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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2008 #10

Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

Thanks once again to the fruitful efforts of our friends at Four Hearts Cafe in Kofu, Yamanashi prefecture, we have been able to brew two delicious fruit beers which we are releasing today: Yamanashi Apple Ale and Yamanashi Budo Ale.

(1) Yamanashi Apple Ale (ABV 6.6%):

This is the second consecutive year we have brewed this wonderfully sprite and piquant ale. The recipe consists of base malts (Pils, Wheat, Carahell), Japanese Sudakito sugar, light hopping and, of course, fresh apples from Yamanashi prefecture. The result is a dry, highly attenuated ale with a stealth alcohol punch. The color is sunshine-gold. The aroma is the
faintly sweet one of ripe autumn apples. The flavor is light, spritzy and fruity. The finish is sweetly tart. You most definitely will reach for a second.

(2) Yamanashi Budo Ale (ABV 7.1%):

This is the maiden batch of a terrifically robust grape-infused ale.
Similar to the Apple Ale, the recipe is defined by base malts, Sudakito sugar, light hopping and, in this case, grapes harvested in Yamanashi prefecture. This time the highly attenuated, dry and quietly strong ale presents itself in a deep, bullion-gold color tinged with a rose hue. The
rich, opulent fruit aroma is coy in revealing its identity as is the robust fruit flavor. The unveiling of the grape as fruit comes in the slight but unmistakably vinous finish. This is a true Japanese Ale, where the “honne” lies hidden beneath the “tatemae.”

Both ales are now being served at our Fishmarket Taproom in Numazu.
They also will be available on draught at select Baird Beer retailers in Japan.
No bottles are available.

The Golden Week holiday is fast approaching. The business hours for the Fishmarket Taproom during Golden Week will be as follows:

-Open from noon to midnight on Tuesday, April 29; Open as normal (5:00 pm to midnight) Wednesday-Friday (April 30-May 2)
-Open from noon to midnight Saturday-Tuesday (May 3-6)
-Closed for business on Wednesday, May 7

Finally, mark your calendars for a grand opening of our Nakameguro Taproom on or around May 10. A definitive date and details will be forthcoming shortly.

Bryan Baird

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