Le Cafe-Labo: Classic Cakes (8)

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We are in the middle of the fig season!
As Shizuoka is a mjor grower of this great fruit, one can expect all kinds of preparations!
Did you know that figs are great as vegetables starters, chilled, peeled and cut in thick slices with plenty of “goma tare/sesame sauce”? my new vegan friends, Miss V’s and Julie would love to try them!

So Le Cafe-Labo in Shizuoka City put this new creation, “Tarte aux Figues/Fig Tart” in its display cases yesterday. I did not hesitate as my private students have this very sweet tooth that helps me so much with my postings!

The basic pastry is “pate sablee” layered with a mixture of pate sablee and green pistachio paste (directly imported from France). Home-made fig jam has been spread over the pistachio pastry to preserve its identity. Quartered figs (with their skins!) were then assembled over the tart and subsequently lightly “brulees”.

The balance is perfect and the tart does make quite a bite to enjoy. Even a big eater like Foodhoe should feel satisfied!

424-0886 Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Kusanagi, 46
Tel.: 054-3441661
Also available at Isetan Dept. Store, Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Shichiken-Cho

3 thoughts on “Le Cafe-Labo: Classic Cakes (8)”

  1. This looks wonderful. Do you have a recipe? I love figs and I’ve been looking for some tart recipes. I had a fig tart in Venice that I can’t forget and I’ve never found anything similar…it used dried figs…but this fresh version looks fabulous!


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