Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (17)

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Today’s (Tuesday!) bento was almost a classic as it included my favorite: Japanese-style fried chicken. I think I finally broke the Missus’ secret when I took a sneaky view of her craft when she thought I was away in another room!
Rowena, I promise I will disclose it, especially knowing that Taste Memory Girl and Bill (and some others) are interested!

The staples were represented by four nigiri/rice balls which for once were loosely packed and made for a lghter fare. The toppings are from top clockwise: yuzu kosho furikake/dried lime pepper seasoning powder, wasabi konbu/wasabi-flavoured seaweed, umeboshi/pickled Japanese plums and kyuri tsukemono/finely chopped Japanese-style “green” cucumber pickles.
Add to this home-made cucumber and ginger pickles, and fruit (pinepapple and American dark cherries)

The “garnish” consisted of deep-fried chicken (“thighs”), half a soft-boiled egg atop plenty of greens I seasoned with sweet wasabi dressing I have andy at work.

A comparatively light bento in spite of all the rice and very well-balanced I must eckon as I was hungry until late in the evening!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (17)”

  1. Lojol!
    You are absolutely right!
    Actually figs in Shizuoka are first-class!
    Do you know that they beautiful peeled, sliced and served as appetizers coated with Japanese sesame dressing?

    It’s a promise!
    Just let me convince the Missus to let me take pics!


  2. I think you have every nutritional requirement well-covered here, what a feast.
    May I suggest figs as an alternative fruit. I had a local one this evening and it was just about as good as it gets.


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