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Baird Beer & Taproom Events Bulletin 2008 #23
Dear Taproom Friend & Baird Beer Enthusiast:

The chill in the autumn air is a very welcome sign to the craft beer enthusisast for it heralds the coming release of a brewery’s most prized beer gems — strong, rich and warming high-gravity ales and lagers of many styles. The Baird Brewery is inaugurating this year’s big beer season with the release of two extremely unique first-time brews: Big Berry Brown Ale & Baird Dubbel.

(1) Big Berry Brown Ale (ABV 8.3%):

This irreverently strong Brown Ale is brewed with six different types of malted grain, Japanese red sugar, and four varieties of hops. It also, thanks to the cooperation of our friends at Serizawa Saketen, is concocted with ample dosages of freshly picked Shizuoka strawberries which lend a wonderfully tart and piquant berry fruit character to the flavor. Glacier & Fuggle dry-hops in the conditioning tank along with krauesening at packaging add complexity of character that is compellingly sublime.

Big Berry Brown Ale is available on draught at both Taprooms as well as at other fine Baird Beer retailing pubs and restaurants in Japan. 633ml bottles also are for available for purchase through the family of Baird Beer retailing liquor shops in Japan as well as through our brewery estore.

(2) Baird Dubbel (ABV 7.7%):

Experimenting with various yeast strains (particularly Belgian ones) is one of the joys in the work of a small-scale craft brewer. In this Baird interpretation of a Belgian-style Dubbel we ferment with a yeast thought to be derived from the wonderful Trappist brewery Rochefort. Five malted grains and two types of sugar (Japanese rock sugar and black sugar) provide richness and depth of flavor without excessive heaviness or fullness. The hopping is light at only 22 IBUs and no aroma additions are made. One-year of maturation in the package contributes a round, almost vinous character. This monkish brew is meant for the contemplative drinker and is best enjoyed on a brisk autumn afternoon or evening.

Baird Dubbel is available on draught only and exclusively at our Fishmarket and Nakameguro Taprooms.


Bryan Baird
Baird Brewing Company
Numazu, Japan

3 thoughts on “Bryan Baird’s Newletter”

  1. Dear DH!
    Greetings again!
    I can’t tell you how happy I am to meet like-minded people!
    I will send you an e-mail with my details!
    Looking forward to enjoying your company!
    Cheers and all that!


  2. You’ve got quite the site and I will link it from ours as soon as i get home! Thanks for the comment and keep coming back! We plan on hitting a bunch more breweries in “your” area, I will let you know and would love to meet up for a tour sometime! We’ve been having fun visiting places and writing about them….more to come soon!


  3. Hi – I’ve been meaning to write! Thanks for friendship through Foodbuzz! I find Japan – cusine and customs really intriguing. I am always so curious about the sushi dishes that I see at our local malls in Sydney. However, I am a vegetarian and dont even eat eggs! Although dairy is very much part of my diet! Are there some vegetarian versions I could try at home? Will love to see some posts, as I am sure many other vegets will! We tried a bottle of Sake recently and loved it!


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