Shizuoka Breweries 8/2: Usami Brewery

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This is the 8th Micro Brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture I finally have ascertained. So far, I have nine confirmed! Usami Micro-Brewery and Restaurant are located in Ito City, Usami in the Izu Peninsula where great water is plentiful!
This is the second tasting:

Usami Brewery: Molda (Czech Type)
Ingredients: Malt and hops
Alcohol: 4.5%
Contents: 330 ml

Foam: short head, fine bubbles disappear quickly
Clarity: Very clear
Colour: dark orange, rich colour
Aroma: light, citruses.
Taste: Light attack and tangy, citruses.
Does not vary with food and stays faithful to first taste.

Overall: A beer for the Summer. Thirst-quenching.
Easy and pleasant to drink.
Probably will please the Japanese more than expats, especially Europeans.

Usami Brewery
European ji Beer Company
Ito City, Usami, 3504-1
Tel.: 0557-33-0333
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)

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