Shizuoka Beer 6/1: Baird Beer

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At long last, I can start writing articles about some of the best micro beers in Shizuoka and in Japan!
Bryan Baird in Numazu City has deservedly won praise from all over the country for contributing so much to beer and micro-brewing!

My first tasting concerned “Rising Sun Pale Ale”

Bryan Baird Brewery: Rising Sun Pale Ale
Draught/nama Beer
Ingredients: Barley Malt, barley, hops.
Alcohol: 4.5 degrees
Contents: 300 ml

Clarity: smoky
Colour: rich dark orange
Foam: long head, thick steady foam
Aroma: Yeast, bread, oranges
Taste: Dry. Steady dry tail. Sharpish. Oranges

Overall: A beer suited for any food, especially meat, sausages and the like. Can be appreciated cold in summer on its own, though. Refreshing and satisfying.

Bryan’s comments: “This quenching brew is crafted in the American West-Coast style. It sports a beautiful soft citrus hop aroma, which gives way to a round, honey-fruit flavour. The finish is crisp and refreshing”>


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