Simple Recipes: Scallops Salad

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My wife, a couple of days ago, was “stuck” with some succulent-looking scallops. The problem was they were too small to make acceptable sashimi. So for once, she forgot she was Japanese and opted for the European thinking.
She had some very fresh cress (cresson) grown in Shizuoka Prefecture as well as a variety of tomatoes called “Aamera”. These tomatoes are the second smallest (there is another variety looking like redcurrants!) grown in our Prefecture only (so far). They are very firm and very sweet. You could serve them together with a plate of red fruit!
So as you can see on the picture, I first made a thin bed of cress topped with avocado slices, made a rondo of scallops in the center with a core of cut aamera tomatoes. It certainly looked more difficult than it reaaly was!
Topped with a dressing of your choice, with the option of some cottage cheese and finely cut Italian parsley or basil, it makes for a beautiful appetizer!

5 thoughts on “Simple Recipes: Scallops Salad”

  1. Dear Lucy-Ann!
    Thank you so much for your kind commenets, although I must say the recipe is so easy!
    Your dressing suggestion is perfect as light dressings are best. If you like spicy food, sweet and hot Thai dressing/sauce would fit well, too!
    Coming to your blog!
    Cheers, Robert-Gilles


  2. This salad looks divine! What sort of dressing would you recommend? I often make a Tamari, Apple cider vinegar and herby mix when I make a simple “Avo” salad but do you think this is also suitable with scallops?
    Love your blog by the way – Lucy-Ann x


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