Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (9)

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Today is this kind of grotty day you have no wish to go outside and prefer to stay cozy at home or at work. In my case since it is a work day, the Missus prepared the kind of bento a hard-working (whom am I fooling?) man welcomes: hearty, healthy and well-balanced (Rowena will say that this time I’m making it up! On the other I know a certain Carlos who might convince his dear one to take notice. LOL):

On a (not that thick, and covering only two thirds of the bottom) bed of steamed rice coated with a layer of fresh “hime mitsuba/”princess trefoil” she placed “ton toro katsu” seasoned with “tare/Japanese sauce”. “Ton” means “pork”, “toro” is the fatty meat of tuna and “katsu” means “cutlet. You could translate the lot “fatty soft pork cutlets fried in batter”. Lighter than you might think.
Bottom middle are a couple of “rakkyo/pickled Japanese shallots”.
Top are cherry tomatoes, some “wasabizuke/wasabi plant pickled in sake kasu/sake white lees”, home-made pickled wasabi plants. To finish a semi-soft boiled egg sprinkled with black sesame seeds.
With a couple of biscuits and mini-bottle of yoghurt drink, I must say I should stay healthy until the next drink!

4 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (9)”

  1. Not fair! LOL!
    I take the Missus out for dinner at least once a week, I make breakfast every day and cook dinner for her on Saturdasy and Sundays.
    Now, to be fair to her I go out on my own once a week (otherwise I would not be able to work in Japan! Well, that’s one practical reason…)


  2. It’s a good thing that the Missus sees to your nutritional needs during the work week…although I’d love to imagine what small indulgences you’d allow yourself (eating out) if the Missus should ever decide to let you fend for yourself!


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