Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (11)

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-“Rice or noodles?”
-“Well, I had cold ramen salad yesterday, so please make it rice!”
-“OK Doc!”

And my other half went into the kitchen to steam the rice for Tuesday’s bento.
Biggie might be interested in those lunch boxes my wife recently found. Tupperware type, they are rigid and strong but very light and close very tightly, although even a child will find them easy to open.

The side salad of greens and cheese came into a softer type of box, but still very practical and safe. For once, I start the other way round to feature the usual veg juice (samll) carton and the wasabi dressing I keep handy in the office fridge.

Now the bento consisted of two types of sushi:

“Inarizushi” or sushi rice ball enclosed inside a pouch of fried tofu. The rice contained “hijiki” seaweed and tiny bits of home-made chicken ham.
The two nigiri balls encased in lettuce contained finely chopped pieces of pickled vegetables. The one on the left also contained pickled sakura/cherry blossom with one whole on top for decoration. The other also contained boiled “shirasu”/ baby sardines (a typical Shizuoka marine product) and “tobiko”/flying fish roe. I can hear Rowena sing I’m being cruel again!
The mini tomatoes were also grown in Shizuoka Prefecture. The pink strips are home-made pickled ginger sticks. The dessert are kinkan oranges cooked and marinated in water, honey and Cointreau (team work for once!).

Who said I’m a lucky “what”?

6 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (11)”

  1. Dear Rowena!
    Chicken Ham (a Japanese appelation, I’m afraid) consists in slowly steaming a breast of chicken (without the skin) and marinate it for 2 days. That is as far as the Missus would let me know (she is very possessive of her culinary sevets!).
    The chicken does taste like boiled ham and the texture is a bit similar!


  2. Cruel indeed, but this time I won’t complain because for dinner tonight, I had some scamorza (kinda like an aged mozzarella) that had bits of black truffles in it. You should know that I take my cheese seriously 😉

    Now what’s this with a home-made chicken ham? I’m turning that one over and over in my head…but nothing gives. Home-made, I can work with, but chicken ham??? Please enlighten me, otherwise I will lose sleep over this!


  3. LOL! Rowena had already pointed out that I was lucky with my Missus.
    Oh, well, this is the good part of being tied up for life!
    Bento are great fun, and the advantage is that there is a lot of thinking put into it. I wonder what a Korean bento would look llike!


  4. I love the sweetness in the fried tofu!

    You have a very nice ‘Missus’ – such lovely bento boxes are made for you!

    Nice post on daily bento – I hope to do a bento box post soon, been thinking about that.


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