Today’s Bento/Lunch Box (21)

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Back to work after a long week-end holiday (yestrday was a national holiday). This is real time for simple “stamina” bento, what with the heat (over 35 degrees Celsius) and humidity (over 80%). One has to make sure to stock enough fuel for the day, and that does not entail fluids only!

Consequently, the “main dish” consisted of loosely packed sushi balls/nigiri containing deep-fried pork/tonkatsu, the whole rolled inside perilla/shiso leaves. As for the rice itself, it had been steamed with home-made pickled Japanee plums/umeboshi. The pickles in the centre are home-made cucumber pickles.
Plenty of greens for the side dish, and a fresh, very large, apricot from Nagano Prefecture (They apparently are grown here yet!) for the sugar fix!

Took some time to eat, though!

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