Rouge Et Piquant: Classic Cakes (1)

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Rouge Et Piquant is definitely an off-the-beaten-tracks cafe/cake shop.
The opening hours (14:00~24:00) are definitely not the norm in Japan. Ms. Kanae Tunogai’s confectionery concept shows some courage and determination in a very stereotyped country in spite of all its creators. The accent is not on the sweetness, but on the true taste of the ingredients. So do not expect mountains of sugar or sweeteners. Her cakes are definitely for an adult audience in all the senses of the expression!

The other day I decided to order an old favourite: Framboise (Raspberry) Cake with Ice-cream.

The Framboise Cake is Framboise Mousse laid on a Genoise (Short Cake) base with Chocolate and Almonds Pranile to give it a steady solid core. The whole topped with Raspberries and a cut fof strawberry. Very precise and balanced work, and very feminine in its concept, although I’m sure macho males will fight for it!

The “ice-cream” is simply extravagant: Framboise/Raspberry Sherbet, Fraise/Strawberry Ice-cream and Banane/Banana Ice-cream balls with a syrup-coated Cherry Apple Slices artfully adorning a sublime Feuillantine Tartelette. Naturally all ice-creams and sherbet are home-made!

Memory Taste Girl and Rowena are going to kill me (into a sugar-coated coffin?)!

Rouge Et Piquant
420-0032 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Ryogae-Cho, 2-4-29, Aspis Bldg. 2F
Tel.: 054-221-4538
Business Hours: 14:00~2:00
Closed on Mondays

7 thoughts on “Rouge Et Piquant: Classic Cakes (1)”

  1. Oh no no no…we can’t do that! Because who would we have then to visually feed us these delightful morsels? I’m going to counter your move with a post on cheese…soon. 😉


  2. Well, unfortunately a lot of people smoke in Japan (mind you, France is a lot worse!). As a former smoker (20 years ago), I’m even more sensitive.
    The worst is when idiots who have no sense of taste (both meanings!) smoke in Sushi Restaurants! Smoking a great cigar with coffee and brandy (after dinner) is fine by me, though…
    Oh well, at least taxis are all becoming non-smoking soon here!


  3. It is a brave move indeed, especially in the light she opens so late. I know that a lot of her (late night) customers have been drinking and smoking before coming in!
    Preserving the taste of her ingredients as much as possible instead of overwhelming them with sweeteners is also a brave attitude!


  4. Since the proprietress is my sister-in-law I may be a little biased, but I agree with everything that the cycling gourmet writes.
    The thing that always amazes me is that she does absolutely everything in this establishment, from designing the menu, purchasing the ingredients and preparing everything by hand, to waitressing, cleaning and accounting.
    And I happen to know that her supply of tea (all loose leaves, no teabags) comes direct from one of the top companies in England. It is sometimes possible to purchase this kind of tea in Japan but it is frequently a year (or more) old, whereas ordering the tea directly from the packer in England ensures it is less than a month old, and this added freshness makes a significant difference to the flavour.


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