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Chibouste or Chiboust, although a very venerable confectionery、 has been the source of much confusion as it was first a cream invented by a French Chef as defined in Wickipedia:
“Crème Chiboust, also called Crème Saint-Honoré, is a crème pâtissière (pastry cream) lightened with whipped cream or stiffly beaten egg whites, originally devised by the French pastry chef Chiboust in Paris around 1846 to fill his Gâteau Saint-Honoré”。
Now, it represents a cake itself. So far (I mean myself)、 the best and more “traditional” version I’ve ever eaten is prepared by Chocolat Fin in Shizuoka. Naturally, this is open to friendly discussion!

A shallow tartelette is first filled with baked/steamed apples and then topped a chiboust cream (as described above). Particularly bothersome as each cake has to be made individually. I have little liking fおr the cut square versions, a sure sign of sloppy work.
Once the cake has settled inside its metal mold it will sprinkled with sugar and then “brule” as to form a crisp layer of caramel.
The apples can be soaked in liqueur or perfumed with cinnamon. The Chiboust cream, too, can be enhanced with liqueur and so forth.
Frankly speaking, I have a special admiration for chefs who are ready to spend time preparing such cakes!

Chocolat Fin
Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Takajo Machi, 1-3-7 (2 minutes walk from Shin Shizuoka Center)
Tel. & fax: 054-2516321
Business hours: 10:00~20:00

Also: Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shin Shizuoka Center, Basement 1F
Tel.: 054-2215878

12 thoughts on “Chocolat Fin: Traditional Cakes (2)”

  1. Whisky … hmmmm I’ll try that, I’ll also experiment with grand-marnier, and more French liquors. I think something that will sweeten it a little would be good too. Why not try shochu then?


  2. add to the meat, grated-bread, ognons, percil, a raw egg, and some worcester sauce (salt and pepper to adjust to your taste). Mix using your hands (childs loves to do that as raw meat is quite squishy … which is fun). Cook and add cheese on top while cooking.
    That’s what I call a french-style hamburger!
    God! Am I hungry.


  3. Actually hamburgers are quite reasonably balanced meals if you can keep your ands off the fried potatoes and coke! LOL
    Definitely, home-made hamburgers are the best! That is, French-style! LOL


  4. It’s well known that if you eat good things you don’t take weigh … you gracefully take forms. Obvious!
    Wiki isn’t always a good ref. it’s written by americans … and what do americans know about food? LOL US people don’t flame me it was a joke, nothings beat an home-made cheese burger.


  5. I was just looking for some challenging ideas to get me off my bum and I think I’ve found it. You are eating some of the yummiest meals ever!

    Now I only need to find a recipe for Chibouste or Chiboust.


  6. Just a friendly comment :
    When a pastry cream (crème patissière) is lightened with whipped cream it is called “Crème Princesse”, Chiboust is when it is lightened with Meringue … which means Egg’s white + sugar stiffly beaten. But frankly I’d like to check the Escoffier.



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