LE CAFE-LABO: Classic Cakes (6)

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LE CAFE LABO in Shizuoka City seems to be on a gastronomic rampage this Summer!
They keep coming up with some very original seasonal desserts which rae so welcome during this very hot year!

They called this new invention “Champagne Jelly”
It is a bit of misnomer as they used Cremant de Bourgogne from the Cote Chalonnaise in France. A bit extravagant when you know that Cremant, yen for yen (cent for cent), is better value than overpriced Champagne!

Ladies, rejoice! This is a very very healthy low-calorie dessert as the jelly is 100% natural “kanten” or Japanese agar/seaweed jelly!

They come with two different garnish: “kyoho Budo”, a very large expensive Japanese grape variety (usually seedless) as a shown in picture above and:


I sampled the latter before the next student came (most of the cakes and desserts postings are made in my private classroom!).
It has a very light but solid consistency. It melts deliciously inside the mouth with an elegant Cremant wine taste. It has a “short tail”, meaning you cannot wait for the next spoonful!
Definitely for ladies or calories-minding couples!

424-0886 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Kusanagi, 46
Tel.: 054-3441661
Also available at Isetan Dept. Store, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-Cho

3 thoughts on “LE CAFE-LABO: Classic Cakes (6)”

  1. Cheers, Banu!
    But I might have to keep you away from all those cakes, or someone will accuse me in tempting you into putting on weight. LOL.
    I already wage a constant bulge battle and I know I have to keep away from them, too!


  2. I guess if I would ever come to Japan I’d want to see Le Cafe Labo even before old capital Kyoto :))

    These all sound gorgeous!

    By the way, as you mentioned about alcoholic beverages, I’d like to ask you something.

    Do you know any websites you could reccomend as a “Bible of Wine” or a book (in English)? I’d be grateful to you!



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