit us this weekend, we highly recommend that you stop in at Ushitora in Shimo-Kitazawa for the 2nd Anniversary celebration of what is one of Tokyo’s great beer pubs. Baird Beer, upon request, has brewed a special anniversary ale, Ushitora Second Impact Ale, that will debut at Ushihtora on Friday, February 29. Be sure not to miss it while you are there congratulating Terasaki-san and Yoshida-san on a job well done.

Finally, we would like to announce the unveiling of special new artwork for our year-round beer, Angry Boy Brown Ale. Our passionate, combative and smolderingly intense Angry Boy has become a fierce young Samurai warrior. We hope and believe this new imagery will accentuate our efforts to tell a Japanese story through the medium of our beers. Have a look as the next
batch of Angry Boy is released and tell us what you think.

Bryan Baird

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