Ekiben/Railway Station Lunch Boxes-Bento 3: Bankama

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”Ekiben” or Railway Station Lunch Box (eki=station + ben/abbreviation for bento)in Japan and Shizuoka are a must for travellers who wish to experience real local food!
Shizuoka has a higher average because of the great numbers of railway stations and access to many kinds of food and ingredients.
The Missus purchased that particular one at Ito City Railway Station on October 23rd.

It is called “Bonkama”.

It consists of steamed sushi rice flavoure with rice vinegar, scrambled egg, “Tai/snapper (vinegared)”, “Shiitake Mushroom”, “Ebi/boiled shrimp”, “Renkon/Lotus root”, “kuri/chestnut”, “Tobikko/Flying Fish Roe”, Lemon, and “Amasu Syoga/Ginger pickled in sweet vinegar”

Provided with chopsticks and tooth pick, it made for a great lunch while visiting the Izu Kougen shoreline!

8 thoughts on “Ekiben/Railway Station Lunch Boxes-Bento 3: Bankama”

  1. Dear Sheila!
    Thank you so much for your kind comment!
    I totally agree with you!
    Actually, some Japanese Airlines do serve bento called “soraben”/sky bento!
    I think this would be a good business venture anywhere!


  2. Too bad the airlines can’t/won’t take a lesson from this. So much more appetizing than a package of dry pretzels, ugh. Everything looks so delicious. Thanks for the invite!


  3. Dear Lisa!
    Thanks for your kind message!
    Actually bento boxes should not be too difficult to prepare. Ask my Missus! LOL.
    The great thing about bento is that you prepare your own lunch and that (those) of everybody else!
    But be careful, once you start, you’ll never stop!
    Lol again,


  4. Dear Jacqueline!
    It is true we are spoiled in Japan!
    There are so many bentos available in stations and on trains that people here are wrting innumerable blogs about them!


  5. Wah! So jealous!
    I think of my smooth shinkansen ride and the great little bento box lunch served from tiny carts on the train, every time I’m on a train here in the US. Lurching and jerking – practically get whiplash!


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