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Tuesday! After yesterday’s spaghetti Lunch Box, it was back to rice and Japanese-style today!

It certainly was a copious one!
Apart of the “salad side dish” to ensure I got enough greens to go with it, the Missus ventured into small meat rolls this time:

Two types: pork slices rolled around in shiso/perilla leaves and pork sices again rolled around softened home-made fresh ginger pickles. She had dipped them in a mixture of water, cornstarch and spice mix before coating them with breadcrumbs and “shallow-fried” them.
She included lettuce to rol them into before eating.

She is a specialist when it comes to soft-boiled eggs that she cooks at low temperature for quite a while (another secret?). The yolk stays liquid and does taste beautiful with a little soy sauce and black sesame seeds.

The “nigiri/rice balls” had been steamed mixed with home-made “umeboshi/pickled Japanese plums” and topped with home-made (again!) sansho/Japanese peppers seeds.

I can assure I was full (and satisfied)!

6 thoughts on “Today’s Bento/ Lunch Box (20)”

  1. Well, it just happens I had to help her today to fix a little “mistake” (taking off the shelf/ecailler) becuse her eggs were too fresh.
    Incidentally always use old eggs to boil!
    I’m confident I’ll come with a recipe posting soon!


  2. Shallow-fry means that something is fried in about 1 cm deep oil, leaving half of the fried food emerging out, instead of having it all sunk in the frying oil.
    Good technique for chicken and pork, but not for frites/fried potatoes.
    I’ll check the boiled eggs, although the Missus is very cagey about her little secrets!


  3. How do you “shallow-fry” something … that’s a technique that’s new to me.
    And I’d really like to know the secret behind those boiled eggs. *hhhmmmm*
    You’re lucky R-G


  4. Rowena!
    If the Missus were a godess, her name would be Kali! LOL
    I bought the fresh sansho seeds myself. The Missus pickled them under my order, would you believe it?


  5. The pork rolls! I’m going to allow my plant to grow just a little bit more before I start pinching off leaves to try this. Really, this is a feast! The missus is a goddess in the kitchen — homemade umeboshi I’ve heard of but homemade sansho? News to me. 🙂


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