Shizuoka Beer 5: Izu Koogen Brewery

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Izu Peninsula and especially Izu Koogen (part of Ito City) is renown for its great natural water. No wonder it counts no less than three micro-breweries!
Izuo Koogen Brewery has three restaurants to provide beer with (you can buy the beer at Ito JR Station, too!), but the best is probably Izu Koogen Biiru Honten, that is their main restaurant cum brewery cum shop.

located along the main thoroughfare, the restaurant is very busy even on week days.
One can both enjoy Japanese food and European/American fare.
If you want to challenge Japanese food I recommend you to try the “mini donburi set”.
Plenty for big appetites!

But guys like Good Beer and Country Boys must try the sample set with a plate of sausages and some fried potatoes! Don’t go for the small set. Order the 6-glass sample set comprising of three regular beers, two seasonal ones and one sparkling fruit beer!

To your health (and safe driving!)

Izu Kogen Brewery
413-0231 Ito City, Tomito, 1103-21
Tel.: 0120-513-540, 0557-513000
Fax: 0557-513001

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