Quatre Saisons: Traditional Cake

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Quatre Saisons is tiny (if not the smallest) cake shop fisrt established 4 years ago in Shizuoka City. It stands at the very corner of a narrow crossroads away from the bustling centre. The only reason why I know of it is because it is located along the way to the Cricket Ground I visit at least twice a week.

This Chocolat Fruit Terrine will probably tempt more the likes of Foodhoe, Gaijin Tonic and even Lojol than the ladies!
It is hearty, fulfilling and gratifying.
And ridiculously cheap (157 yen a cut!)!

It is traditional in the sense that it is very rural in concept. The fruits, cherries and blueberries, are first flambeed before being mixed more or less at random with soft chocolate and vanilla dough which is poured into a mould laid with a thin layer of sheet pastry.
One more layer of the latter will cover the terrine before being baked.

Snow sugar will be sprinkled on top as the terrine cools down.
The solid consistency will make it easy to cut into size portions although it tends to crumble down under the fork.
Lojol would probably appreciate it lukewarm with a good serving of hot English custard!

Quatre Saisons
420-0002 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Zaimoku Cho, 8-1
Tel. & fax: 054-221-0651
Closed on Tuesdays

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