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Today’s bento was a “rice bento” as it is Tuesday!
It was a return to basics!

The “main dish” nigiri/rice balls, all wrapped in fresh “shiso”/perilla leaves were of two kinds:
one with ume/Japanese pickled plum,
the other three contained “o kaka”/very fine bonito dry shavings and processed cheese. The combination might sound a bit outlandish, but it is very popular in Japan!
The brochettes/”kushiyaki” you see on chickory/endive leaves are “negima”/ “negi” for leeks and “ma” for maguro/tuna. The Missus put some “wasabizuke” on them for extra seasoning. This “wasabizuke” is wasabi leaves and stems pickled in “sake kasu”/sake white lees. Extravagant! A piece of lemon was added for more seasoning.
In the middle are home-made sweet ginger pickles.

The Missus has got this habit to put my dessert (fruit in this case) in/on the salad. Not a bad idea actually. Finely chopped greens, plum tomato, fresh cress from Shizuoka, potato and tobikko/Flying fish roe salad leftover from yesterday inside chickory/endive leaf and pesimmon/”kaki” wedges.

Now, did you know that persimmons have the property to prevent bad/strong breath?

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